Even Men Need Healthy Hair and Nails: 5 Benefits of Collagen for Men

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Like many wellness products, collagen is often marketed toward women. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Kourtney Kardashian reportedly use collagen supplements. 

But collagen benefits for men also exist. The loss of collagen is not only a women’s issue. 

Collagen is a natural protein that exists in your body. It’s also found in foods like meat, fish, and bone broth. 

But your body’s production slows down in your 30s, which is why that’s a good age to start looking at collagen for men. Read on to learn about five benefits of collagen for men. 

1. Healthier Skin

Your skin can show a lot about your age. If you’ve been smoking and drinking a lot, you can easily look 10 or 20 years older. On the other hand, living a clean lifestyle and taking the best collagen supplements can make skin look more elastic and youthful. You can boost the benefits even more by using a collagen serum and drinking a lot of water. A well-hydrated body typically looks younger.

2. Better Sleep

Collagen has an amino acid called glycine. Glycine may help soothe your nervous system, and that could mean better sleep at night. If your body isn’t sleeping well, it’s going to be hard for it to do anything else well either. Think of how much harder the day is when you haven’t gotten enough rest. If you have trouble getting to sleep, consider ditching the sleeping pills in favor of collagen supplements. 

3. Stronger Joints

When you were 25, you could go for a jog and barely feel it the next day. But at 35, that’s a lot harder. Joint pain is partly to blame. Taking collagen can reduce the inflammation after a workout and help your body heal better. It can also reduce the amount of pain you feel when you’re working out. The best collagen powder for joint pain is one that you take a few minutes after your workout. Taking collagen powder after exercise can also help with the next item on the list.

4. Higher Muscle Mass

Trying to bulk up? Don’t discount the effects of collagen. A small percentage of your muscle tissue consists of collagen. So as your levels go down, your muscle mass can go down as well. But when you take collagen after working out, your muscles may get more of a boost than they would otherwise. It’s an underrated benefit of collagen for men. 

5. A Healthier Heart 

You’ve no doubt heard about good and bad types of cholesterol. But there’s evidence to suggest collagen can boost the body’s levels of good cholesterol. Good HDL cholesterol can lower your risk of developing serious heart-related conditions. And while experts want to perform more research, that’s not all collagen might be able to do for the heart. Collagen may help keep your arteries strong and stable. Stronger arteries lower your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Understanding Collagen for Men

Can men take collagen? They can, and many of them should. It can boost your health in ways you never imagined. If you have questions, feel free to discuss collagen for men with your doctor. And if you want to find more ways to get and stay healthy, check out the rest of our blog.




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