Does Testosterone Help Build Muscle

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When the term testosterone is mentioned it mostly has a negative connotation to it. Some level of aggression is tied to it. The bad behavior that comes as a result of the body producing testosterone is only but a myth and shouldn’t be taken as a fact. What you need to know is that testosterone is very important for the development of the body, for both men and women.

Although little in women, the presence of testosterone works with other hormones like estrogen to improve bone structure and muscle health. In men, testosterone acts as an androgen, a sex hormone, and has various roles to play. They might include.

  • Development and growth of sexual organs
  • Improved libido
  • The breaking of voice during adolescence
  • The growth of pubic and facial hair
  • The development of both connective tissue
  • Growth of muscle

Some teens might find it hard to transition into adulthood due to low levels of testosterone. But this is not only experienced by teens but it occurs to individuals from different age brackets. Naturally, testosterone levels dwindle as age progresses but at times the low level might be caused by some underlying issues. The issues might arise from traumas or injuries to the testicles and the pituitary gland.

Because testosterone is a building block in the body, the symptoms of its deficiency can easily be noticed on the surface. They might include loss of hair, increased breast size, increase in fat, and the decrease of muscle mass.

However, all is not lost. When the natural mechanism of testosterone production ceases, testosterone medication and therapies are used to restore the levels. 

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The main aim of testosterone replacement treatment is to restore optimum levels of the hormone to improve normal body functions. The treatment helps to negate symptoms that might be brought about by conditions like hypogonadism.

The common mode of administration is injections, topical application, and nasal sprays, this makes the treatment less invasive. A few weeks into the treatment the patients can quickly start experiencing various changes in the body.

Blood– increased number of red blood cells hence the prevention of anemia.

Psychological– improved energy, mood, and wellbeing.

Physical– decreased visceral fat, improved strength, increased bone density, and muscle mass.

Testosterone Treatment and Muscle Growth

Increased body fat, which is a common indication of declining strength and body mass are all signs of testosterone deficiency. On the upside, the uses of testosterone are multiple and help to alleviate such issues. A massive benefit of testosterone therapy is improved body mass which is directly linked to muscle mass gains. 

Here are some of the proven ways that muscle growth can be affected in regards to the presence of Testosterone in the body.

Anabolic to Catabolic Hormone Ratios

Testosterone is naturally occurring in your body and works to improve the cellular health of your tissues. Testosterone is well known to be an anabolic hormone. An anabolic hormone uses energy to help construct molecules(building muscles). On the other side, there are catabolic hormones that work in breaking down molecules, eg cortisol. The anabolic and catabolic hormones are always in work to ensure the ratio to building and breaking down of muscles is conducive for the body.

Once there are low levels of testosterone this means the ratios are negatively affected. The level at which the muscle breakdown occurs is higher than the level at which muscles are being built. Hence the need for testosterone treatment.

Androgen Receptors

Sometimes it is possible to have a considerable level of testosterone without visible indication of an increase in muscle gain. This might be an effect of the functioning ability of your receptors. For most guys who have ease in building muscle, it can all be traced back to the number of receptors present in their muscles.

Androgen receptors play an important role in the development of muscle mass. For testosterone to achieve all the benefits that come with it, it first needs a route by which it can mingle with the muscle tissue. Androgen receptors make that type of action possible. Once Testosterone gets to interact with the receptors, the receptor triggers the muscle tissue to increase the production of proteins. Over time the continued interaction builds up to bigger and stronger muscles.

Hemoglobin Levels

As muscle grows all the cells present need a steady supply of oxygen and other elements for maintenance and health. All this is made possible by the presence of hemoglobin. Testosterone has a significant part in the production of red blood cells. It triggers the erythropoietin hormone present in the kidney that stimulates the bone marrow into making more red blood cells. 

Scientists have shown that the production of red blood cells is higher during adolescence as that’s the point at which testosterone levels are the highest. The increased levels of hemoglobin in circulation, in turn, improve muscle strength and physical performance.

Most Importantly…

No matter how bad the situation is, the body doesn’t stop producing testosterone, it only slows down the production. What TRT does is help the body by adding to what is already present.

With all said, it is good to note that TRT is not a magic treatment that muscles bulk up instantaneously. The hormone acts as a stepping stone to endless possibilities of improving your chance of healthy muscle growth. The best way to approach it is by adding a workout routine and a proper diet.

Side Effects

While testosterone has plenty of benefits, it also has side effects. Especially when testosterone is administered for an extended period, it might cause health issues linked to the heart and circulatory system, fluctuated cholesterol levels, etc. Testosterone should be used moderately, as prescribed by a physician. Abusing it might lead to unhealthy prostate and in worse instances, cause cancer.

Continued abuse of the hormone might also cause side effects such as infertility, shrunken testicles, and increased breast size. 

Bottom Line

The presence of testosterone has a wide range of benefits to it, including the development of muscles. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or you are simply looking to improve your physical appearance, testosterone has its part to play in muscle mass development. Pairing the treatment with a healthy lifestyle is a sure way of improving the body and the quality of living.




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