Facts You Need to Know About Profhilo Treatment for Facelift

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With the new technology, there’re quite a several skin treatments services that you can opt for at any time. Unlike other cosmetic therapies that are handled through surgery, Profhilo treatment is done by injecting a hormone that stimulates collagen and elastin production. The anti-aging treatment injection is positioned just below the skin surface. With its feature to retort quickly with the skin, it dissolves hence fast hydration. Since the injection is in the form of a hyaluronic gel, the treatment is done in two sessions with a time difference of four hours. This article takes you through important details about this form of skin restoration.

1. Is this treatment fit for you?

If you might be wondering why people opt for this kind of skin rejuvenation, figure out no more; for saggy skin, especially for the aging and hydrated skin, this is the best solution. As described above, the hyaluronic gel is made to dissolve quickly in the skin and boost hormones that keep the skin looking young and moisturized. However, when opting for this skin restoration therapy, you must understand the quantity of gel injected per session. Profhilo treatment is safe and not painful since what you feel is just the prick of a needle. See the Cambridge medical website for more enlightenment on what to expect from the therapy.

2. Details about Profhilo treatment

After the injection is administered, the skin is encouraged to tighten and regain its initial look. This kind of therapy makes the skin, especially the face, smoother and more precise. It is most recommendable for people who have saggy skin around the neck. Best results can be predicted with this since the neck has a larger surface area than the face.

3. Choosing the best Profhilo treatment specialist

Being that this is quite a delicate type of treatment. The professional handling should be up to date with the kind of injection, quantity, and the specific time per therapy session. Do not rely on a health practitioner who will make you outsource for another therapist after treatment due to poor handling. The facility to have the treatment carried out should meet high sanitation standards as well. It is why you need to outsource for a certified Profhilo treatment.

4. Seek in-depth consultation

There’re more to Profhilo treatment than meets the eye. Other than seeing the before and after pictures and drooling over them, it would help determine the practitioner’s work. It’d be best to check more than one sample of their previous successful Profhilo treatment. That’s not all; you also need to speak your mind while talking to the expert. Be sure to lay out all your insecurities, concerns, and expectations. It’s a chance to give the consultant an easier time choosing the best treatment that greatly benefits you. While taking, you’ll be able to know more beyond the benefits stated. It’s time to know if there are any potential risks and side effects of Profhilo treatment. Being conversant with the treatment you’re about to pursue critical, as it’ll enable you to get all the facts straight and debunk any myth you might have heard before.

5. Assessment of treatment

Most people confuse Profhilo’s therapy for a dermal filter. It’d be best if you were conversant with the two when looking for a specialist. Relevant to the Cambridge medical website, Profhilo targets the entire skin surface, whereas the dermal filter is used on a particular spot on the skin. The dermal filter can be used to make a difference by increasing the profundity dimension. Profhilo hydrates the entire surface where the injection is made. The latter is mostly used by young people purposely for beauty, whereas all ages use Profhilo treatment. The service’s cost is determined by the health institution’s terms of service, provided on their site. Generally, the price of a 2ml hyaluronic gel injection goes at around $400.

6. How long the treatment takes

If you have a phobia around needles, don’t worry! Here’s a treatment that takes roughly half an hour per session to get completed. It’s often a gentle session from its onset to the very end. The skin is usually numbed with a numbing cream as the practitioner gets to mark the spots that need the injection. Don’t get all jittery as the Profhilo facelift treatment is one of the swiftest cosmetic procedures that’s not only comfortable but also safe. Thus, you can go about doing other errands slowly without people being highly suspicious about your cosmetic treatment.

7. Recovery phase

Here’s another thing you need to know before you pursue the Profhilo facelift treatment. It’d be best to not that it isn’t going to be major invasive surgery. Thus, there’s no downtime needed for recovery post the treatment period. Nonetheless, don’t be quick to apply makeup or any cosmetics as it might alter the results. It’d help if you also were ready to take it easy, slow on work, going to the gym, or even visiting the sauna. It’s a chance to give your skin ample time for it to settle and relax. Don’t be overly worried when you begin experiencing some bruising or swelling. In most cases, it’ll be your body’s natural response reaction to the injection. However, when you become overly worried, don’t hesitate to call the doctor for further assessment.

8. Do the results have an expiry time?

Sadly every good and perfect thing often outlives its usefulness. The Profhilo treatment results will allow you to enjoy your youthful skin for roughly half a year since the treatment. Nevertheless, this usually varies from one patient to the next. The type of skin and one’s age often play a part in this much. Don’t get discouraged or hold back from pursuing this treatment. Once you begin experiencing the wearing off effects, you’re at liberty to top up the treatment.

Are you a victim of skin dehydration? Or aging signs have already started to show? Profhilo skin restoration is the ultimate solution. With the above guidelines towards everything you should know about it, you should experience outstanding health professionals’ best results.




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