Effective Ways to Control Daily Stressors

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How stressed are you on a daily basis? The body’s stress response, which is the same one used to trigger fight or flight when humans were being hunted by predators, triggers anytime a stressful situation is perceived. Unfortunately, in modern society, that can occur when we are sitting in a traffic jam, in an intense meeting at work and encounter arguments with coworkers and family. Prolonged stress can lead to an increase in headaches, heartburn, insomnia and an increased risk for depression. It can also increase the individual’s heart attack risk, lead to high blood sugar and weaken the immune system. The good news is that there are things you can do to lower your levels of stress.

1. Determine the Causes of Your Stress and Eliminate Stressors

The first step to lowering your levels of stress is to identify it. If the majority of your stress comes from work, identify tasks and coworkers that increase your stress. If the stress is caused by a particular person, attempt to avoid contact with them. If your stress is caused by specific tasks, try to get those out of the way first during your day. If you can’t eliminate any stress from your job, you may have to consider finding a new job.

If the majority of your stress comes from having a chaotic home-life, take steps to better control your home. Maybe you argue too much with your spouse or significant other. Maybe your kids are too loud and rambunctious. If your stress is with your partner, have a deep, meaningful conversation with them about what they do that causes you stress. Of course, the conversation cannot be one-sided. You also need to listen to your significant other. If your kids’ volume, mess and chaos levels are the problem, institute new guidelines for proper behavior in the house. Perhaps they should only play in their rooms or in a designated play area.

2. Turn Off and Tune Out

Many individuals spend too much time in reality, thinking about bills, tomorrow’s workday and errands that need running. They may even obsess over what they see on the news. To help manage stress, considering turning the TV off and tuning out. This can involve playing a video game, taking up a new hobby, like knitting, crocheting, painting and gardening, or reading a book. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do during your downtime. Just make sure it’s relaxing for you.

3. Burn Up Your Stress

Since the body’s stress reaction is hardwired and includes the release of stress hormones, like adrenaline, consider burning it up via exercise. This can involve going for a walk or run, lifting weights or heading to the local pool or gym. You could even take up sports, including karate, baseball or basketball. The good news about utilizing exercise is that it will also help you maintain your weight and build muscle mass.

4. Consider Adding CBD

Set yourself up for success by adding a CBD oil supplement to your wellness routine. A few drops of a tincture with your morning smoothie or tasty CBD gummies are two ways you can easily get into this good habit. You can find CBD tinctures, pills, topical lotions and CBD gummies for sale online so you can choose what works best for you.

By utilizing these tips and tricks, you will be better able to manage your stress and potentially lower your risk for stress-related illnesses, like chronic headaches, high blood pressure and increased feelings of anxiety.




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