Health Benefits of Elecampane Essential Oil

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Health Benefits of Elecampane Essential OilWe can find lots of essential oils around us which are extremely beneficial for our health, among them Elecampane essential oil is one of them which is the effective and proven method to cope with numerous health problems. Small perennial plant known as elfwort or elfdock which has got valued root and can be discovered all through Great Britain and Europe is the main source of this essential oil. But historically it was believed to originate from the place exactly where Helen of Troy’s tears fell down. The essential oil which is extracted from the leaves and root of this therapeutic plant is more compelling and powerful aroma therapeutic alternative. Besides the plant also have got many beneficial qualities.

As many scientific research have undoubtedly linked the use of this essential oil towards numerous treatments and get relief of wide number of health problems, so the essential oil of Elecampane is appreciated and recommended by the medical practitioner. Apart from that we can find few of the traditional uses which are not proven or well acknowledged as other one therefore it is far better to consult with your medical practitioner just before applying Elecampane essential oil in your daily Life.

Health Benefits of Elecampane Essential Oil

Normally when we discuss about the health benefits of elecampane essential oil it comprises of its capability to avoid bacterial and intestinal infections, calms digestive issues, improved metabolism, decrease respiratory problems, excite circulatory system, detoxification of body, better oral health and boost immunity.

Now let’s have a closer look at some of the popular health advantages of utilizing Elecampane essential oil

1. Respiratory Distress

Numerous people are enjoying the expectorant feature of this essential oil to get relief from the mucus build up within the respiratory tract over hundreds of years. Different types of foreign agents as well as bacteria that are found in the mucus and glands can also be eliminated and barred with the use of Elecampane essential oil. Due to its calming as well as anti-inflammatory nature it has been utilized to reduce the respiratory distress such as asthma as well as bronchitis.

2. Immune System

This oil is magnificent for increasing immunity of the body as well as offering protection to the body from the foreign attack due to its anti-microbial and anti- bacterial features.  Elecampane essential oil whenever diffused in a room can help to eliminate external as well as internal bacterial agents, similarly when we externally use this oil on the wounds or cuts; it prevents the wounds from infection or any other related illness.

3. Body Detox

Nowadays number of people is using body detox practices annually or sometime regularly. Most of the detox products available on the marketplace claims to be homeopathic but we are not able to identify the purity of what you are buying from the market. However the result of the Elecampane oil is clear. Due to the inulin property of this oil, it gives accurately an all-natural solution for the body detox outcomes that you always wish.

4. Improve the Metabolism

Elecampane essential oil helps to expressively expand the metabolism due to the presence of both tonic substance as well as stimulant within this oil. This oil assists to enhance all the functions of the body such as release of waste and poisonous substances due to the stimulation of the hormonal balance within the body. It will help to boost blood flow towards the oxygenating parts of the body and making sure the organ system are operating efficiently.

5. Digestive Health

For more than hundreds of year essential oil of Elecampane help to resolve digestive problems like help proper digestion, exclude intestinal worms, motivate improved nutrient retention. Because of the improved digestive health due to elecampane essential oil other system of the body will also be influenced.

6. Dental Health

It is an ideal ingredient in several dental hygiene programs due to its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. Apart from being utilized in many mouthwash and herbal toothpastes, you can directly use small quantity of this essential oil along with water and used directly in the gums to exclude harmful bacteria that may remain hiding below the gums as well as other periodontal diseases.

7. Guards Against Constipation-related Cancer

People of Tibet make use of this essential oil as a form of traditional medicine. Research done in a traditional Tibetan formula Padma Lax on Elecampane essential oil discovered that it reveals anti-proliferative actions that may be quite advantageous to avoid constipation associated cancer.

8. Skin Health

Since astringent quality of this essential oil is not broadly documented, however they are quite valuable for all those who are wishing to tone up as well as protect the skin from external environments. Similarly this essential oil  is utilized to decrease the appearance of age spots as well as facial lines, tightens the skin and many other skin associated health problems.

Elecampane essential oil can be applied topically on the face and skin all through the body in various scrubs as well as other forms. The active constituents available in this Elecampane essential oil are extremely versatile and effective for problems like pimples, gout, hemorrhoids, wound healing, rashes and blisters.

9. Tuberculosis

Even though elecampane essential is always argued along with emphysema as well as bronchitis, this essential oil is traditionally utilized to get rid from pulmonary tuberculosis.

10. MRSA Defense

The research which in done during 2007  which is Led by Susan O’Shea in Ireland’s Cork Institute of Technology discovered that this essential oil were  competent towards eliminating the risk of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). It os also discoved that this oil is totally effective towards MRSA groups.

Precautions of Elecampane essential oil

As we all know that we need to consult with our medical professionals just before including any new supplements in our daily diet. Elecampane essential oil usually are not suggested for those people who are already taking sedatives as well as other medicines that can result in sleepiness because this oil as well as its roots may cause drowsiness. If you are unsure about your present medicines then you have to consult your doctor before using this essential oil.






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