Feeling anxious? Here are some foods to deal with it

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We often tend to feel anxious without any specified reason, and somehow anxiety kicks in, unwarned. It is stated that about 18.1% of the population suffers from anxiety in the US, that is about 40 million people, and about 4.5% of the Indian population suffers from depression, within which about 38 million Indians suffer from anxiety. 

However, it Is also said that anxiety is a curable mental disorder; thus, this might occur due to some possible reason, possibly due to overthinking or even due to consumption of foods that have the triggering focal of the anxiety. 

To get past it, let’s focus shearing on the food items that could end up causing the concern mentioned above. But before that, let’s what happens when going through an episode of anxiety.


There are several such instances wherein you end up feeling petrified or, in other words, intensely stressed. This can usually transpire due to several obscure reasons. Do the symptoms vary from constantly sweating to heavy breathing and even feeling tired? Ever felt any of this? If yes, then there might be one of the reasons for foreboding this way, i.e., the food we gobble.


Can food items cause anxiety? If you were nescient about this, read further to acquire the information. This generally occurs due to the changing levels of hormones or neurotransmitters when the food is ingested or can also occur due to the energy levels we receive from sugar. Hence, these are the food items that can make you anxious; 


There are several drinks loaded or packed with preservatives and mainly sugar; the study shows that a pack or a bottle of the beverage contains about 8 – 13 teaspoons of sugar. As previously mentioned, these sugars can elevate or give rise to your anxiety; this might be the case. 

  • PROCESSED FOOD IS NOT SO GOOD: Processed food items such as packaged meals that are stored in the refrigerator, cheese, packed meats, etc., can also make you feel anxious as these food items have lower fiber content and thus can cause gastric issues like acidity and which in turn rebounds to anxiety. 
  • CAFFEINE IS NOT SO FINE: You are a coffee person and indulge in drinking gargantuan amounts; then you must stop right there; researchers have proved that high caffeinated beverages such as energy drinks, pre-workouts, tea, etc. have a huge amount of caffeine that directly affects the adenosine hormone that shifts the body to fight or flight mode and thus, make us feel perturbed.
  • GLUTEN MORE LIKE GLUZERO: Several such food items consist of gluten. According to the psychologist and researchers, there is the various case in point that shows to cut out on gluten and hence, advised slack back with gluten. 

Thus, these are several such food items that can henceforth cause anxiety; other than that, other food items such as artificial sweeteners, alcohol, etc., can also cause anxiety, and hence before consuming these food items, check on the dosage or intake. 

Anything in access can lead to harm. And thus, to subside the effect of these food items, one can consume other food items that are said to relieve you from anxiety.


“Every negative has a positive” or more like yin yang; thus, let’s look at the positive aspect. There are several such food items that reduce or tranquil your anxiety. These food sources that are rich in zinc and omega-3 are said to have a link in lowering anxiety, say the studies. Thus, let’s have an eye at these food items.

  • DARK CHOCOLATE: Do you go all buzz for dark chocolate? Then you are on the right track. Dark chocolate is one of the remedial food items that can relieve you from your anxiety episode. It is said that dark chocolate helps in uplifting the mood and contains magnesium that usually aids in curing depression. Chocolates, in general, consist of higher tryptophan content which helps in uplifting the mood and thus, helps one overcome anxiety. The experimental biology 2018 annual states that consuming dark chocolate can be beneficial to those who suffer from anxiety as it reduces inflammation and has positive results regarding mood upliftment, memory, and immunity. 
  • EGGS: Eggs are also considered as one of the mediums that can cure or reduce your anxiety, as it contains protein that In turn consists of amino acid which leads to muscle growth and thus, releases serotonin as it also contains tryptophan that is thus, a mood lifter. Sara Artigues, a nutritionist and all-inclusive health and personal training and nutrition planning facility in New Orleans, suggest that eggs include choline that is involved in producing cells that deals with memory, mood, mind control, etc. and hence, is considered as one of the remedial aspects to uplift the mood and reduce anxiety or stress levels.


Salmon is one of the fatty fish rich in omega-3 and fatty acids. These fatty acids comprise Eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acid that reduces inflammation and leads to brain development and increase in the release of dopamine and serotonin that aids when in solace.

  • YOGURT ON THE GO: Yogurt being a probiotic, tends to support one’s mental health. It again reduces inflammation that increases serotonin and dopamine rush. It is also said that yogurt supports gut to brain welfare and hence, supports mental health. According to the study by the University of Virginia, the health system performed an experiment by feeding a rat with lactobacillus and found out that it affected the mood positively. Thus, yogurt favors your brain as well as your gut.
  • CHAMOMILE: Chamomile is one of the calming agents that can bridle your anxiety and tranquil it. It has several properties that might be beneficial for overcoming anxiousness; namely, it reduces inflammation, benefits sugar control, Is an antioxidant, and fights bacteria. Which in turn is beneficial for keeping the sugar in control that would lead to fewer anxiety episodes. It is said that there has been no such clinical study has been implemented for chamomile and anxiety; however, there is an experiment conducted to test it out at the University of Pennsylvania. Here a group of people where who are diagnosed with anxiety were provided with chamomile and another group with placebo. And according to the results, chamomile was said to work profoundly as compared to the other group. And it is also stated that several improvements are floating when it comes to chamomile improving anxiety, stated Beck Anxiety Inventory. 


Green tea is one of the remedies for anxiety. It has properties that can overcome anxiety, such as L-theanine, an amino acid that can reduce anxiety and stress. Researchers have found that drinking about 100 ml of tea reduces the chances of depression and amnesia. It also contains antioxidants and provides a calming effect.

It is also said that the psychopharmacologist in Boston quoting “tea is a calming agent but alerting at the same time.” 

Thus, there are food items that can calm your anxiety, but that’s not it; there are several other such eateries that can help you with anxiousness those are namely: 


Other than the eateries mentioned above, there are several other food items that pass the checklist of reducing anxiousness. 

  1.   CHIA SEED-chia seeds contain the properties such as omega-3, a fatty acid that is likely to aid anxiety relief and is said to improve mood through dopamine and serotonin. 
  2.   HIGH CARBS SUCH AS BANANA AND OATS-these eateries consist of properties such as tryptophan that is said to reduce anxiety and release dopamine and serotonin. 
  3.   ALMONDS- it is rich in vitamin– E, and fatty acid or healthy fats that again is beneficial if diagnosed with anxiety. 

Now that we are aware of the food items that we can consume to elevate our brain functioning and reduce anxiety let’s look at other solutions for overcoming your anxiety. 


If in case you are not gruntled and still are oblivious about what, why, and how do you end up feeling anxious, you can thus seek medical help that is through a certified psychiatrist or psychologist who is well aware and erudite regarding these issues. 

Other than that, one can also consume the prescribed SSRI medication under clinical surveillance. SSRI medications are serotonin inhibitors that are used as antidepressants to get more well-versed information about these medications related to anxiety and depression; you can refer to practical anxiety solutions, which can be your guide with informative content regarding your issues. 


Thus, there are several such solutions that one can opt-in case of anxiety. Be it some calming food options or proper clinical help. Hence, try opting for these remedies and notice changes. In conclusion, you are not alone.




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