Five natural ways to experience relief from joint aches

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Ayurveda needs no introduction. It has been a part of Indian culture for over 5,000 years. Also known as the ‘Sister Science to Yoga,’ Ayurveda is a comprehensive science. Its primary focus lies in striking a perfect balance between the physical and emotional self of an individual. Ayurveda believes that the food we consume has direct impacts on our physical and emotional wellbeing. It is the food that can make us feel elated or dejected. 

Irregular and unhealthy food intake may lead to many health issues, including obesity. Obesity is the root cause of joint pain, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and so on. What is joint pain? You see, it refers to aches, soreness, and discomfort in the body’s joints. When the bones of a particular joint rub each other during the movements, it triggers joint pain. It can be a result of an illness like malaria, dengue, or arthritis; or any injury. We have compiled some natural remedies that can help you in getting relief from joint aches.

 Top 5 Remedies for Joint Aches

Follow these remedies to get rid of your joint pains.

  1. Weight Management – As mentioned earlier, obesity may lead to many health-related issues. And, joint pains are the most common of all! Your weight management skills can significantly impact the intensity of the pain experienced during arthritis. If you are over-weight, your hips, feet, and knees are on the receiving end of the excess pressure. Reducing this excess weight can relieve your joints and will smoothen your mobility by decreasing the pain and preventing any future damages. Exercising is the most effective measure for reducing weight. The regular movements will offer flexibility to your joints. Avoid weight-bearing exercises like walking and running, as they can further worsen the condition. Go for low-intensity ones like swimming and water aerobics that will flex the joints without stressing them.
  2. Meditation – Meditation is a science which deals with gaining control over mind and body. When a person meditates, he is balancing the five major chakras present in his body. It is scientifically proven that mindful meditation can reduce joint pains by around 57%. If you consult experienced meditators, you can also reduce the pain by up to 90%. Meditation is an art of diverting the mind away from an unhappy state and concentrating on the happier parts. 
  3. Hot & Cold Therapy – A simple therapy like hot and cold can make a significant reduction in your joint pain. Taking early morning hot showers will help your joints to loosen up at a faster rate. You can also use moist heating pads and electric blankets during nights to keep your joints flexible. Similarly, cold compressions can do wonders for your joint aches, inflammation, and swelling. Wrap an ice pack on your painful joint and relax for some time. You can feel instant relief from the excruciating joint aches. 
  4. Acupuncture – Have you heard about the acupuncture treatment? It is also an ancient treatment, wherein, thin needles are inserted in the painful area. It is believed that this therapy restores balance and re-routes the energies present in your body. Acupuncture has been a recognized pain management therapy by the World Health Organization and has been successful in treating over 100+ health conditions. Connect with a reputed acupuncture treatment clinic today to understand the best options for you. Make sure you go for experienced, certified, and licensed acupuncturists only. 
  5. Ayurvedic Treatment – Ayurvedic lifestyle, diet, along with taking supplements and herbs, can help you in reducing your joint pains to a significant extent. Go for ayurvedic medicine to reduce inflammation, soreness, and discomfort of the joint pains. GT Capsules by Kerala Ayurveda is one such natural remedy for bone-related issues. It is a perfect supplement that strengthens the bones and balances all the doshas in the body. It is also very effective in treating skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. Taking a massage session regularly, along with GT Capsules, can yield you fantastic results. You will recover at a faster rate and can experience the difference within a few days. Its ingredients like Guduchi, Nimba, Vasa, Bruhati, Patola, Guggul, and so on offer a perfect combination that will offer instant relief from all kinds of joint pains

The results after following Ayurvedic lifestyle and medicines are unmatchable. Patients who were suffering for years form joint aches, and other bone-related diseases should try this therapy to get rid of these problems permanently. Log on at for more details.




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