Health Benefits of Kanuka Essential Oil

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Health Benefits of Kanuka Essential OilEssential oil is one of the major components of our daily life nowadays. Everyone is talking about its benefits and the uses in our day to day lifestyle. As we all know that it is used to heal many skin problems like erase wrinkles, make you look younger and more beautiful, make skin glowing and many more.

Among all the essential oils Kanuka essential oil is one of the popular and beneficial essential oil which is placed within the best skin care therapy group. It is one of the beauty secrets that Australians as well as New Zealanders are being used for so long period of time. Make use of this essential oil extravagantly to protect you from the harmful sunrays as well as the damaging toxins  from our surroundings and keep away all the skin problems away from you.

 Health Benefits of Kanuka Essential Oil

Kanuka essential oil can be used to deal with various problems. Listed here are some of the best cure of the hair, skin and overall health with the use of kanuka essential oil:

1. Fungal Infections

Skin problems which are caused due to the fungal infections can be healed with Kanuka essential oil since this oil includes anti-fungal compounds. You don’t need to get worry if you are suffered by ringworm, fungal infections on your nails or athlete’s foot as it can be healed with the help of Kanuka essential oil. To solve these types of skin problems you need you need to regularly use this essential oil topically.

2. Skin Irritations

Due to the nourishing and calming elements of Kanuka essential oil irritated skin will be healed very soon. It is wonderful for rashes, sunburns, insect bites and slight burns because its use can reduce pain, skin redness and alleviate itchiness.

3. Eczema and Psoriasis

Probably the most common inflammatory skin complaints that distress people of any age, race and sex is psoriasis and Eczema. Due to the presence of anti-inflammatory elements in the oil it will efficiently heal these types of skin complications. Besides that It may also nourish and soothe the skin, which encourage quicker healing.

4. Good for Acne

Acne problems are caused due to the presence of bacteria and this essential oil includes antibacterial constituents to ward off bacteria which might deteriorate acne complications. Just a single drop of the oil in your skin cream can do miracles; just use it two times a day morning and evening, to get faster as well as effective healing of the acne.

5. Dandruff

To Keep hair dandruff free and clean the Maori people have been utilizing the oil on their hair for years. Kanuka essential oil consists of dandruff-fighting compounds which will successfully eradicate this horrible as well as uncomfortable problem. To get rid of this problem simply adds a drop of the oil in your anti-dandruff shampoo or regular shampoo for supreme outcomes.

History of Kanuka Essential Oil

Kanuka tree which is also referred as Leptospermum ericoides or Kunza ericoides from Myrtaceae family is actually the main source of this Kanuka essential oil. Besides that it is also known as Burgan or white tea tree and is native to New Zealand. Australia mainly in Queensland,  New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria are the places where Kanuka is extensively grown nowadays.

Seventy feet tall tree has got light brown branches and barks and the leaves are usually small and pointed. Generally flowers blossom in a cluster of small white flowers.

Maori people of New Zealand are using derivatives of the tree in different herbal medication for many years. They used it to cure different health problems like pain, skin diseases, inflammation and anxiety. Similarly they make a special drink through which they use to treat dysentery and diarrhea and also boost sound sleep.

Extraction of Kanuka Essential Oil

The leaves of the Kanuka trees are used to extract Kanuka essential oil through the process of steam distillation. Pale yellow colored with thin consistency oil is extracted from this process. It has got earthy, herbaceous and sweet aroma.

Dosage of Kanuka Essential Oil

No suitable dosage has been dogged till now regarding the use of Kanuka essential oil. Further Scientific research is required as it has incompatible data regarding the exact dosage of the oil.   The oil must be diluted along with other carrier oils before use since it is extremely concentrated. Carrier oils of rosemary, jojoba, clary, sage, pine, nutmeg and lavender are recommended to dilute the Kanuka essential oil.

Side Effects of Kanuka Essential Oil

Kanuka essential oil should not be swallowed it is only for exterior use. Those who have got sensitive skin must execute a skin patch test before use as you may have allergic reactions. It is best to consult with your doctor before using this oil in case you are breastfeeding or pregnant. Doctor’s advice must be asked previously use since there are no sufficient research that founds the effects of the oil towards baby and fetus.

Everyone can appropriately buy Kanuka essential oil online. You must purchase only 100% pure and natural oil to confirm its efficiency and safety. Your skin problems will gradually disappear with the regular use of this Kanuka essential oil.





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