How to Restore Health with PEMF Therapy?

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Healing energy emitted by the PEMF device is energy with a particular set of parameters to stimulate body repair. What causes pathology in organs? It is the electrical imbalance that causes the onset of disease. Restoring the electrical imbalances could help with multiple issues; however, not in a curative way but in a preventive manner. Energizing your body with PEMF therapy could boost the body’s natural healing mechanism to restore health. 

If you are dubious about the efficacy of the PEMF modality, check out its FDA-approved therapeutic uses. Besides, several studies support the use of the technique for improving body health.  

PEMF for Health Recovery

The therapy aims at stimulating the body’s natural intelligence to heal itself. It becomes possible through the following fundamental actions with highly efficient PEMF devices. Visit to grab your machine to restore health with PEMF.

1. Increase Prana/ Nerve Conductivity

Prana is a form of energy that runs through the body to establish a healthy mind-body connection. As in acupuncture, the philosophy of healing is based on body points susceptible to electric and magnetic stimulation. PEMF induces similar effects for improving energy flow. Besides, the impact of the pulsed technique goes far deeper than acupuncture.

2. Energy Production

Every minutest body activity needs energy. Starting from movement, irritability, growth, reproduction, respiration, digestion, respiration, excretion, assimilation, immunity, and whatnot, everything needs energy. For energy production, electromagnetic field therapy works in two ways. Firstly, it helps break down ATP into ADP through ATP hydrolysis. Exposure to pulsating magnetic fields increases the ATP synthesis in mitochondria. Secondly, an increase in microcirculation maintains a steady supply of glucose, oxygen, enzymes, and minerals. All these materials are essential for ATP production.

3. Improved Circulation

To improve microcirculation, PEMF works in three major areas.

  •       Increasing nitric oxide or vasodilation
  •       Improving red blood cells and reducing Rouleaux
  •       Lowering viscosity of plasma, water, blood, and lymph

The impacts of improved circulation restore health through an increase in oxygenation, cellular hydration, cellular energy, immunity, and the removal of wastes.

4. Detoxification

Detoxification involves both external and internal cleaning. It includes the removal of wastes, toxins, and dead cells. Your body is always exposed to unseen toxins through the environment; food, water, air, light, and electro-smog. Many organs participate in the task like the liver, kidney, skin, and bowel. PEMF assists these organs in their task. It energizes these organs enabling them to function properly. Furthermore, PEMF opens major bodily detoxification pathways involving the lungs, skin, colon, and kidneys. The lymphatic system acts as the body’s sewage system. Pulsating fields enhance lymphatic circulation.

5. Improved Immunity

Immunity includes antibacterial, antibiotic, antiviral, and anti-cancerous properties. Your immunity improves with improved circulation, microcirculation, lower viscosity, lymphatic mechanism and optimal cell charge and voltage, sleep, and anti-inflammatory capability. PEMF acts as a charger for your immune system cells. It takes care of all the barriers required to fight infection by developing fast cell-to-cell communication in all crucial pathways.

6. Pain Management

Pain could be acute, chronic, inflammatory, musculoskeletal, or vascular pain. PEMF helps in two ways; through pain blocking and dealing with the root cause. It increases the production of the natural body’s opiates including endorphins, serotonin, or other hormones for pain relief. It helps to reduce the body’s sensitivity to pain. The electromagnetic fields generate micro-currents that travel across neural pathways to decrease pain sensation. At the same time, PEMF heals the affected body part to regenerate the damaged tissue. As a consequence, the pain vanishes gradually.

7. Regeneration and Stem Cell Stimulation

Stem cells are found in various tissues and act as the body’s repair system to replenish the damaged cells. The feature offers great scope in future medicine. PEMF has the potential for the following cells.

  •       Neuronal embryonic stem cells
  •       Human bone marrow cells
  •       Stem cells within cartilage
  •       Epidermal stem cells in the skin
  •       Tendon and ligament stem cells

8. Treating Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Mental uneasiness is one reason for several ailments. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation relaxes your mind and body in multiple ways.

  •       Optimizes the brain’s response to stress
  •       Positive impact on the endocrine system
  •       Maintaining heart rate and blood pressure
  •       Activating the parasympathetic system
  •       Elimination of neurotransmitters produced due to stress
  •       Defending the cells against the changes caused by stress hormones and chemicals


Health restoration and fast recovery is the goal of pulsed therapy. The therapy works at various levels, starting from symptoms and going deeper to act on the root cause of the disease.




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