Health Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

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Health Benefits of Cedarwood Essential OilCedarwood oil is actually a yellow-colored sticky oil, that has been utilized for hundreds of years. Obtained from the Lebanon cedar trees, this particular oil is probably among the very first recognized essential oils and, it is just a recorded fact, the oil was thoroughly utilized by historical Egyptians for making cosmetics as well as perfumes. Additionally it is among the ingredients of ‘mithridat’, that is an antidote for poison which was utilized by royals, centuries ago. Today, this particular oil is utilized thoroughly to avoid numerous health issues just like kidney disorders, arthritis, skin as well as respiratory problems, and also the list continues on. As result of its therapeutic values, the oil is within great demand in aromatherapy. Its powerful fragrance causes it to be ideal for cosmetics as well as perfumes. Due to the calming effect of its aroma, this particular oil is utilized throughout meditation as the aroma uplifts the spirit as well as relaxes the mind.

Cedarwood Essential Oil is extracted through the technique of steam distillation through the wood pieces of the Cedar Wood tree, that has the scientific name Juniperus Virginiana (also referred to as Cedrus Doedara, Cedrus Atlantica, and Cedrus Libani, with respect to the regions exactly where they’re found) in other nomenclature systems. However, the complicated names of cedar wood essential oil don’t customize the therapeutic purposes of the oil, of which there are lots of.

Cedarwood is actually a plant indigenous to cold climates and is also normally available at higher altitudes. The chief aspects of Cedarwood Essential Oil are Alpha Cedrene, Beta Cedrene, Cedrol, Widdrol, Thujopsene along with a group of Sesquiterpenes, that contribute a great deal to its therapeutic value as well as health benefits.

Health Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood oil, also called cedar oil is probably among the hottest important oils. This oil is extracted from the foliage as well as woods or roots of varied varieties of conifers, belonging to pine or cypress households. Cedarwood essential oil is thoroughly famous for its antiseptic, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, pesticidal and fragrant properties. In fact, cedarwood oil is thoroughly utilised in Aromatherapy to recover several health problems. Because of existence of numerous therapeutic qualities, cedarwood oil demonstrates incredibly helpful on the subject of fight wellness issues. Listed are a few well-known health advantages of utilizing cederwood essential oil:

1. Beneficial for Eczema

Eczema is a very common skin condition which causes dry, red, itchy skin that may blister or even crack. Cedarwood essential oil cure the inflammation which leads to the irritating skin issue – it lowers skin pealing as well as treats the infection using its anti-fungal qualities. There are some methods to add cedarwood essential oil in your daily schedule. Add some oil in your skin lotion or even soap, rub it around the infected or even itchy area immediately, or make yourself a bath along with five drops of cedarwood oil included with it.

2. Antiseborrhoeic

Seborrhoea or even Seborrhoeic Eczema is really a terrible ailment that is caused by a malfunction of the sebaceous glands. This particular leads to elevated sebum manufacturing along with a subsequent infection of the epidermal cells. It looks very unsightly since the skin, colored white or even pale yellow, begins peeling off, especially through the scalp, eyebrows, inner ear as well as anywhere else along with hair follicles. Cedarwood oil could be valuable in treating this particular inflammatory situation and may decrease this particular skin peeling regularizing sebum production as well as treating the infection. The oil also decreases the ugly redness as well as apparent signs and symptoms of the condition whilst treating it.

3. Hair loss

Cedarwood essential oil can encourage the hair follicles while increasing circulation towards the scalp. This particular plays a role in hair growth as well as slows hair thinning. Herbalists as well as aromatherapists have suggested essential oils for a long time to deal with hair loss, thinning hair as well as other kinds of alopecia.

There’s evidence which applying cedarwood oil, in conjunction with the essential oils from thyme, rosemary and lavender, to the scalp enhances hair growth in up to 44% for those who have hair loss right after seven months of treatment. To get this done, add cedarwood oil in your shampoo or conditioner, or simply massage the oil in your scalp and allow it to sit for Half an hour just before rinsing.

4. Anti-inflammatory

Even though the research has mostly been done on animals, earlier human tests have already been very positive when it comes to cedarwood oil’s anti-inflammatory effects on arthritis. The inflammation of the joints as well as tissues that leads to such devastating discomfort or pain could be considerably lessened through the inhalation or even topical use of the oil onto the skin.

