Effects of polluted water and waterborne diseases

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Waterborne disease is one increasing cause of why 3.1% of the deaths are caused annually. Water pollution is the primary reason why people around us can not safely drink the water that we procure from lakes and rivers. To prevent waterborne diseases, we need to install water purification systems and filters at our home and make sure that the other underprivileged people also have this opportunity. In order to reduce the number of deaths and the infections which are caused by polluted water, installing water purification systems becomes extremely important. It is high time that we realize the effect that contaminated water can create on our health, and make sustainable changes to resolve the issue.

What causes water pollution?

Generally, water pollution is caused by a majority of two broad reasons. A lot of times, industrialization leads to the outlet of waste into the seas, rivers, and other water bodies. This, in turn, results in the contamination of pure drinking water with other contaminants, including heavy metals and other nitrates. When this happens, the water that is found from these natural bodies is no longer fit for consumption.

Agricultural and human waste is also dumped inside the water bodies without any consideration. Human and animal feces also find their way inside the water, and people pay no attention to it, leading to the problem getting worse. This also gives rise to different types of bacteria, protozoa, and virus, which cannot be treated unless and until water purification systems with high capacity are installed.

How does polluted water affect us?

When we say that over 1 lakh deaths in India annually caused by water infections, then we can understand the impact that untreated water can have on our lives.  This is because the different types of viruses like hepatitis A infections like amoebiasis can leave a long-lasting negative effect on your body. This, in turn, may result in a number of diseases, most of which are still not treatable. The poor quality of drinking water which is consumed by people contain iron, lead and other heavy metals including nitrate, causing major damage to the internal organs and leading to problems like dysentery, typhoid fever and much more. Cholera, hepatitis A, and many other types of cancers are caused as a result of drinking unfit water.

How can you seek preventive measures from waterborne diseases?

Waterborne diseases are not selective and can happen at any place to anyone. This means that they can have a long-lasting negative impact on your body, from which it will be tough for you to get out. Several types of cancer and heart problems are also detected to be caused out of polluted drinking water. Since prevention is said to be better than cure, finding your way to clean out drinking water is the one thing you can do. Catch up on the following facts to stay away from waterborne diseases

  • Drink the water only with has been treated in some other way, if not with the help of water purification and filters.
  • If you have access to hard water at home, then make sure that you make use of some antiseptic liquid in order to help filter out the bacteria present inside this water for bathing purposes.
  • Make sure that untreated water which has visible evidence of silt and dirt is not consumed by anyone for drinking purposes, whether children or elderly.
  • Infections can also be prevented by using proper soap and hand wash before or after eating and using sanitation for excretion purposes.
  • Make sure that the food you are eating is cooked in water which is fit for drinking, as food poisoning can also be a part of a water infection.
  • Immunize yourself against various bacteria and protozoa infections by getting yourself vaccinated every once in a while, and seek a doctor’s help for this purpose.
  • Avoid the food which is exposed to environmental factors for an extended period, or has been overly prepared for a considerable amount of time.
  • Always prefer to get water filters installed at home or workplace in order to ensure you’re and increase the degree of safety which you get from drinking safe water.
  • Regularly maintain your RO UV to ensure that they are stable and in a condition to provide you with the safety of the water that you desire.


Treating contaminated water can be tricky, but it is one healthy way of which everyone should live by. Either contaminated water should be boiled before it is consumed by human beings, or it should be treated by other methods like chlorination or filtration. Under no circumstances should the untreated water be consumed on a regular basis, as it may get into the body and cause unwanted infections and response to virus and protozoa which is clearly an undesirable situation. If you are looking towards getting a water purification system installed for your home, then the best way to do is to find out the quality of water that you have around you and choose a water purifier for yourself appropriately. The life-giver that is, water can also be a life taker if not consumed properly. So choose health over everything first, and get a water purifier for yourself to take.




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