Health Benefits of Acorus calamus Essential Oil

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Health Benefits of Acorus calamus Essential OilThe saints, yogis and Ayurvedica philosophers recommend the Acorus Calamus for improving the brain function, memory power, intellectual capacity and proper circulation to the brain. The root of the Acorus Calamus plant is used to extract oils by the process of steam distillation.

As Acorus Calamus is inherent to Asia and Europe, it is also found in Australia, South America, North America, New Guinea and Reunion. Acorus Calamus is the traditional method for healing various medical conditions. The root of Acorus Calamus is effective for improving the reproductive health. It is a part of absinthe when added to wine.

The people in Penobscot believe to cure the prolonged sickness by the root of Acorus calamus. They also treat the catarrh by the use of Acorus calamus root powder. This root is used in Indonesia for adding flavor in meat, sea foods and other vegetarian dishes.

The root paste was applied to the face by the Tenton-Dakota warriors to ease the fear during wars. Due to therapeutic properties in this oil, it is used in making perfumes as well. This herb is used for preparing cough drops and treating infections. Due to the presence of carminative, laxative, sedative and diuretic as properties, it is used in Siddha and Ayurvedic healing systems, Traditional Chinese medicine.

Root is an important part of Acorus Calamus plant which has been used for curing various problems from the ages.

Health Benefits of Acorus calamus Essential Oil

Acorus Calamus is found in watery, marshy places. It is an inherent to Europe and Asia. Though the Acorus Calamus is toxic, its oil has many medicinal benefits which are as follows:

1. Alleviates arthritic and rheumatic pain

According to the Ayurvedic philosophy, kapha dosha leads to the problem of stagnation of toxic substances such as water deposits, salt, uric acid, ama and other fluids in the joints which cause the inglammation and pain relate with rheumatism. The essential oil of Acorus Calasmus is used to reduce the excess presence of kapha dosha and lessen the pain, redness and inflammation by eradicating stagnated fluids and toxic through sweat and urine. The massage with the mixture of 2 drops of Acorus calamus oil, 2 drops of ginger oil, 2 drops of Eucalyptus oil and 3 ml of coconut oil to the affected area helps to increase blood circulation, ease pain, strengthen muscles, stimulate nerves, reduce swelling and other symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis.

2. Alleviates Fever

Acorus calamus essential oil is a simplest home remedy for treating mild fever. It helps to lessen fever with its symptoms when dispersed in the air. It provides a calm and relaxation effect which helps the patient to recover fast.

3. Anti-spasmodic

This essential oil is mostly effective on nervous spasms so soft dose should be used for nervous afflictions and disturbances.

4. Treats Digestive Problems

The Acorus calamus oil supports in digestion and boost appetite. It also helps to get rid from flatulence discomfort by preventing the growth of bacteria.

5. Antibiotic

As it is toxic, it eliminates the bacterial growth which helps to fight with the infections internally as well as externally.

6. Promotes relaxation

This essential oil can be used in a bath in order to get relief. The bath with some hot water by adding 6-8 drops of Acorus calamus essential oil and lavender essential oil helps to provide a calm effect and provides relief from chronic back pain. It also provides relief from mental stress as well as anxiety. It encourages sleep and ease insomnia. It is an effective treatment for curing neurotic disorders. It encourages positive thoughts.

7. Treats memory loss and augments the intellect

This oil is effective for treating epilepsy, mental retardation, syncope and stupor. It is also used to rectify the side effects of hallucinogens. It improves blood circulation, aids the body for attentiveness and stimulates neurons and nerves.

8. Triggers the mind and promotes positive thoughts

It is an effective safe remedy for improving thinking, stimulating nervous system and keeping the mind active. It also enhances the concentration and focus for the long lasting meditation. If 1-2 drops of Acorus calamus oil’s aroma is inhaled by putting it to the diffuser then it helps to assist for open mind, enhance concentration, attention and positive thinking.

9. Neuralgia

Neuralgia such as trigeminal neuralgia can be helped by using the Acorus Calamus oil. In this condition, the nerve is constricted by the blood vessels. When the nerve is constrict, all along its length is triggered. The large contraction leads to the excessive burning pain like the shocks of electricity rushing through. If this oil is applied as base oil then it helps in the reduction of inflammation in the nearby tissues. The blood vessels come to the normal size. Neuralgia is relieved when the nerve pressure is relieved. Diabetic neuropathy is helped in this way. The pressure on the cranial nerves is reduced if the oil as an ingredient for scalp message. It delivers the nutrient and oxygen to the every corner of the body. The metabolism fosters by the circulation.

10. Tranquiling

The usage of this oil in a small dose enhances the better sleep and provides a calming effect. It supports those who had a problem of insomnia and sleeplessness. It helps people to get a good mood and relax body as well as mind.

How to use Acorus calamus oil

  • For massage: 7-8 drops of oil to 10 ml of oil carrier.
  • Bath: 5-7 drops, pre-mixed along with the emulsifier (sodium chloride or sea milk, salt, hydrophilic oil honey).
  • For applications: Make use of 4-5 drops of the oil to 10 ml of alcohol or oil carrier, saturate wool and attached to the affected area for 10-15 minutes.
  • For warming compresses: 10 drops of oil to 30 ml of base oil or 5-6 drops per 200 grams warm water or 10 g. alcohol.
  • Rinse: 600 ml warm water + 6 drops of oil premixed with 1 tsp honey.
  • For the enrichment of creams and lotions: 7 drops per 10 grams, foundations.
  • Aromatherapy: 3-4 drops
  • Inhalation: 3-4 drops in hot water to inhale for 5-10 minutes covered his head with a towel.

Buying and storage

Acorus calamus oil can be ordered online or found at essential oil store. The one must be aware about the inferior products, as the camphor components may be added to this oil. This essential oil is not resistant. It should be kept in a cool temperature away from sunlight.

Side Effects, Safe Dosage and Toxicity issues

As Acorus calamus essential oil is considered as carcinogen and toxic, it is not meant for consumption. This essential oil can encourage hallucinations and convulsions through aromatherapy and inhalation. Though it is harmful and toxic in high concentrations, it is medicinal in small amounts.





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