Health Benefits of Calendula Essential Oil

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Health Benefits of Calendula Essential OilThe Word Calendula is derived from the Latin word ‘calendae’ which means little calendar. Since the flower blooms on calends or first of most months it is called Little calendar. Calendula seems much similar to Marigold which belongs to Tagets genus which is mostly grown in vegetable gardens of the house.

Lovely bright colors of vegetables and fruits are due to the presence of flavonoids that are also available in Calendula to offer flower with blistering red and yellow petals.

The essential oil which is extracted by the distillation of flower tops is usually glutinous and sticky. By using saturation method the flowers are usually soaked within a hot oil to break their cell membranes and the essence of the oil is extracted. The odor of the essential oil are similar to the marigold flowers which are usually woody, musky or even rotten. Many people are not eagerly attracted to the smell whenever used in a treatment due to its strange aroma.

This particular golden oil whenever is made warm is regarded to be more effective and toxin free for the treatment of almost any kinds of skin troubles. As we can find different varieties of calendula and the oil which is extracted from different varieties may also differ in their effectiveness, yet general marigold calendula is regarded as one of the most effective and beneficial one.

Many products frequently as a great base for creams, salves, several natural cosmetics, herbal ointments, different personal care products and lotions make use of the Calendula essential oil. You may also use this oil as an all-natural herbal hair color formula. Similarly it can also be used as a base oil in aromatherapy.

Infused oil can also be made by filling a jar with a dried flowers and cover them with a carrier oil. After that it is left untouched for about two weeks or even more to get more advantageous features. As soon as the oil is prepared we have to filter the oil with the help of cheesecloth. The oil which is obtained from the filtration may be used directly in a balm or in different homemade lotions and creams.

Health Benefits of Calendula Essential Oil

As discussed before different kinds of skin problems can be healed with the use of this herbal oil. We can find calendula in different topical forms yet oil is regarded to be one of the best to be used. Cold compressed oil like olive oil and almond are used to process this essential oil. Calendula work as a preservative as well as skin conditioner whenever it is combined with Vitamin E. Apart from these skin benefits we can find many other helpful benefits which is pointed out below:

1. Antiseptic

Due to its antiseptic feature it is regarded to be one of the top options for every first aid kits. We can use this essential oil to avoid the infection which is caused by minor cuts, wounds, scratches, bug bites but should not be used on cuts and deep tissue burns. If case you have got any kind of allergic reactions you have to discontinue its usage.

2. Oral Health

It is very popular in these recent years due to its antibacterial properties. Herbal health as well as hygiene products like soaps, shampoos, toothpastes and mouthwashes makes use of this essential oil. Due to its effectiveness in killing bacteria that causes cavities and also gingivitis it is often used in many toothpastes, mouthwashes and oral health products.

3. Skin Health

To expressively enhance the appearance of your skin you can make use of this essential oil. With the use of this essential oil it affects the blow flow towards the skin cells and also provides antioxidant protections which help to reduce the age spots, facial lines, and also the prominence of scars. For all those who wish to get even toned skin with a youthful vitality, it is recommended to make use of organic beauty products that consists of Calendula essential oil or you may also use calendula in other form just like tea. Psoriasis is a kind of skin aliments which is very hard to deal with, it is actually a dermal septicity categorized by swollen wounds onto the skin enclosed by a silvery white scales, since it is non-contagious yet it may be fatal particularly if it is left untreated so to handle such problems we have to use the Calendula essential oil. Many scientific researchers have shown that nearly four hundred people died due to psoriasis related illness each year in United State. Psoriasis is a common problems to Caucasian females but it is occasional among those with dark skin.

4. Vision Health

Several researches have proved that Vision is influence by particular antioxidant compounds which are found on calendula essential oil. Calendula essential oil is the brilliant source of Beta-carotene which is extremely essential for the proper functioning of the eyes and well as better eye health. Similarly increase of cataract and macular degeneration can also be prevented with the use of this Calendula essential oil.

5. Inflammation

To reduce the pain as well as irritation due to diaper rashes most of the parents make use of Calendula essential oil. No matter exactly where inflammation occur, it is used considerably to reduce the distress. For those people who are suffering from congestion or cough, calendula tea can be a magnificent cure. You can include some Calendula essential oil in your regular skin balm for the speedy lessening in pain in case you are suffering from joints pains due to Gout or Arthritis. To regulate your gastrointestinal system and exclude any kinds of inflammation which are causing discomfort make use of this Calendula essential oil.

6. Cancer Prevention

Cancer is one of the big thrillers with regards to our overall health and elements which are found in Calendula can be new perspective on this life-threatening problem. Scientific research have discovered that Calendula essential oil have got some Anti-tumor qualities which is quite beneficial for the treatments of this life-threatening problems.

7. Cramping

It is a wise decision to include Calendula essential oil in your daily life in case you are suffering from agonizing cramping due to menstruation, several nervous system disorders as well as other types of occasional condition since Calendula consists of anti-spasmodic properties.

How to Make Calendula Oil

Through the process of steam distillation the essential oil of Calendula is extracted. We cannot obtain complete 100% pure Calendula essential oil due to which it is an infusion not a pure extract. Generally petals of the flowers are drenched in olive oil to get the oil from the flower. The Golden orange colored oil which is left after distillation is actually Calendula essential oil.

By following the instructions mentioned below we can easily make Calendula essential oil in our own home.

What you will require:

  • Carrier oil (almond oil, sunflower oil or olive oil are some wonderful choices)
  • Dried calendula petals
  • A clean glass jar along with a lid

We can use two techniques to infuse the oil:

Cold infusion method –This is the commonly desired methods simply because it defends the subtle calendula from heat damage.

  1. Place your preferred quantity of dried calendula petals within a clean, dry glass jar.
  2. Fill the jar along with your carrier oil of choice to cover the petals by an inch.
  3. Now place the jar in a sunny place for about four weeks.
  4. After that trench the petals from the oil and keep the oil in an air tight container for up to one year.

Hot infusion method – Even though this process is much faster compared to cold infusion method, but it won’t have same power due to the existence of heat.

  1. Place your preferred quantity of dried calendula petals in a clean, dry glass jar.
  2. Fill the jar along with your carrier oil of choice to cover the petals just by an inch.
  3. The whole jar (the petals and the oil) is kept in a slow cookers or a small saucepan. Heat for around four hours on a low heat, moving infrequently.
  4. After that let it cool. Ditch the petals from the oil and stock the oil within a container along with a lid for up to one complete year.

The Oil which is made in your home can be used as an after-bath body oil, baby oil, lotion, salve or home medication for inflamed areas, rashes or dry skin.

Precautions for Calendula Essential Oil

Generally Calendula essential oil is regarded to be harmless for usage, but it is better to notice these safety rules as well as attentions before using it in your daily life:

  • For all those who have sensitivity towards ragweed as well as other related plants like daisies, marigolds and chrysanthemums, allergic reactions may occur so it is better consult with your doctor just before using Calendula essential oil.
  • You need to avoid Calendula essential oil if you are breast feeding or pregnant women. It may cause miscarriage if calendula is taken by mouth. Similarly you need to avoid topical use as well.
  • Whenever calendula is combined with medicines which is used during or right after surgical operation, it may result in wakefulness, Therefore its usage must be blocked minimum least 2 weeks just before surgical operations..






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