Health Benefits of Elemi Essential Oil

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Health Benefits of Elemi Essential OilElemi is a tree perfectly found on the exotic forests of the Philippines and a few neighbouring countries. Its botanical name is Canarium Luzonicum. The essential oil of Elemi is removed by steam distillation of the gum obtained from the Elemi tree; the main components of this particular oil are dipentene, elemicine, elemol, limonene, phellandrene, as well as terpineol.

Elemi is actually a soft, aromatic oleoresin extracted from the trunk of Canarium luzonicum trees, as well as elemi essential oil is obtained from this oleoresin. For more than 100 years the name ‘elemi’ was utilized like a collective term for several oleoresins produced from several botanical varieties and geographical origins. However today, ‘elemi’ usually relates simply to oleoresin as well as extracted essential oil originating from the Philippines, that is known as well as traded internationally as Manila elemi.

The elemi tree is related to frankincense, myrrh as well as opoponax, that all belong to the Burseraceae family. That is similar to its close relatives, a yellow or white oleoresin is produced once the bark is lacerated. The fragrance of the oleoresin is sharp, green as well as pungent. Gums as well as oleoresins made by a tree are technically known as pathological exudate.

This oil is utilized mainly within the soap, cosmetics, perfume, and paint industries. Also, this oil is really thought to have been utilized in ancient Egypt for embalming mummies!

Health Benefits of Elemi Essential Oil

Some of the health advantages of Elemi Essential Oil could be related to its properties as an antiseptic, analgesic, expectorant, stimulant, and tonic substance.

The medicinal properties of Elemi Essential Oil, that are perhaps its most significant details, are explained below.

1. Anti-aging

Chanel took hold of the essential oil once it learned that it improves collagen production. Research has shown that the oil energizes the protein known as tensin, that plays a vital role in skin structure. Frequent use of the oil will lift as well as plump up the skin, avoiding it from sagging. It’ll tone the skin to really make it firmer, in addition to diminish fine lines, wrinkles as well as crow’s feet. Elemi essential oil is among the very best anti-aging oils in the market today.

2. Antiseptic

Most likely, it was the antiseptic property of the Essential Oil of Elemi which made it beneficial in the embalming process in ancient Egypt. The antiseptic property safeguards against every possible infection, which includes those from microbes, bacteria, fungi, and viruses, together with offering safety from septic and tetanus. It isn’t just useful in safeguarding wounds; it’s also great at avoiding infections within the urethra, urinary bladder, urinary tract, colon, kidneys, intestines, stomach, along with other bodily organs, whether there is some type of wound, ulcer, or any other possibly hazardous condition.

3. Boosts Skin Health

The innocuous Elemi essential oil has numerous health advantages and could be utilized to deal with a number of health conditions. One considerable advantage of the oil is it increases skin health. Its germ killing as well as anti-microbial qualities assist accelerate the recovery of cuts as well as bruises and boost new cell development. These types of properties help to make elemi essential oil ideal for enhancing your skin health.

4. Analgesic

Everyone knows what an analgesic is ideal for, and we also know that many of them have negative effects too. As a result, wouldn’t it be fine if there was an analgesic that may perform all of its functions effectively without having any undesirable negative effects?. Well, the Essential Oil of Elemi is just that, because of all of its analgesic qualities. It is great at reducing pain associated with colds, fevers, or even sprains. It may also help in healing head aches, migraines, muscular pain, pain within the joints, and pain within the ears.

5. Spiritual Influence

Only the name suggests, elemi essential oil is utilized for bringing balance to both emotional as well as spiritual planes. Since it reduces stress through the body, it is usually used in meditation. As a result, it ever you are feeling emotionally exhausted, utilize this oil to lift yourself up.

6. Expectorant

The necessity for a competent expectorant is apparent when we’re struggling with breathing troubles, congestion within the lungs as well as nose, and exhausting coughs because of the accumulation of phlegm or even catarrh within the respiratory tracts, like the bronchi, trachea, as well as lungs. It loosens phlegm or even catarrh helping it to come out either through coughing or perhaps in the stool. Additionally, it clears congestion as well as makes breathing easier.

7. Promotes Cell Production

Research has shown that this essential oil works well for the generation of new skin cells, which can make you appear younger. For decades, this particular oil is utilized within the management of wounds since it encourages faster healing, without leaving any scars. It’s because the rapid skin renewal as more skin cells are created.

8. Prevents Sinusitis Problem

Here, elemi essential oil performs its role simply by calming as well as providing rest from issues related to sinus. Moreover, the oil proves itself efficient at just a short time.