5. Dry scalp

Cedarwood essential oil helps in reducing dry or flaky scalp. It energizes the scalp and also boosts circulation. To benefit from this particular essential oil benefit, combine two drops of cedarwood essential oil along with coconut oil to make a mixture along with antifungal and moisturizing properties. Add some mixture in your scalp, as well as rub it in for 5 minutes. To find the best final results, allow it to rest on your scalp for Half an hour or so – then wash it out.

6. Antiseptic properties

Cedarwood essential oil can safely be used topically on wounds just as one germ killing. It defends the body from toxins as well as reduces your white blood cells as well as immune system of stress or even malfunction – this particular safeguards your internal functions as well as fights off bacteria in your body. Create an oil rub by combining cedarwood essential oil along with coconut oil, and after that rub the mix in your body to assist with wounds, scars or infections.

7. Good for Insomnia

If there’s any sedative you’d choose to use, it might easily be Cedar wood essential oil that has been accountable for initiating the release of melatonin therefore stimulating sleep as well as releasing stress.

8. Antispasmodic

Reducing spasms is an additional essential therapeutic property of Cedarwood Oil.. Almost all kinds of spasms and related ailments could be treated by using this oil. This includes spasms that affect the respiratory system, intestines, muscles, heart and nerves. People who have sleep problems because of restless leg syndrome, respiratory seizures, asthma, along with other spasmodic conditions also find rest from the calming properties of cedarwood oil.

9. Reduces arthritis

Inflammation of the joints as well as tissues, that are common signs of arthritis, can result in debilitating discomfort or pain; this is often decreased by using cedarwood essential oil. Simply by inhaling the oil, or even utilizing it externally onto the skin, you decrease inflammation – that decreases joint stiffness. Try making your own bath along with five to 10 drops of cedarwood essential oil.

10. Relieves spasmodic conditions

In case you have a problem with restless leg problem, respiratory seizures, asthma along with other spasmodic conditions, you’ll find relief if you take benefit of the calming as well as soothing qualities of cedarwood essential oil. These types of spasms might modify the respiratory system, muscles, intestines, heart and nerves.

11. Chest Infections

Cedarwood oil can help eliminate phlegm through the lungs as well as respiratory tract. Asthma, bronchitis as well as congestion sufferers may use 2 to 3 drops of oil in the steam inhalation for immediate relief. You may also rub two drops of diluted oil in your throat as well as chest area before going to bed for relief.

12. Natural deodorizer

Cedarwood essential oil is soothing, reassuring and in addition contains a wood-like pleasant aroma. It adds a warm tone to the mixture of perfumes or even oil mixtures. It’s commonly known to bring people together as well as enhance personal outlook as well as self-esteem. This might seem unusual, however the calming power of cedarwood oil has the capacity to change a person’s perspective. Breathing in cedarwood oil, vaporizing it or even including it into a body spray might have long-lasting healing effects.

13. Tightens muscles

Because cedarwood essential oil is undoubtedly an astringent, it tightens loose muscles and helps to create a sense of firmness as well as youth. Additionally, it solidifies the muscles of the digestive tract, which will help with stomach issues just like diarrhea. Rub 3 to 5 drops of cedarwood essential oil in your hands, and after that massage any sore or tight muscles. Massage your abs, arms, chest and legs. You are feeling a calming as well as fresh sensation.

14. Regulates Menstruation

In case you have infrequent menstruation you are able to take advantage of utilizing cedarwood oil, since it manages monthly period as well as activated the blood flow within the pelvic regions. It may also help with the negative effects like pain, nausea, fatigue, as well as mood swings related to menstruation. Use 1-2 drops of the essential oil combined with a tablespoon of carrier oil to the lower abdomen or the soles of the feet for hormone balancing as well as pain relief.

15. Diuretic

Its role like a diuretic is yet another advantageous property of Cedarwood Oil that will help cure numerous health conditions which includes obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure levels, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, urinary tract infections and also the accumulation of poisons within the blood. As being a diuretic, it improves the regularity of urination that functions as a medium for elimination of fat, excessive water as well as toxins just like uric acid through the body. These types of toxins and extra water gathered in your body are definitely the main causes behind the above-mentioned health conditions.

