Do you suffer from embarrassing health conditions? UK has a solution

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Everyone has once experienced some embarrassing health conditions, which they would rather not talk about, especially with a stranger. But doctors are professionals who provide you with specialized help and treatment. So, any health problem shouldn’t be embarrassing for you. You can’t sit and wait until it goes away. If you suffer from some ailment, the faster you see a doctor, the better for you. However, if you’re really ashamed of it, you can also reach for other, more discreet methods than the visit to your GP. For example, in the UK you can go for online pharmacies, like medicinedirect, and fill out an online questionnaire regarding your condition, which will be passed to one of the doctors who will help you assess your symptoms and choose the best treatment for you, including the right medications. Such a solution is particularly useful for people who need urgent help, and can’t wait long months for a visit to a specialist. Are you interested in the most popular health conditions that make people self-conscious? Here are some of the examples.

Erectile Dysfunction

One of the male problems found on the website mentioned above is erectile dysfunction, which may confuse every man. They usually want to be perceived as reproductive and horny, but it’s impossible when they can’t get and keep their penises erect. There are many reasons for that condition, including stress, tiredness, anxiety, or excessive alcohol consumption. If they experience erection problems more than half the time they have sex, it should be a red flag for them to look for medical help.

When it comes to treatment, the most popular medicine recommended for them is Viagra, but medicinedirect also offers other drugs, like Cialis, Levitra, or Spedra. However, every case is individual and should be consulted with a doctor so that you could take a proper dose. Except for medical treatment, you can also think about changing your lifestyle a little bit through losing weight, exercising regularly, quitting smoking, as well as avoiding stress and anxiety.

Period Delay

Men aren’t alone with their health problems. Women also have some embarrassing conditions. One of them is a period. The period is an awkward condition that women have to go through every month. But sometimes it may ruin your plans, like a holiday or the wedding party. Having it, you don’t feel comfortable nor at ease. Then, women very often decide to delay their period by taking special tablets. However, it should be again consulted with a professional since such pills can have side effects, like dizziness, tiredness, headaches, nausea, a change to your libido, or diarrhea. That’s why it’s so important to inform your doctor about all the other medications you take. The most popular pills for that condition are Norethisterone, which can delay your period even up to 17 days. But you shouldn’t do it very often since it significantly affects your whole menstrual cycle, which may be upset.

Excessive Sweating

Among other embarrassing problems that people feel ashamed of is excessive sweating. Everyone sweats, but for some people, it’s more burdensome than for others. And they can’t overcome this problem with the aid of antiperspirants. It’s particularly perplexing at work where you spend lots of time with coworkers, usually sitting nearby you, but you can’t do anything to stop sweating, even if you aren’t after a tough workout at the gym. What then? From DIY treatments, you can start wearing loose-fitting cotton clothes, and breathable shoes, like sandals, ideally made of leather or other natural materials. If it still doesn’t work, the doctor may examine you in terms of different possible causes, such as thyroid problems, malignancies, or hot flashes, to determine the most appropriate treatment.


Another problem could be constipation, usually caused by stress, and different medications, for example, for depression or high blood pressure. This health condition touches most often women whose pelvic muscles weaken with age and make their colon work harder. Before you reach for laxatives, however, you can try other, domestic methods, such as exercises for at least 30 minutes a day, or drinking more coffee.


The ailment connected with constipation is flatulence. It’s usually caused by swallowing air while smoking, eating, talking, or snoring. Therefore, it’s recommended to eat more slowly and take activated charcoal. If you decide to go to a doctor, you can be advised to take a test for lactose intolerance, bacterial overgrowth, or bowel syndrome. To avoid troublesome gases, you should also reduce eating sulfur-containing food products, such as meat, eggs, or cauliflower.

These health conditions presented above are only one of many that can make you feel embarrassed when seeing a doctor. But remember that anything connected with health shouldn’t abash you. Searching for professional help either directly to a doctor, or indirectly via the Internet is always the best solution.

– Daria Skutecka




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