Health benefits of Coffee Essential oil

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Health benefits of Coffee Essential oilPopular throughout the world because of its wide variety of taste and inspiring nature, coffee is one of the most well-known beverages on the planet, with 100 million daily drinkers in the United States alone. Billions of cups of coffee are drunk every day around the world; estimates put the total at 500 billion cups every year. Although it is not typically considered as a healthy drink, but it actually has few surprising negative effects, many of which are because of its chemical components and nutrients. As we all know that Coffee itself comes from coffee beans, derived from the coffee plant. The most commonly used  bean is Coffea Arabica, however we can find different varieties according to the region of the world.

As Coffee is the most favored beverage it represents the top agricultural export for 12 countries of the world, it continues to be demanded from Japan to New Jersey in huge quantities. It is first recorded as a drink just over 500 years ago, starting on the Arabian peninsula, but there is speculation that its use as a stimulating beverage stretches back more than 1,000 years in various ancient and indigenous cultures. Presently, coffee is drunk in nearly every country of the world, and cultivation and processing of coffee is the prime source of income for more than 100 million people around the world.

Coffee beans is the main source of Coffee essential oil, Its  invigorating aroma of recently brewed coffee fills our minds with pleasant smell, coffee essential oil is world’s most popular aroma therapy which also has an uplifting smell that lifts the spirit, improves respiration, energizes the body and mind and offers many other uses and health benefits.

Health benefits of Coffee Essential oil

Due to its uses in numerous household and beauty products it is quite popular. As we all know that it is extracted through the coffee beans of Coffea Arabica tree with help of various extraction techniques. Apart from its  invigorating fragrance, coffee essential oil also retains wonderful aroma which boosts our spirits.

Here are the various advantages and Uses Of Coffee Essential Oil:

1. Uplifts Your Mood

Due to its invigorating fragrance it is highly efficient for dealing with numerous disorders related to the nervous system, just like stress, anxiety, and depression. To deal with such problems soak small cotton balls in this remedial oil place them beside your bed to help combat effects of depression. Similarly It improves your concentration and ability to focus.

2. Boosts Immunity

Coffee essential oil consists of antioxidant properties that are extremely beneficial for improving your immunity to various infections and ailments. They will neutralize the harmful free radicals and prevent the risk of cell damage significantly.

3. Aids Respiratory Functions

Coffee essential oil can be used in  vapor therapy to deal with stuffy nose and provide relief from troubles resulting due to nasal and chest congestion. To clear off your blocked nasal passages and promote smooth respiratory functions, simply Inhale some drops of this remedial oil. It is also used to minimize fever.

To get rid of annoying feeling of nausea Inhale coffee bean essential oil. So, whenever you suffer from the symptoms of nausea, inhale the aroma of this pleasant oil.

4. Increases Your Appetite

Due to its Invigorating fragrance it easily uplifts your spirit, mood, and body, and increases your urge to eat. Therefore, it is beneficial for people suffering from loss of appetite or low food intake habits.

5. Delays Aging

Because of High amounts of vitamin E, sterols, fatty acids, it  provide you a great protection from sunburn, DNA degradation, and damaging free radical activity. To enhance the production of collagen that helps you have soft skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles, rough skin, and the development of crow’s feet you have to apply this remedial oil topically. Lotions containing this wonderful coffee oil helps to prevent the appearance of cellulites on your skin.

6. Relax Tense Muscles

To get relief from muscle pain you can dilute coffee essential oil and massage on the tense muscle to get relief. Besides that you may also add a few drops of coffee essential oil to your bath water to lessen pain in your joints and muscles.

7. Anti-Depressant

You can easily overcome the depressing moments by the usage of the  cotton balls soaked in this oil and keep them close to bed. The invigorating aroma will help lift your mood, and you will be able to get rid of depression.

8. Food Additive

You can use Coffee essential oil to add great flavor to numerous beverages as well as food preparations such as pastries, syrups,chocolates and cakes.