16. Natural Air Freshener

Since cedarwood oil features a powerful base note, it normally removes / neutralizes all kinds of odors: pet, smoke, mildew, etc. It combines well along with other oils to make a number of aromas. Try out blending this particular oil in the diffuser along with jasmine, rose, sandalwood, pine or lavender to make a customized aroma to freshen up the air in your house.

17. Astringen

As an astringent, Cedarwood Oil helps you to cure tooth pains, strengthens the grip of gums on teeth and safeguards them from falling out. Additionally, it tightens loose muscles and provides a sense of firmness, fitness as well as youth. This particular property may also be used to avoid diarrhea, by tightening the muscles of the digestive system as well as contracting those spasm-prone muscles. Just as one astringent, cedarwood oil is yet another great tool for safeguarding the skin from bacteria and toxins. Astringent substances also result in skin proteins to coagulate, exactly where they then dry as well as harden, forming a safety shield around the applied area.

18. Improves Focus and ADHD

A survey done by Dr. Terry Friedmann M.D. and Dennis Eggett from Bringham Young University discovered that utilizing cedarwood oil on children could significantly enhance their focus as well as learning capacity. 34 kids with ADHD were given various single oils which includes vetiver, cedarwood, lavender and an oil blend.

Children held up a bottle of essential oils as well as took three deep inhalations 3x a day for thirty days. At the conclusion of the study subjects retook an EEG and T.O.V.A. test and with both vetiver and cedarwood oil there were considerable changes. The outcomes showed cedarwood oil inhalation enhanced concentration in  children with ADHD by 65%!

19. Cough relief

Cedarwood essential oil has the ability to eliminate phlegm through the respiratory system as well as lungs, that reduces congestion from the cough or cold. Make use of a cedarwood essential oil before going to sleep – it loosens annoying phlegm as well as reduces headaches too. Rub two drops of oil in your chest as well as throat and rub it in for a minute; you may also add some oil in your nose and upper lip to assist with breathing.

20. Bug repellant

Cedarwood essential oil drives away mosquitoes, flies along with other insects. You can put a few drops of oil on the skin to ensure that they’re away outdoors, or even make use of a vaporizer to ensure that they’re away from home or even apartment. You may also spray diluted cedarwood essential oil in your bed as well as coaches to help keep the pests away.

One research measured the potency of cedarwood oil against the pulse beetle and also the housefly, and also the results demonstrated insecticidal activity {towards|in opposition to} both test species. The study shows that cedarwood oil is usually an active natural product that, whenever included with commercial insecticides, is helpful.

Do you have a trouble with moths eating your clothes? Use cedarwood essential oil to ensure that they’re away (without the smell of mothballs). Add cedarwood essential oil to cotton balls and put them within your closet, in your hangers as well as within storage boxes.

21. Expectorant

If you suffer from cough, cold as well as associated blockage, you should attempt Cedarwood Oil to relieve the irritation. It is really an expectorant as well as effectively removes coughs as well as eliminates phlegm through the respiratory tracts and lungs, therefore reducing congestion. Additionally, it gives rest from headaches, red and watery eyes, along with other sign of coughs and colds. A tiny bit of this oil will also help you get a good night’s sleep whenever struggling with cough and cold. By stimulating the loosening of phlegm and also the coughing that will eliminate it, you also safeguard your respiratory system as well as all around health from toxins and conditions which excessive phlegm may cause.

22. Relieves tension

Because cedarwood essential oil is actually a sedative, it has the capacity to reduce tension as well as stress which affects your overall health. It features a calming as well as calming effect on the mind, decreases inflammation as well as muscle pain, and decreases skin irritation {or even|or perhaps} itchiness. The scent of cedarwood essential oil promotes the release of serotonin, that is changed into melatonin within the brain. Melatonin causes restorative sleep leaving you feeling calm.

One interesting research measured the sedative qualities of cedarwood oil. The research incorporated rats which inhaled cedrol, an element of cedarwood oil. Motor activity within the rats decreased considerably; the rats which were given caffeine as well as categorized as hyperactive also showed a reduce it activity. Sleeping rates within the rats elevated too.

These aromatherapy properties of cedarwood essential oil assist individuals with long-term stress as well as depression. All you need to do is breathe in cedarwood essential oil straight from the bottle; you may also diffuse a few drops of oil or even rub a small amount of oil right above your eyebrows to alleviate tension.

