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Talking about Himalayan salt, there are still several people who do not know much about the pink salt. But it is essential to know because it has such awe-inspiring qualities. Moreover, it has excellent health as well as cooking benefits. But before that, you should know.

What is Himalayan salt?

Himalayan salt is a type of salt that is extracted from the Khewra salt mines situated near the regions of Pakistan. It is also known as pink salt because it is pink in colour. The formation of this salt is also fascinating to know as it is believed that it is formed with the evaporations of the earliest water bodies resting there for millions of years. It is extracted with the hands and processed a bit to get the accurate yield for making it suitable for consumption and other uses. So, this salt is always found a little unrefined, and that is the x-factor of it. It is purely natural and free from the addition of any chemical components.

Thus, it is considered far better than the table salt or the white salt that we consume daily. But this salt contains very high quantities of sodium chloride. And, consuming too much salt can cause many severe health issues like losing bone density. In such a situation, many dieticians and doctors suggest consuming the pink salt instead of maintaining health.

However, there are some traces of sodium chloride that are also found in the pink salt, of course. But the reason that it is harvested naturally and no such hard and fast refining is done. This process makes it very rich in many essential minerals that are not often found in the white salt. There is an estimation that there could be 84 varieties of minerals holding the whole chemical make-up of this salt. And talking about the elements of pink salt, then there are different elements responsible for bringing one or the other qualities. Let’s study it profoundly.

Different elements, different properties!

Several elements incorporate different properties of the Himalayan salt such as:

  • Iron – This element gets that pink colour to this salt. And iron is among the significant minerals that are very good for us and our health. This mineral is primarily responsible for making your immune system strong and can help in reducing the chance of getting diseases like anaemia. Hence, the consumption of pink salt can reduce robust iron deficiency.
  • Magnesium –This salt is also very rich in magnesium which is vital to make you fit and flexible as it is regulates the nerves and muscles. Also, it can detoxify your body throughout the day, and hence you will be energized all the time. It also helps in keeping stable blood pressure.
  • Calcium –Of course, it is not a secret that calcium is the key to make your bones strong and robust. And this salt is the apt way to intake the precise amount of calcium. Moreover, it can also help in blood clotting and stopping the bleeding. The calcium aids in the regeneration of new skin when you have injured yourself, and it is crucial because when your body is not capable of making the calcium, then your skin starts looking loose, wrinkly, and scaly.
  • Potassium –Another vital mineral is potassium, and consuming it in this salt form is considered the best for the balanced intakes. This helps in maintaining the nerve signal and muscles very quickly and readily viable to react. It also resists the quick swelling of the skin.
  • Sodium –The presence of sodium in the pink salt is significantly higher than any other minerals. And, no doubt, the sodium is very vital for improving the day to day life as it is regulating the muscle contractions and sending nerve impulses. It has excellent antimicrobial qualities that prevent any bacteria affecting your body. It keeps the skin clean and safe.

Besides, there are some other vital elements like zinc to safeguard from the acne problems and sulfur for such great healing qualities. So whether you consume it or use it for any therapies like sole detoxification, i.e. the water diluted with the pink salt, or air purification, Neti pots, etc., you can use it your way. It is proven to be effective in every way.

How to use Himalayan salt?

There are many advantages of consuming the Himalayan pink salt, but it is essential to know how you can use it properly. Hence, keep scrolling down to get acquainted with it. In common, there is no such unique way of cooking with pink salt. But you can cook and intake it just like the regular salt. You can sprinkle it over the sauces, lemon juice, and also use it in your food in the place of regular salt. Even in some places, people make use of this salt as the grilling surface to sear and add the flavour. Yeah!! You can buy some big salt blocks and place them like the cooking surface. In this way, it adds a lot of flavours to meat and vegetable. Also, they can be found in the coarse salt as well as crystal forms. 

When it comes to cooking with pink salt!

The reason that pink salt is containing comparatively lesser contents of sodium chloride makes it the better option for the daily cooking. And, while cooking you need to look for the apt volume of salt plus it is dependent on the grounding of it. If it is finely grounded, then you use more quantity than the ungrounded salts.

Bottom line

As per the recent guidelines by the US, it suggests that an adult should not consume more than 2,300 mg of sodium in a day. In general, it is equal to one teaspoon of finely grounded Himalayan salt, i.e. 6 grams in weighing. Moreover, we advise you to check the nutrient table on the saltbox for the sodium content details. This will help you better to use the proper amount of salt in your food.




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