The Natural First Aid Solutions You Should Know

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For all you know, you could be walking down the street and suddenly get mauled by a stray dog. It is an exaggeration, of course, but what this tells us is that we should all be prepared for any contingency. There will definitely be medical emergencies you might need to attend to when no one’s around. But seeing that you don’t have the right tools to respond to such a situation, improvising might be the only way to save a life.

Aside from creating makeshift crutches and slings, you might also need to apply immediate medication that helps reduce blood loss, treat animal bites, or cool down a third-degree burn. And in case you don’t have the right solutions for treating these, you can try to look around and find natural ingredients that can help in first aid response. 

Here are a few things you should know about when treating emergencies using all-natural products:

Aloe Vera

Aside from being used as an ingredient for shampoos and soaps, the plant can also be an active ingredient for creating homemade solutions to treat burns and scalds. Aloe vera oil helps cool the skin, making it an effective alternative for treating even third-degree burns. On top of that, aloe vera also has anti-inflammatory properties, so it might be a good idea to bring along a bottle of aloe vera gel wherever you go.

Citronella Oil

This, perhaps, is the best alternative to chemical repellents for getting rid of mosquitoes. When you’re traveling to places that are known hotbeds for malaria and dengue, it’s always a great idea to apply citronella oil on your skin. This should ward off mosquitoes and other biting insects.


If you haven’t heard of calendula before, it’s a flower that’s known to have bright yellow petals that are pretty to look at. But it also does a whole lot more when it comes to treating bruises and skin conditions. For sure, there are calendula creams that are available at your nearest drugstore. Just apply the cream to the affected area and let its soothing properties work their magic.


In cases when someone is unconscious, you will have to learn how to perform CPR, which is something organizations such as Newcastle Training can definitely help you with. But in cases when someone is about to pass out due to breathlessness, you might want to opt for that person to inhale the steam from boiled eucalyptus leaves or from water that’s infused with eucalyptus essence. This would surely help the person breathe better and avoid complications.

Fresh Ginger

Aside from eucalyptus leaves, ginger is also proven to be an effective all-natural way to deal with shortness of breath. It also works well in clearing up the lungs, so you might as well have someone eat a fresh slice of Bengal ginger at the slightest hint of gasping.

There are a lot more natural remedies for situations where first aid is crucial. You just have to know how you can make good use of them, especially in times when you really need them.




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