Health Benefits of Copaiba Essential oil

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Health Benefits of Copaiba Essential oilCopaiba essential oil is the oil extracted from the Copaiba plant. The oil is pale yellow in color with a slight bitter in taste. It is the most anti- inflammatory substance which is found in the Earth. This oil has been popularly increasing by the people around the world. Most of the people use it for coating.

The terpenes, as a hydrocarbon can have a significant effects on the functioning of body which is an active component present in copaiba essential oil. The side effects which are found on the copaiba essential oil fortunately provide benefits to health. The food poisoning may occur if copaiba oil is consumed more. As the allergies are exceptional of this essential oil, it can be used for topical applications as well as in a diffused state in aromatherapy.

Health Benefits of Copaiba Essential oil

The copaiba essential oil has the capability to lessen the pain, remove inflammation, shield against infection, cure the skin, prevents from the growth of fungus, improve respiratory health, improves skin and hair’s health, bladder control, speed healing process, skin tighten and lowers blood pressure.

The Copaiba Essential Oil serves some other health benefits which are viewed under:

1. Respiratory Health

It also works better to those who suffers from the congestive problem or respiratory tissue. The presence of anti-inflammatory substance in copaiba essential oil when inhaled will loosen the tensed muscles, irritating glands and relieves discomfort.

It also treats bronchitis which was previously used for expectorant purpose. A measured dosage of copaiba oil is capable of clearing the congestion, treating asthma, bronchitis, cough and remove phlegm. It should be taken under the directions of doctor because in some people it may create stomach issues.

2. Pain relief

It loosens muscles and reduces pain, ease headaches as well as migraines whether it is applied topically or in aroma therapeutic context.

3. Eliminate infection

Due to its antibacterial nature it boosts the immune power of the body. It performs a function of shield for the skin, eradicates bacteria, and protects wounds and provides internal protection.

4. Anxiety and mood

Copaiba essential oil has the ability to lighten the tensed mood by the sweet and pleasant smell of rich honey which leads to the improvement of day.

5. Antifungal

The terpenes found in the copaiba essential oil serve as effective antifungal agents. The copaiba essential oil if applied to the nail fungus then it speeds up the healing process and safeguards for future infection as well.

6. Lowers blood pressure

The copaiba oil if added to the aromatherapy ritual or essential oil regimen then it helps to reduce the chances of stroke as well as heart attack. The copaiba oil is able to depart the strain of blood vessels and relieve tension with its anti-inflammatory, soothing properties.

7. Skin Health

Literally, Copaiba oil is able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, prevent lesions or wounds, keeps skin look younger and tighten the skin. Copaiba oil also helps to heal the marks, pimples and blisters with its powerful nutrients and organic compounds. It speeds up their healing power and reduces its visibility when applied to scars.These Skin problems can be heals with the use of Copaiba oil:


Apply 2 drops of this oil on the acne with the use of cotton ball and leave for 2-3 hours, the acne affected area reduces. The redness caused by the acne is reduced with its anti-inflammatory power. This should be used daily for the effective results.

Diminishes scars and stretch marks

The copaiba oil helps to fade the scars as well. The massage should be done by this copaiba oil on the scars. The results will be seen within a few weeks. This should be used with an olive oil for the less visibility of stretch marks. It works great for women who have just given birth. The regular use of copaiba oil can abolish blemishes, scars and marks.

Cellulite removal

The copaiba oil helps the women to get rid of the cellulite from the thighs, buttocks and hips with its regular use. The massage should be done regularly to remove the cellulite from the skin.

Mole removal

It is also said that the appearance of moles can be reduced by applying the mixture of copaiba oil with carrier oil. The dimensions of the moles can be reduced and lighten with its regular use. The one can also use the oil till the mole is gone or small enough.

Skin firming

As copaiba oil has so many benefits for the skin, this oil can make the skin firm and supple. It makes the skin elastic by regenerating collagen. A copaiba oil works wonder for those who want to reduce the appearance of ageing on the skin.

8.  Varicose veins

Varicose veins can also be treated by the use of copaiba oil. It increases the blood circulation of veins so that it allows them to drain back and reduce pooled blood which helps to remove varicose veins.

9. Against Urinary Incontinence

This oil can be used by those having the problem of controlling the flow of urine or bed wetting. This oil should be massaged on lower abdomen in limited quantity. This helps to strengthen bladder muscles and urinary tract. There are also common complaints that some women have lack of bladder control after delivery. This oil if rubbed on the pelvic area helps to strengthen pelvic muscles and bladder.

10. Copaiba Oil in Sitz Bath

Sitz bath means the bath for the lower part of the body only. It helps to get rid of problems such as genital infection and hemorrhoids. The sitz bath should be added 8-10 drops of copaiba oil so due to its anti-microbial properties it eliminated the infections. It treats the hemorrhoids as well and increases blood circulation.