9. Ingredient In Aromatherapy

Coffee essential oil includes healing effects which are highly beneficial to deal with mind and body by using the oil in aromatherapy. Wonderful aroma of this oil have the ability to improve mental alertness and the feeling of wellbeing. Due to this key reason it is used in several products of aromatherapy, candles, scents, diffusers, and many other home products.

10. Heals Insect Stings And Bites

Insect stings and bites can be healed with the topical uses of coffee essential oil. It decreases the pain and swelling and offers you a great relief. So, whenever you suffer insect bites apply this oil to mitigate the irritation.

11. Ingredient In Skin Care Products

Due to its  great demand in cosmetic industry it is used in numerous  beauty products, massage oils, bath products, skin lotions, body lotions, lipsticks, shampoos, creams, and soaps. The use of cosmetic products containing coffee essential oil helps you have soft and healthy skin.

12. Good Hygiene

Adding a few drops of coffee essential oil on your towel and laundry clothes drives away foul smell and helps promote good hygiene significantly. You can also add a few drops of this beneficial oil to your facial stream for its mind and body effects.

13. Beneficial For hair treatment

To get effective hair treatment many salons and spa use coffee essential oil. The use of oil in hair treatment helps you have strong and healthy hair.

History of Coffee Essential oil

One of the most well known essential oil utilized in aromatherapy is Coffee essential oil. which is originated from the province of Kaffa in Ethiopia. Later it is spread to European and American countries.

Extraction Methods

Essential coffee oil is extracted from coffee plants through one of two processes. The very first is the cold pressed method. This process makes use a low heat procedure for extracting the oil. The second process is known as CO2 method. This process uses carbon dioxide to retrieve the oil. Both the processes extract the thick as well as syrupy oil from the coffee plant. Its fragrance  is rich and full and smells just like freshly brewed coffee.

Preparing Coffee Essential Oil

As you can easily buy this oil for the supermarket around you, making coffee essential oil at home is not much tedious.

  1. For this purpose you may use olive oil and coffee beans, either roasted or green.
  2. In s very slow heat cover and cook this mixture for a few hours.
  3. Stir the mixture now and then when it is on the heat.
  4. Make use a strainer to segregate and remove the coffee beans as soon as the oil is ready.
  5. After that strain the oil using cheesecloth.
  6. At last Pour the oil in an airtight glass container.

Different Uses of Coffee essential Oil

This enticing coffee bean oil can be infused, inhaled and/or rubbed on the body. Coffee bean essential oil is used in many skincare regimes for it anti-aging and anti-cellulite properties. Other coffee essential oil uses include home deodorizing products like candles and in diffusers. Coffee bean oil is also used as a food additive and flavoring for several beverages and syrups.

Vapor Therapy

As the smell of Coffee essential oil  uplifts the mind, body and spirit while improving respiratory function and increasing appetite.

Massage Oils & Bath Products

We can soothe and relax tense muscles when oil is diluted for use on the skin as a massage aid or added to a bath tub of water. To get  the medicinal properties of coffee the leaves of a coffee tree are boiled and then used directly on the skin as a topical analgesic as well as placed in a bath to provide general muscle and joint pain relief.

Skincare Products

Coffee essential oil is used widely in skincare products and cosmetics. It is one of the most popular additive used in body butters,lip balms, bath bombs, facial mask, and “coffee for beauty” creams.

Precautions of Coffee essential oil

Coffee essential oil uses are not without some precautions. Coffee bean oil uses have been known to cause heart palpitations in some individuals because of coffee bean oil having naturally higher caffeine content. If case you are responsive to caffeine and/or allergic to coffee you should refrain from these coffee bean oil uses. Children as well as pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid using this oil.

You need to consult with your physician or health care practitioner before using essential oils if you are Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children. It is best to consult with your physician or health care practitioner before using this oil if you have a history of seizures.






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