Electric Pole Saw Vs. Gas Pole Saw – Which is better?

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Are you a commercial log cutter or in need of the best tool to clear your garden’s shrubs? Nothing will work better than a pole saw. Pole saws come in different designs, shapes, and sizes, but get propelled by either gas or electricity. The power sources of these saws have raised concerns about which pole is best to use. Luckily, in this article, you shall get insight into both gas and electric pole saws to help you decide which is better. Both electric and gas pole saws come with advantages and disadvantages. Also, both act best and different situations and projects. Let’s look into them to weigh where each performs best.

Electric Pole Saw

It gets powered by electricity, explaining why it has to stay connected throughout to a reliable power outlet. To be able to move to a larger area, the pole saw has to get used with a secure extension lead. Go for the sake of peace while using your electric pole saw, consider using a quiet extension. It should also be easy to operate and lightweight.

Gas Pole Saw

As its name implies, it gets powered by gas. In the olden days, pole saws got powered by gas, and many people today still prefer using them. Gas pole saws can achieve high power, a factor that makes them famous with most woodworkers. If you don’t know which gas pole is perfect for you, check out this Gas Pole Saw reviews and buying guide. 

The two kinds of pole saws are ideal to use in your woodwork project or garden but differ in various ways. To distinguish the best among them, we need to look at how they behave based on the following factors;

Factors that Distinguish Between the Electric and Gas Pole Saws

1. Energy Efficient

Gas pole saws damage our environment by emitting a lot of destructive pollutants. If you are environment conscious, you should consider getting an electric pole saw for your wood activities. Also, a pole saw powered by a battery is excellent to use as it saves more energy.

2. Cost-Effective

When you compare the prices of both pole saws, an electric pole saw costs a little bit more. But in the long run, a gas pole saw is expensive because you need to buy fuel and keep on maintaining and repairing it. Also, it is essential to go for a pole saw with a more extended warranty period as it is a sign that the manufacturer is sure of their product’s quality. Also, in case of any problem, the manufacturer gets to help you out.

3. Power

A gas pole saw is more powerful than an electric pole saw, but you need to buy one if necessary. If the kind of trees you want to chop down are small or shrubs, an electric pole saw is ideal. Use a gas pole saw to cut down massive tree trunks. But though the gas pole saws are powerful, they are tough to handle. It would help if you were strong and skilled to handle a gas pole saw. Otherwise, you may need to seek services of a professional pole saw handler. Electric pole saws get made lighter than the gas pole saws.

4. Easy to Use

Electric pole saws require minimal maintenance and come as lightweight. You also enjoy your peace while using them as they don’t make any noise or cause any friction or vibration. Unlike the gas pole saw, you don’t have to oil it or stop it in between operation to make it work best. It is, therefore, convenient and fast to use.

5. Flexibility

If you are looking for a pole saw to clear a large area, a gas saw is most preferred because you can carry it to any location. Unlike the electricity pole saw, you need no electricity or cord to connect it. But on the other hand, you need to buy fuel for the gas pole saw. Also, if working on a big section, you may need to have more fuel to refill the pole saw. Because of the constant maintenance required for a gas pole saw, you may also need to keep the necessary tools and equipment near.

Based on the above factors, any of these two pole saws may be better to use in your wood project. It depends on what you want to clear or cut down and the area size involved. If you need a sturdy pole saw to bring down a big chunk of wood, a gas pole saw will work out great. Clearing shrubs around a small area will require an electric pole saw.


As illustrated above, both the gas and electric pole saws are ideal for your wood activity. The factors discussed above will help you decide on what pole saw to use for your garden clearing or commercial log activity. If you love working with minimal noise, consider an electric pole saw. But if you need to move freely and work with a sturdy pole saw, the gas option is the best. Whatever pole saw you go for, ensure that it meets your needs and budget.




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