9. Mumps And Chills

Due to its diverse features, experts have suggested this particular oil like a good-to-go oil on mumps and chills. Utilize it to witness the effective results yourself. In addition, it doesn’t take too much time in fulfilling you with its results.

10. Boosts Immune System

According to the experts, elemi essential oil may also be used to bolster defense mechanisms. Offering a tough shield towards the defense mechanisms, it will keep the diseases miles away. As a result, utilize it to see your defense mechanisms adding numbers in your age.

11. Anti-Inflammation

Elemi features a long history in managing arthritis, along with other joint pains that occurs mainly because of inflammation. Due to its natural anti-inflammation property, it really is utilized for eliminating redness, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea as well as acne also.

12. Stimulant

The effect of a stimulant is prevalent. It encourages almost all the functions within the body. It encourages circulation, the secretion of hormones as well as enzymes through the endocrinal glands, the discharge of bile along with other gastric juices in the stomach. Furthermore, it encourages nervous responses, which includes those affecting the neurons within the brain, the heartbeat, respiration, peristaltic motion of the intestines, and menstrual discharges, along with the production as well as secretion of milk within the breasts. These last two are due to its revitalizing effects on particular hormones like estrogen and progesterone.

13. Helps In Digestion

Struggling with digestive problems and not utilizing elemi essential oil, you’re certainly not conscious of its usefulness. Yes, elemi essential oil have such qualities that not just assists in better digestion but additionally boosts them. All that you should do is massage few drops of the oil in your stomach.

14. Instant Relief From Joint Pain

Joint pain is mainly related to old age or people exercising hard labor. Not to worry, rather than letting the pain make a serious influence on your joint, make use of elemi essential oil to obtain instantaneous rest from the pain.

15. Regulates High Sweating

Elemi essential oil is especially ideal for the individuals who perspire very heavily.

16. Miracle For Oily Skin

Acne, among the bad thing of oily skin has bothered individuals with its continuous appearance. Whenever too much of sebum gathers up, it leads to particular appearances in your oily skin. Within this condition, if you like hiding under the cocoon then it’s time for you to burst the cocoon along with elemi essential oil. This particular oil takes overabundance oil through the face and hydrates it like never before.

17. Tonic

A tonic is something which tones up the body. many individuals remember being given every day doses of tonic within our childhood. Our parents would state that it absolutely was required for keeping us free from diseases and that we would rapidly grow up if we took those tonics. These were right! A tonic works well for the development as well as proper functioning of the body by toning up all of the organic systems functioning within the body, like the respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, circulatory, neural, excretory, nervous, and endocrinal systems. Additionally, it enhances the defense mechanisms of the body. What else might be asked for from such a humble-looking oil?

History of Elemi Essential Oil

Elemi essential oil originates from the resin which leaks out of the Canarium luzonicom, a tree which is native to the Philippines. This particular tree grows wild within the vast forests of the exotic country, exactly where it is called ‘Pili” or Manila elemi. The gum resin is exported to other countries for the creation of the oil along with other products. Exported gum is available in two forms, the cleaned gum or ‘primera’, as well as in crude form called ‘segunda’.

The oleoresin gum is typically utilized by Filipinos like a kindling material to make fire. The locals likewise use it in aromatherapy and as a natural medicine to deal with wounds, infections, relieve joint pain as well as stiffness as well as lot more health conditions. It is just a extremely effective home cure which has been used by the locals through the years and is constantly this day. Filipinos also use it in skin care to help make their skin supple and soft since it consists of nourishing substances which encourages healthy skin.

The beauty advantages of this particular essential oil came to the attention of Chanel executives. In 2011, a representative of the company made a deal with the local government of Sorsogon, Philippines, to be provided at least 10 metric tons of the oil each month. This began the export of the essential oil to other parts of the world that are leaders in skincare production, like the United States and France.

Extraction of Elemi Essential Oil

Elemi essential oil is obtained from the gum resin of the elemi tree by means of steam distillation. Along the way, any volatile compounds within the oil are completely eliminated, that resulted into a very organic and beneficial essential oil.

The oil produced is really a pale yellow and it has a lemon-like, spicy aroma.

Side effects of Elemi Essential Oil

Elemi essential oil is protected to use for many people; however, individuals with sensitive skin might develop skin rashes. This particular essential oil is perfect for external use only.

Filipinas have won the admiration of many with their beautiful, glowing skin. You’ve now learned what their beauty secrets are. If you wish to have smooth, radiant skin like theirs, begin using elemi essential oil today.






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