Everything You Should Know About Finding a NY Workers Comp Doctor

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If you’re one of the 900,000 workers that are injured every year, you’re probably looking for a workers’ comp doctor. If you’re like the normal American, you have no idea how to go about finding one.

If you live in New York, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve lined up exactly how you should go about finding a NY workers’ comp doctor.

If you’re from another state, we still have some tips for you too. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about finding a workers’ comp doctor.

1. Do Some Research

If you’re trying to find a workers’ comp doctor, you should definitely look towards other people’s experiences. Previous patients will typically tell about their experience with different physicians on social media.

Be sure to do some digging on whomever you’re considering to be your doctor. You want to find the best workers’ comp doctor you can to help your case.

2. Consider a Specialist

If you have specific injuries or illnesses, you may have to see a specialist.

For example, you may have broken your leg after falling off a ladder. You should see an orthopedic doctor in this case.

After seeing your primary care physician (family doctor), you should ask if you need to be seen by a specialist. They can refer you to one in your area. Just be sure to ask for a specialist that covers workers’ comp cases.

3. Visit In-Network Physicians

If the physician that you see isn’t accepted by your insurance, you may be well overcharged for your visit. The problem with this is that the company that you work for may be liable to pay for your doctor’s visit(s).

If you don’t see a doctor that is accepted by your insurance, you may be stuck paying the large bill. You want your care to be paid for by Workers’ Compensation.

4. Avoid Occupational Medical Facilities

Avoid occupational medical facilities if you can help it.

These kinds of facilities have great relationships with specific insurance companies. They will be less likely to help you with your workers’ comp case because they have such a large relationship with insurance companies.

You need your doctor’s help with making a workers’ comp case. They will determine how bad your injury or illness is. The caliber of injury or illness determines how big your workers’ comp case will be.

5. Be Clear

When you’re speaking to anyone about your illness or injury, you need to be sure to specify that this did happen because of a job or work duty. When you talk to your physician, tell them how your work experience caused it. You should be specific and keep these records for yourself. You will need to present proof later to build a strong case.

Finding Your NY Workers’ Comp Doctor

Now that we’ve pointed you in the right direction, you should go on and pick your favorite NY workers’ comp doctor. Remember to tell your doctor all of your symptoms and be detailed about your injuries and how they happened. For more informative articles like this, feel free to check out the rest of our blog.




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