23. Kills fungal infections

Cedarwood essential oil cures external and internal fungal infections. It may shield you from fungal pathogens as well as food poisoning. One research done in the Department of Oral Medicine as well as Radiology in India discovered that cedarwood essential oil is a practicable option to other anti-bacterial agents and is also a highly effective component in managing both bacteria as well as yeasts liable for oral infections. The research also demonstrated that cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil, clove oil as well as eucalyptus oil have a similar anti-fungal properties.

24. Cures acne

Cedarwood essential oil safeguards skin pores from letting in dust or even any harmful microorganisms in the body, that result in acne and skin infections. Cedarwood oil is additionally efficient for tightening the facial skin and providing it a younger look. To avoid your acne naturally, add one drop of cedarwood essential oil in your lotion {or even|or perhaps} face soap, or massage the oil into the skin simply by itself. This particular exercise could be added to your lifestyle so as to remove acne.You may also help make your very own face scrub simply by mixing cedarwood essential oil along with Epsom salt and coconut oil. Mix these components together until you obtain a rough as well as somewhat oily texture – then utilize the mixture to exfoliate the face and help remove acne for good.

25. Supports Cartilage & Joint Function

You may either breathe in the oil or even use externally onto the skin to assist cartilage as well as joint comfort. Try making yourself a bath along with five to 10 drops of cedarwood essential oil.

26. Alopecia Areata

Cedar essential oil might assisted in the management of alopecia areata, in accordance with a survey published in Archives of Dermatology in 1998. For the research, 86 individuals with alopecia areata were separated into two groups: one group massaged a mix of essential oils (including thyme, rosemary, lavender, and cedar) as well as carrier oils (jojoba and grapeseed) in their scalp every day, whilst the second group massaged their scalps along with carrier oils only (also daily).

After seven months, 44 % of the 43 patients within the aromatherapy group showed enhancement (compared to just 15 % of the 41 patients in the carrier-oil group). Given these findings, the study’s authors conclude that aromatherapy seems to be a secure and efficient cure for alopecia areata.

