Health benefits of Clove Tea

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Health benefits of Clove TeaClove tea is an herbal tea prepared along with cloves, considered to have got advantageous therapeutic qualities. Most of the benefits derived from drinking the tea are caused by the existence of an organic compound present in cloves along with other fragrant herbs and spices known as eugenol. The tea could be used to deal with a number of minor digestive complaints, like diarrhea and flatulence. Additionally, it has got germ killing, anti-fungal, as well as analgesic qualities. Clove tea may also be utilized topically as a hand cleanser or perhaps a compress, or even taken internally like a douche or even enema.

Aromatic cloves are obtained simply by drying out the buds of the evergreen flowering tree known as a clove tree. The name of the spice originates from the Latin word for nail, “clavus,” since the shape of a dried clove bud relatively looks like a nail. Cloves are mainly gathered within their native country of Indonesia, along with Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar.The key component of clove tea is whole or even ground cloves. Both whole and ground versions of the spice are very stinky in taste as well as aroma, however grinding cloves makes their flavor much more potent. Clove tea is made by pouring boiling water over either whole cloves or ground cloves in a tea sachet, and allowing the liquid to steep briefly. The longer the tea steeps, the more overwhelming the clove flavor will probably be. Milk, honey, or any other sweeteners might be included with the tea.

Health benefits of Clove Tea

The usage of herbs, spices, and plants aid healing illnesses and stop sicknesses has been in practice for centuries, even documented within the history of ancient civilizations. These types of ancient treatments as well as natural tonics have got continued to help us even today as more research as well as study identify the numerous advantages and uses behind these natural remedies. Although some herbal teas are taken more because of their advantages compared to their taste, there are some herbal teas which taste great too. With regards to cloves, this particular spice not just has numerous health improvements, additionally it features a favorable taste, which makes it one of the most favored natural treatments.

Cloves, most commonly known as a spice which is used in cooking, are highly perfumed, flavorful flower buds which have been dried for usage. They’re collected from trees which are belonging to the Myrtle family, and frequently cloves are harvested in parts of Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. Although these dried buds are ideal for cooking uses, they’re also traditionally used in the medicinal world too. When utilized to make a tea, cloves can provide several good health advantages to those that drink it.

1. Digestive Aid

One benefit that may be derived from clove tea is its capability to help act as a digestive aid. Consuming one cup of the tea right after an distressing meal might help relieve feelings of indigestion or even discomfort as well as clear away the stomach of bloated feelings. The carminative qualities of the tea help simply by reducing flatulence too. Consuming this particular tea may also calm abdominal pains which are a result from cramps too.

2. Antiseptic Qualities

This tea also offers several high antiseptic qualities to it. Consuming it can help avoid bacterial infections and may also enhance dental hygiene simply by restricting bacteria within the mouth too. The volatile oils which are contained in this tea assist to clean the body and may also be utilized topically to help heal exterior wounds. Using some cooled clove tea to the skin might help protect cuts, scrapes, along with other wounds from bacterial infections.

3. Douche

For ladies who are suffering from vaginal yeast infections, clove tea could be douched every day for approximately 5 days. The diluted tea for this function is 1 part tea to 4 parts sterilized water. In addition, for those with fungal infections of the bowel, an enema preparation manufactured to the specifications of the douche may be used in the same way (daily for 5 days).

4. Clove Tea Hand Rinse

Take a bottle of clove tea on the picnic, or even for camping or backpacking trips. Utilize it like a hand cleanser simply by pouring a small amount in the hands as well as rubbing well. Follow with a rinse of plain water if you want. It’s great to do just before and/or after you eat, particularly when you’ve eaten a meal mainly together with your hands, and leaves an enjoyable fragrance too.

5. Clove Tea Compress

For the pain of arthritis, strained muscles, or perhaps a sprained ankle, use a Clove Tea compress created by soaking an old, clean washcloth or clean rag within the tea and applying to the affected area for 20 minutes, 2 or 3 times each day. Make use of cold tea when it’s a new injury, as well as warm tea for arthritis or perhaps an injury that is over 24 hours old.

For fungal skin infections try washing the affected area 2 or 3 times a day together with the tea, or utilize a Clove Tea compress on the affected area, for 20 minutes 2 or 3 times each day. You may also use Clove Oil diluted in the carrier oil for this function.

6. Clove Tea for Enema

Dilute the clove tea: one part tea to 4 parts pure, non-chlorinated water.

Use this mild tea just as one anti-fungal enema solution, together with proper anti-candida dietary modifications, once daily for approximately 5 days in a row.

7. Clove Tea for Brown Hair Highlights

For dark hair along with auburn or even red highlights, clove tea will make a wonderful rinse right after shampooing. It brings warm tones to browns and enhances red and auburn highlights. Simply wash hair as usual, condition if you want, rinse along with clove tea and finish with a rinse of pure water. Once for each 5 shampoos is about right.

Home Remedies Using Clove Tea

  • Historic uses of clove tea range from the treatment of abdominal pain. Its analgesic qualities assist with gas pain or any other stomach pain upset.
  • Clove tea is utilized today to calm the digestive tract and reduce diarrhea. It will help replace the fluids lost because of diarrhea.The usage of clove tea can encourage blood flow, saliva production as well as gastric secretions to assist in digestion. There’s an anti-nausea effect and could be utilized to kill intestinal parasites, bacteria, as well as fungus infections, like oral thrush.
  • Clove tea offers the fragrant active component eugenol. Topically clove tea is utilized in everything from hand wash to sanitize hands, to bowel preparation.
  • As a facial wash, it is utilized in the management of acne. Because of its analgesic effects, clove tea compresses can easily relieve muscle, joint, or ligament pain.
  • It should simply be used on unbroken skin. With swelling present, ice cold tea needs to be used, warm tea works better with arthritic pain. Clove tea compresses may also be used for skin fungal infections just like ringworm or athlete’s foot.
  • The National Institute of Health, or NIH, suggests clove is really as effective as benzocaine cream for relieving dental pain. It is able to numbing skin, reducing inflammation, stopping pain and destroying infectious bacteria.
  • Clove tea is also an effect douche for the treatment of vaginal yeast infection. An enema preparation may be used in the matter of fungal bowel infection.

Preparation of Clove Tea

To make clove tea, you need to take one tea bag full of crushed clove and invite it to steep covered in the cup of hot water for 8 to 10 minutes. Afterwards, milk and sugar or honey could be added for the drink much like Chai in taste. Since the effects cloves might have on pregnancy are still unknown, it is advisable to consult doctor before taking this tea in case you are pregnant or even nursing. Additionally it is recommended to talk  with a doctor just before using this tea in case you are currently prescribed to any medications.

Side Effects of Clove Tea

Because Clove tea is an anti-fungal, consistent use could cause yeast die-off symptoms, which then causes stomach upset.

Uses in considerable amounts, the NIH warns clove tea might have blood thinning effects.Stay away from clove in excess if you take aspirin, or any other anticoagulants, or you are scheduled for tooth extraction or any other surgery.


If you make extra, you are able to refrigerate clove tea in the pitcher. It’ll keep for a few days.

Store whole cloves in the tightly sealed glass container, and keep them in a cool, dry and dark place, plus they may last as much as year. Ground cloves will keep for about six months when stored this way.





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