Health Benefits of Licorice Root Tea

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Health Benefits of Licorice Root TeaFor more than 5000 years, Licorice Root tea has been utilized just as one cure for several health conditions. Originating from the Mediterranean and the Middle East, it absolutely was also traditionally used by China being known as the ‘Great Detoxifier’ as well as in India within the Ayurvedic system. Some consider it the ‘Grandfather of Herbs’. Most often, Licorice Root is proven to be anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and also have anti-allergic qualities. Because of these qualities, it’s been utilized as a remedy for arthritis, menopausal symptoms, heartburn, indigestion, asthma, depressive disorders, sore throats, congestion as well as behave as a gentle laxative.

Licorice Root energizes the manufacture of two steroids: cortisone as well as aldosterone. Each of which might help manage blood pressure. Cortisol is known to assist reduce inflammation, help one react to stress which help balance the effect of insulin in controlling the blood sugar level.

Licorice Root consists of Glycyrrhizin, a therapeutic compound that is 50x sweeter compared to sugar cane. Unlike most typical sugars that may make you thirsty, Licorice Root will satisfy your thirst. Glycyrrhizin might help decrease irritation and inflammation within the respiratory tract, soothe an aching throat, ease congestion and is also helpful along with asthma and chest infections. Glycyrrhizin may also help improve energy, ease stress, fight depression and lower symptoms brought on by long-term fatigue syndrome as well as fibromylagia. In case you are taking any kind of medicine, have untreated high blood pressure levels or even are pregnant you need to first seek advice from a physician or any other healthcare professional just before consuming Licorice Root Tea.

Health Benefits of Licorice Root Tea

Licorice root tea is an increasingly popular herbal tea, also it comes from the licorice plant considered to originate in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Licorice features a bark-like outer appearance, and appears just like a twig. It is considered that licorice root comes complete filled with numerous antioxidants and also possible cancer-fighting ingredients. A few heath food shops sell the root whole, however it is usually utilized in tea form.

Listed are a few typical Health advantages of Licorice Root Tea:

1. Soothes Digestive Distress

Licorice root tea has been utilized to deal with digestive problems, including acid reflux as well as stomach ulcers. The demulcent – or moistening – effect of licorice root is considered to coat the esophagus as well as stomach, avoiding damage from stomach acid. Licorice root tea has additionally shown a few advantage of canker sores, or even mouth ulcers, whenever utilized as a wash. Michael Tierra, an accupuncturist as well as naturopathic doctor licorice root can also be very effective treatments for duodenal ulcers and functions to boost all round digestion.

2. A Potent Women’s Herb

A few of the components to licorice root tea have demostrated noticeably estrogenic effects, which might help make licorice an effective estrogen alternative to post-menopausal women. In accordance with research published within the “Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,” licorice root may possibly will protect you from coronary disease in post-menopausal women because of its estrogenic effects. Another study present in “Molecular Nutrition and Food Research” identified that glabridin – a constituent of in licorice root tea – has anticancer effects especially breast cancer by curbing migration of cancer cells, preventing invasion of cancer cells into breast tissue as well as avoiding angiogenesis – or the formation of new blood cells with which cancer cells move in to the body.

3. Liver and Adrenal Support

Licorice root tea has been utilized to deal with numerous liver conditions – from hepatitis to high liver enzymes – and it has a safety effect on the liver in accordance with naturopathic doctor as well as master herbalist Sharol Tilgner. She also suggests licorice for adrenal fatigue and conditions with high liver enzymes or even the need for liver detoxification just like mononucleosis and long-term fatigue syndrome, simply because licorice elongates the half-life of cortisol within the body.

4. Helps to Combat Depression

As said before, licorice root tea is an all natural anti-depressant. It energizes the functioning of the adrenal glands, controlling the synthesis of cortisol. A lower amount of this substance is really a major reason for stress, anxiousness, long-term fatigue, as well as nervousness. By maintaining the stability, the tea makes sure that your mood is elevated, as well as depression is warded off. Just include two cups of this tea in your daily diet daily and also bid adieu to depressive disorders forever.

5. Natural Remedy for Cold

This particular herbal tea is probably the most desired and most efficient cure for cold and cough. Whilst the antiviral property combats the infections, the tea also makes sure that the body’s immunity power gets a boost. As soon as your immunity is pumped up, infections gradually disappear by themselves. It’s also a sensible way to ease a sore throat. A warm licorice tea helps reduce pain and inflammation, ensuring faster recovery from cold. The expectorant qualities of the herbal tea also makes sure that the blocked nasal passages as well as lungs are cleared, ensuring faster relief. That’s the reason the licorice root tea is suggested by Ayurvedic doctors as a treatment for various bronchial issues. So remember-three cups of licorice root tea each day maintains cold away!