11. Relieves Insect bites

The insect bites may cause swellings. This copaiba oil contains alpha humulene so if applied on the affected area helps to reduce physical discomfort. Copaiba oil helps to soothe the irritations caused by the bite of wasps or honey bees.

12. Soap perfume

The DIY enthusiast, who makes the soap at home, adds copaiba oil for the fragrance.

13. Internal use

The use of copaiba oil internally helps to upgrade health, reduce inflammation, prevents from cancer. It serves many health benefits. It can be added to the food, drinks, juices etc. As the oil is toxic, it should be taken under the prescription of the doctor.

14. Anti-inflammation

Copaiba oil helps to reduce inflammation inside or outside the body. This oil is able to treat asthma effectively. The doctors recommend that its consumption should be avoided and should be taken under prescription of doctor for consumption.

15. Combats stomach problems

It helps to cure the stomach cancer or stomach ulcers. The regular consumption of copaiba oil provides effective treatment for stomach ulcers.

16. Relieves Discomfort

The irritation to the injury and physical discomfort is reduced by Beta-caryophyllene. It relaxes the aching muscles which are caused by a day’s work.

17. Relieves congestion

Respiratory tract infections can be treated by this essential oil. As an expectorant, it clears the collected mucus. It is an effective medicine for sinusitis and bronchitis.

18. Displays antimicrobial properties

It helps to prevent bacterial growth. This oil cures the wounds by speeding up the healing process. It also treats the skin conditions as acne. The few drops if applied regularly on the acne-affected areas may improve the skin condition.

The sore throat may be cleared as well as other respiratory problems may be cured with its antibacterial property. It is also effective for nail fungus.

Origin of Copaiba Essential oil

The oleoresin of the trees of genus Copaifera is used to extract Copaiba essential oil. These are inherent to Africa and lush forests of North and South America. The tall trunks are filled with oleoresin with so many health benefits.

The oleoresin has so much medicinal purposes. The copaiba was used for treating wounds by the inherent of the Amazon for centuries. Similarly the inherent of north and northeastern Brazil uses the oleoresin on the boils, sunburn and sores.

It is broadly used for treating skin disorders and other illnesses in Ayurvedic healing and Chinese herbal medicine. The effectiveness of this oil is being tested and proved.

Suggested uses of Copaiba Essential oil

  • For Calming: Diffuse or apply topically to promote calmness.
  • For Digestive Aid: Rub on abdomen to support the body’s digestive during occasional irregularity by bringing the body back into homeostasis.
  • For Inflammation: Apply to the area of concern as needed. Also consider taking internally in veggie capsules if using only 100 % pure oil.
  • For Infections: Apply oil to the infection site as needed.
  • For Insect Bites: Use copaiba oil on insect bites to soothe skin. Also consider using the lavender essential oil.
  • For Pain relief: Copaiba oil has analgesic properties and therefore, is an excellent pain reliever. Apply diluted oil to the area of concern and or try adding this oil with other essential oils that are known for pain relief. Think about making use of this oil with oil such as Lavender, Birch, Peppermint, Black Pepper, Wintergreen, and Basil.
  • For loose Skin: Copaiba oil promotes healthy strong skin whenever used frequently.
  • For Stretch Marks: Apply copaiba oil on stretch marks daily.
  • For Sore Throat: Apply diluted to the chest and throat. Also consider taking internally or adding a few drops to a glass of water and gargling.
  • For Stressed Muscles: Apply oil to the area of concern as needed.
  • For Spider Veins: Copaiba oil is a great oil to use for spider veins that are caused by aging as it supports blood circulation.
  • For Teething: Copaiba is very mild oil and many people swear by using it when their babies are teething. Simply apply one drop along the gums.

Extraction of Copaiba Essential Oil

Oleoresin is used extract oil through the process of steam distillation so that the harmful compounds are eliminated. The oil is colorless and has a sweet woody, balsamic fragrance.

Dosage of Copaiba Essential Oil

As the scientific research is lacking, there is no appropriate dosage of its use. The copaiba oil should be used after impoverished in carrier oil. It mixes great with jojoba, rose, lavender and ylang-ylang essential oils.

Side Effects of Copaiba Essential Oil

It is considered safe for its use but the rashes or allergy might occur to the sensitive skin. The small test should be done to check whether reaction occurs. The doctor’s supervision is required for breast feeding and pregnant women.

The skin problems are healed by this copaiba essential oil for which 100% pure oil should be used for effective results. The inferior products are also being sold. One can have smooth, clear, younger looking skin with this oil.






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