Health benefits of Davana Essential Oil

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Health benefits of Davana Essential OilDavana is imported throughout the world because of its sweet fragrance as well as illustrious therapeutic values and is also utilized to glorify the idol of Lord Shiva in India. Botanically referred to as Artemisia pallens, Davana is a member of the daisy family, Asteraceae. Regionally known as davanam in Tamil and Davana in Kannada, this particular fragrant herb is native to the southern parts of the Indian subcontinent.

The essential oil of Davana is obtained from the stem and leaves of the herb by steam distillation method. It really is traditionally used in Ayurveda within the treatment of mental disorders, nervous problems, depression, cough, cold, measles, infections, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Artemisia pallens, often called dhavanam, is definitely an aromatic herb indigenous to India and belongs to a small herb as well as shrub genus known as xerophytic. The leaves as well as flowers of the herb yield the essential oil referred to as davana. The plant features a long history of use within religious events exactly where fresh flowers are offered to Lord Shiva as a sign of recognition of the medicinal properties it possessed.

The health benefits attached to the usage of davana oil come from the proven fact that it includes anti-depressant, antiseptic, antiviral, disinfectant, emenagogue, expectorant, relaxant and vulnerary properties.

Health benefits of Davana Essential Oil

The health benefits of Davana Essential Oil could be related to its properties just as one anti-depressant, antiseptic, antiviral, disinfectant, emenagogue, expectorant, relaxant, and vulnerary substance.

The Essential Oil of Davana is extracted through the steam distillation of flowers of the Davana plant. This plant is botanically referred to as Artemisia Pallens and has been in use in India for spiritual purposes for hundreds of years. The chief components of Davana Essential Oil really are a ketone called davanone, linalool, a few terpenoids as well as davana ether.

Let us now share a number of its therapeutic qualities and see how we can usually benefit from them.

1. Antiviral

This particular oil increases effective protection towards viral attacks. It will rupture the protective cover of viruses, known as the cyst, and therefore kills the virus. It cures viral infections like cough & cold, influenza, and measles, amongst others.

2. Antidepressant

Davana Essential Oil combats depression by means of relaxation. Additionally, it decreases blood pressure level in cases of anxiety as well as stress so as to give rest from symptoms related to stress and depression.

This oil induces mental peace, positive energy, spiritualism, as well as helps you to cure the after-effects of shock, trauma, disappointment, as well as other personal failures. This particular property may also be employed for the mental rehabilitation of patients struggling with depression.

3. Antiseptic

Davana essential oil combats infections that can cause septic of external and internal wounds, urinary tracts, urethra, kidneys, along with other body parts. Additionally, it offers protection from problems just like tetanus. This ought to be applied without delay in mild concentrations in cases of cuts and wounds, especially from iron objects or dirty abrasives.

4. Disinfectant

This powerful essential oil combats infections through bacteria, microbes, fungi, and viruses helping cure infectious diseases. If utilized in fumigants, sprays, or vapourizers, it disinfects the entire area and causes it to be free of microbes. Perhaps this really is a primary reason why Davana flowers are utilized throughout religious worship.

5. Relaxes mind

Nowadays individuals are very busy plus they didn’t have time to spend with family and friends due to a lot of stress. This particular oil  relaxes the mind from all kind. You don’t need to do an excessive amount of effort for that yet try simple and small tricks. You are able to sprinkle in your pillow for great sleep. You may also inhale its vapour to relax the mind completely. You may also apply it for massaging however with carrier oil.

6. Emenagogue

Additionally, it opens up blocked menstruation as well as makes periods regular. It’s great to cure menstrual spasm. Additionally, it helps reduce pain related to menses and provides rest from various other symptoms like fatigue, nausea, pelvic pain, and cramps.

7. Expectorant

The Essential Oil of Davana loosens up tough coughs and phlegm depositions within the respiratory tracts and also makes breathing easier. It reduces congestion as well as decreases coughs, whilst dealing with other issues like headache and pain within the joints which are frequently related to having a cold.

8. Act as a anti-depressent

Today individuals have different stress which provides them only depression. Due to which they have to face different problem and takes anti-depression tablets. But what if you get natural method to traet this issue. I think it is the greatest method to treat this problem without an excessive amount of effort and tension. So try this.

9. Relaxant

The Essential Oil of Davana calms contractions in muscles as well as blood vessels, whilst having a relaxing effect on the brain and also the nervous system, therefore combating anxiety, stress, depression, and anger. This can help you get a good sleep too.

10. Vulnerary

This particular property of Davana Essential Oil helps you to heal wounds faster as well as safeguards them from infections.

11. Gives relief from cold and cough

Cough and cold is a type of problem yet irritating too. In cold probably the most irritating thing is cough that irritate long time, yet davana essential oil deal with this. This particular oil comes with a expectorant property which will help to clear the respiratory tracts. Additionally, it saves you from other cold related problem just like migraine, severe headache and joint pains. Therefore next time if you suffer from  cold then try davana essential oil.

12. For insect bites

Probably the most frequent skin issues adventurous people encounter, particularly the campers and trekkers, is insect bites. Since davana oil has got antiseptic properties, it may help in the protection of the insect bites preventing them from aggravating. As a result, the next time that you have an insect bite, ensure that you dilute davana oil in another carrier oil, like olive or coconut oil, before you apply on the skin. The vulnerary property of the oil will help with the faster healing of the bites as well as protect them, too, from becoming infected.

13. For Acne

Another skin problem that davana oil can assist you with is acne, that is a common skin problem amongst teenagers. One common mistake that lots of teenagers make when it comes to handling their acne is squeezing it.

They think that doing this will assist them clear their face of the acne. What these people do not realize is that these red bumps are full of bacteria that may spread to the other portions of their face as soon as they squeeze their acne. However, so as to cope with the bacteria contained in the pus and stop them from spreading, you can include a few drops of the oil to benzoyl peroxide cream to further improve its effectiveness. If you’re not utilizing an anti-acne cream, you can include a few drops of the oil into a carrier oil, and use it in your acne. Together with the vulnerary property of the oil, the bumps can heal quicker whilst its antiseptic as well as anti-bacterial properties can avoid the spread of the bacteria contained in the pus.

14. For Dry Skin

Many people have previously claimed that their skin has become clearer, softer, as well as glowing right after incorporating davana essential oil to their beauty regimen. With just a couple of drops on the oil included with their lotion or cream just before application, it has become healthy and lively.

A Few Words of Caution

This oil just isn’t harmful, however it may cause irritations and really should thus be ignored by women that are pregnant.






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