6. Good for Arthritis

The anti-inflammatory qualities of the tea works well for reducing the pain experienced because of inflammatory circumstances just like arthritis. Together with decreasing the pain, additionally, it relieves the swelling experienced. The joint movements additionally enhance along with regular usage of this tea.

7. Safeguards you from Cardiac Disorders

Research indicates that this tea has the potential to promote the flow of bile and may assist in maintaining your cholesterol level in check. The lower the levels of bad cholesterol, the better your heart health will probably be. Plus, it is just a possible antioxidant agent. This in fact hinders plaque from getting connected to the arterial walls, enhancing the health of capillaries. A lower cholesterol level along with a smooth blood circulation makes sure that you’re protected from cardiovascular disorders.

8. Good for your Liver

This tea has got effective detoxifying qualities. Two cups of this particular herbal tea each day makes sure that your liver is free from toxins. It encourages the liver as well as puts your worries about hepatitis to rest.

9. Cure for Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure, or even hypotension, is certainly one condition which is in fact very difficult to avoid. Luckily, this particular tea is a secure method to deal with low BP. Two cups of this particular inexpensive tea can pep your high blood pressure to the preferred level by preventing the stress factors like dizziness, fatigue, as well as nausea.

10. Herbal Remedy for Stomach Disorders

Licorice root extracts are recognized to have moderate laxative qualities. A tea made by infusing these types of roots may be used to relieve bowel problems. The chalcone as well as flavonoid contained in these types of roots fight the irritation and inflammation triggered by bacterial infection within your stomach. The calming qualities calm the inflamed mucus lining as well as strengthen your digestive tract, providing certain rest from gastric issues. Be sure you sip 2 to 3 cups of warm tea to enjoy the advantages.

11. Beneficial for Yeast Infections

Many a time, women are exposed to vaginal yeast infections brought on by Candida Albicans. Research claim that oral consumption in addition to topical use of this particular tea has the ability to fight these types of infections as well as heal the problem.

12. Good for Diabetics

Licorice root extracts are fantastic sugar substitutes. While preparing normal tea, include licorice root tea rather than sugar-sweetness as well as health together in a single cup!

13. Aids in Weight Loss

Studies claim that 3.5 grams of licorice root, whenever utilized in the form of tea, for approximately 8 weeks might help in reducing the body fat mass into a substantial extent. Include just two cups of tea a day – every cup that contains 1.75 grams of this root – together with a balanced diet as well as healthy workout regimen and find out visible alterations in your weight in 12 weeks.

14. Beneficial During Menopause

Full of antioxidant as well as phytoestrogens, this particular tea has demonstrated optimistic impacts on the hormonal issues related to menopause, which includes mood swings, hot flashes, as well as fatigue. Simply two cups of the tea each day might help in developing a hormonal balance, assisting ladies tide over this particular untidy phase.

15. Helps with PMS

The tea is filled with anti-inflammatory as well as antispasmodic qualities. Plus, it’s got amazing levels of estrogenic properties too. A synergic action of these is recognized to ease premenstrual symptoms like bloating, nausea, mood swings, as well as breast tenderness. Begin including 2 cups of this tea 3 days prior to the expected date to fight menstrual cramps in the better way.

16. Natural Detoxifying Agent

The detoxifying qualities of the tea may be used to lose weight and also to flush out toxins as well as stones through the kidneys.

17. Home Remedy for Canker Ulcers

Canker sores alias Apthous ulcers usually are unpleasant inflammations which appear on the tongue and cheeks. Warm licorice tea can be used as a gargle for convenient rest from these types of painful situations. Just gargle with this particular tea Four times each day – and see how quickly the pain decreases as well as your sores heal.

18. Relieves menstrual cramps

The common signs of premenstrual syndrome like abdominal cramps, mood swings, as well as hot flashes experienced by many women could be handled by consuming the herbal infusion couple of days before the start of menstrual period.

19. For Dental Health

Consuming licorice root tea frequently might help for treating dental issues like gingivitis. It really is because of the anti-microbial substances within it that really help prevent dental plaque formation.

20. Treats Tuberculosis

Consuming licorice root tea frequently might help in eliminating pulmonary tuberculosis as well as treats this problem faster. It really is because of the anti-microbial qualities which help treat this problem rapidly.

Skin Benefits of Licorice Root Tea

1. Soothes and Hydrates Skin

Regular usage of this particular tea is recognized to keep the skin moisturized as well as hydrated from inside. You may also use cool licorice tea on the skin and then leave it for some time just before washing off for the noticeably soft skin.