Suggested uses of Cedarwood Essential Oil

  • Make a Sleepy Time Rub! Whip together 1/3 coconut oil along with 12 drops Lavender, 12 drops Cedarwood, 6 drops Wild Orange essential oils. Placed in glass storage container with the airtight lid. Massage on bottoms of feet or back before going to bed.
  • Dusting Spray: Mix 1/3 cup water, 1/2 Tbsp liquid castile soap, 8 drops Wild Orange, 4 drops Cedarwood, and 4 drops Lemon in the glass 4 oz. spray bottle.
  • For a calming, mood enhancing blend try diffusing 2 drops each Arborvitae, Sandalwood, and Wild Orange essential oils.
  • For arthritis and rheumatism, add 2-3 drops to 1 ounce of carrier oil as well as massage into impacted areas. May add 8-10 drops in bath water.
  • For acne, eczema, psoriasis, and oily skin, mix 2-3 drops in 1 ounce of carrier oil and dab on impacted areas.
  • For asthma, bronchitis, congestion, and coughs, use 2-3 drops in the steam inhalation.
  • To alleviate nervous tension and stress-related disorders, use 2-3 drops in the diffuser.
  • For cystitis, kidney disorders, or urinary tract infections, utilize 8-10 drops in bath water.
  • For dandruff, combine 2-3 drops along with unscented hair conditioner; massage on scalp. Leave on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse.
  • To repel insects and rats, use a few drops on cotton balls and place in infested areas. Can also use 2-3 drops in a diffuser.
  • To use cedarwood essential oil in your hair, just include a few drops in your shampoo or massage it straight into the scalp. It really is safe to include in your everyday proper hair care routine.
  • For Stress Inhale straight from the bottle of oil, diffuse the oil, or use a drop within the eyebrow.
  • For Asthma massage 1-2 drops in the torso and throat as required, or daily if you want.
  • For Blockage Cedarwood essential oil can enhance our respiratory system significantly. Use 1-2 drops within the problem area, or in the reflex points of one’s feet.
  • For Cough Use 1-2 drops within the throat and torso during the day. Additionally, consider oregano or lemon to actually kick that cough.
  • For Moths Place a drop on every cloth or cotton ball strip and put or hang them in storage boxes, cabinets, or anywhere you’re worried about.
  • For General Skin Problems There are many uses for skin problems that are external: massaging in the stressed skin spot(s), putting some drops in your bath, massaging it in the reflex points of the feet, and much more.
  • For Life’s Pressures Use a drop within the heart, the forehead, or even inhale straight from the bottle when needed to assist calm your system as well as ease stress in your lifetime.
  • For Tension Massage in the regions exactly where the body has a tendency to hold in the tension (some common areas are definitely the head, shoulders, and neck areas), or use #8 as needed.
  • For Urinary Disease Massage 1-2 drops of cedarwood essential oil as required within the problematic area. Typical usage is many times during the day.
  • For Anxiety Inhale straight from the bottle, diffuse or even apply topically towards the temples.
  • For Bladder Infection Apply 2 drops over bladder Twice a day.
  • For Calming Diffuse through a room to enhance calmness. Rub 1 drop to the palms of the hands as well as cup over nose and inhale.
  • For Dandruff Add 1-2 drops to coconut oil and apply to the hair. Alternatively you can include a few drops in your regular shampoo. Also consider Tea Tree Essential Oil.
  • For Depression Add 5 drops Cedarwood Himalayan, 5 drops Lime, and 5 drops Lemon with a personal inhaler and inhale when needed. Or add 5-6 drops Cedarwood Himalayan in your aroma diffuser as well as diffuse for 30-60 minutes.
  • For Fungal Infections Mix Cedarwood essential oil along with coconut oil, then apply at the area of concern.
  • For Kidney Health Apply 1-2 drops within the kidneys when needed.
  • For Loneliness Apply diluted oil over heart, add 1 drop to the palms of the hands and cup over nose and inhale.
  • For Stress Apply cedarwood oil over heart, brow bone as well as diffuse.
  • For Tension Massage over the area of concern.
  • For Urinary Tract Infections Apply 2 drops of cedarwood oil over the area of concern.
  • For Water Retention Massage 1-2 drops within the bladder when needed..
  • Suffer from bladder infections Massage a couple drops over your bladder and kidneys several times each day.

Its Uses

In illness

During the last 100 years, cedarwood’s beneficial effect on eczema, skin eruptions as well as disease have been noted, and it’s also sought after in dermatology. For eczema as well as rashes, include 8 drops of cedarwood oil to 20 ml (4 tsp) wheatgerm oil. Apply 3 to 4 times a day. Like a stimulant, cedarwood could be included with your body oil, or even to men’s products. Add 4 – 5 drops into a cold cream, and also use after shaving.

As the oil is additionally considered a sexual stimulant, it may be utilized for men’s body preparations. Cedarwood oil by itself, though, is quite dull, and requires to be combined with oils along with livelier notes just like lavender or rosemary.

In beauty

Cedarwood includes a very therapeutic action around the scalp in cases of alo¬pecia, falling hair as well as dandruff. In France, it is contained in commercial shampoos as well as hair lotions for alopecia. For just about any loss of hair – both for women and men, whether after illness, or even during stress or pregnancy ¬cedarwood can be quite beneficial. Mix 35 ml (a good 2 tbsp) grape seed oil, 5 ml (1 tsp) first pressing virgin olive oil, 5 drops of wheatgerm oil and 20 drops of cedarwood. Rub this gently in the scalp a few hours just before shampooing. Add 15 drops of cedarwood in an average sized bottle of mild shampoo.In case you have fair hair, make use of cedarwood along with discretion. The oil is likely to darken the hair colour.

Other uses

Cedarwood essences, wood, wood shavings or powders were utilized in earlier pot-pourris as well as anti-moth bags. Many costly fish are smoked over cedarwood.


Pregnant women ought to stay away from cedarwood oil. This particular essential oil could be an irritant for people along with serious sensitive skin issues. It is advisable to perform a patch test very first before you apply to problematic areas. Even though some essential oils could be ingested or even included with food, it’s not secure to take cedarwood oil by mouth. Because it is such a strong oil, it might result in serious negative effects like vomiting, nausea, thirst or even damage to the digestive system. It shouldn’t be utilised by people who have high blood pressure levels or even certain heart disease.





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