2. Natural Source of Fairness

Licorice brightens the skin, which makes it look fairer. Make a face pack simply by combining the tea along with Fullers Earth and turmeric powder. Apply in your face, let it dry, and rinse along with normal water. You can include a couple of drops of olive oil, coconut oil, or perhaps almond oil to maintain your skin hydrated.

3. Cure for Skin Disorders

Using cooled licorice tea works well for healing numerous skin conditions, which includes psoriasis, eczema, skin rashes, and dry skin. The anti-inflammatory, germ killing, as well as demulcent properties of the tea aid in reducing inflammation, redness, and paves method for faster healing. The hydrating nature traps the moisture as well as helps prevent the skin from drying out.

4. Natural Sunscreen

Yes, inclusion of the tea in your daily diet can safeguard the skin through the dangerous UV rays. A thick decoction just like tea can be used as a sunscreen to guard the skin from sun burns, tan, as well as harsh UVA/UVB rays. Additionally, it helps prevent the losing of moisture through the skin because of extreme contact with the scorching sun. Plus, it provides guaranteed fairness as well as smoothness. Use a pack by mixing within the tea along with crushed cucumbers and use it on the affected area in case you are already struggling with sun damage.

Hair Benefits of Licorice Root Tea

1. Good for the Scalp

Recognized for its hydrating qualities, a tea made out of licorice root have been utilized by ancient Greeks to help keep the scalp moist. It calms the dry scalp as well as helps prevent numerous scalp conditions just like dandruff and scabs. Massage the tea together with few drops of coconut oil in your scalp, leave for just one hour, and wash off for the moisturized scalp.

2. Helps with Hair Growth

Topical application in addition to oral usage of licorice tea is considered to be very theraputic for hair growth. It traps the fundamental moisture within the scalp, paving way for the lush growth of hair follicles. This, in return, ensures you of radiant, lush tresses.

3. Prevents Premature Baldness

Although not proven clinically, individuals have been consuming licorice tea to avoid premature balding triggered by extreme hair loss for thousands of years. It seems sensible to follow age old wisdom at times.

4. Effective Hair Treatment

A pack made by combining licorice root tea along with henna and amla powder can be used a highly effective hair cure for numerous hair conditions, which includes sun damage, dandruff, split ends, and dull hair.

How to Make Licorice Root Tea at Home

You don’t require any extreme training to make this particular delicious and healthy drink in your own home. Right here is the simple recipe:


  • Water – 4 oz
  • Dried licorice roots – 1 tsp

How to Make

  1. Place a saucepan full of water on medium heat.
  2. Once the water turns hot, just before it starts boiling, add some dried licorice roots.
  3. Allow the mixture to come to a boiling point.
  4. Turnoff the burner and steep for 5 to 7 minutes.
  5. Place a fine mesh strainer over a cup and pour the mix in it.
  6. Discard the roots.

Your licorice root tea is ready!

Side Effects of Licorice Tea

Even though licorice tea is such a fantastic cure for numerous health conditions; you need to take care to browse the following.An excessive amount of a sweet thing just isn’t best for you…You need to take licorice tea for Four to six weeks and after that take 1-2 weeks break.

Unfortunately, most negative effects of licorice tea originate from overindulgence. In case you experience any one of these symptoms, quit taking this particular tea immediately.

Side effects of extented use might include: water retention, resulting in swelling of articulations, mainly within the legs and face; muscle cramps, strong headaches, difficulty breathing and higher blood pressure level.

Other unwanted effects are heartburn, edema, kidney and liver damage, and cardiac and nervous problems, like irregular heartbeat, and high sugar levels, while reducing potassium within your body to a possibly dangerous level.

Hormonal negative effects of licorice may lead to erectile dysfunction in men as well as worsen hormone-sensitive cancers like prostate or breast cancer. To lower likelihood of these types of serious negative effects, deglycyrrhizinated licorice preparations can be found. This can be healthy for you once you only want to take pleasure in the flavour of licorice tea.

Do not take if…

Licorice tea is not suggested if you suffer from high blood pressure levels, have heart problems, have got a history of stroke, or even thyroid problems. Probable interactions along with diuretics for high blood pressure.

Best avoid this particular tea in case you are prone to fluid retention or have problems with kidney disease or even liver disease. This particular tea may interact with insulin or drugs for diabetes, so check with your doctor first. Also to be ignored in case you are obese.In case you are pregnant please don’t take licorice, it might boost the chance of miscarriage. In case you are breastfeeding, talk to your medical professional first.





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