Health benefits of Pointed Gourd/ Parwal

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Health benefits of pointed gourd/ parwalPointed gourd, scientifically Trichosanthes dioica which is often used as vegetable within our kitchen is helpful to our health.Mostly present in Terai region of Nepal pointed gourd is tasty whenever cooked and its advantages to human health is even bigger.Pointed gourd as well as its leaves has got wonderful therapeutic qualities.specifically for anyone who has problem associated with stomach pointed gourd is extremely advantageous.Plus it helps you to heal any kind of accidental injuries in short time period.

Parwal or even the Pointed Gourd is readily accessible throughout India as well as the rest of South Asia particularly throughout the monsoon Apart from having a food value this particular vegetable is extremely tasty and could be cooked in the wide array of ways like; it may be boiled for stews or soups, cooked as curries or fries, and many more. “Pointed gourd rasa” is an extremely scrumptious Bengali traditional dish as well as well-known among the East Indian delicacies. Parwal or even the pointed gourd is extremely valued for being a useful source of nutrition as well as for it’s very easy digestibility. Pointed gourd soup is really a traditional dish and prepared for usually for the sick in Nepal. This particular gourd plant belongs to the same group as cucumber and squash which is Cucurbitaceae. In the present scenario, this particular vegetable must be imported to the US and therefore it is extremely costly there.

It is a vine plant, much like cucumber and squash, though unlike those it is perennial. It’s a dioecious (male and female plants) vine (creeper) plant along with heart-shaped leaves (cordate) and is also grown on the trellis. The fruits are green along with white or no stripes. Size can differ from small and round to thick and long – 2 to 6 inches (5 to 15 cm). It thrives well with a hot to reasonably warm and also humid environment. The plant stays inactive throughout the winter months and favors a fertile, well-drained sandy loam soil because of its inclination towards water-logging.

It is utilized as ingredients of soup, stew, curry, sweet, or eaten fried and as potoler dorma or even dolma (dolma) along with fish, roe or even meat stuffing.

Health benefits of Pointed Gourd/ Parwal

There are numerous health advantages of consuming parwal and therefore are less recognized to the people. The vegetable is ranked as one of the nutritious foods and is also giving vitamins just like vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C. Calcium offers pointed gourd also provides you very less calories and therefore it will help to keep the cholesterol levels in control. In Ayurveda, Powell is utilized to deal with the gastric problems and it is utilized as an all natural aphrodisiac that may enhance sex life.Listed here are a few health advantages of Pointed Gourd

1. Improves digestion

The green colored veggie parwal is packed with good amount of fiber, which will help to enhance proper digestion of food. It may also help to resolve gastrointestinal and a few problems associated with the liver.

2. Treats constipation

The seeds contained in the parwal vegetables assist to relieve stool and is also suggested to lessen constipation difficulty.

3. Aids in weight loss

The gourd vegetable pointed gourd has got the property of lower in calories. So, you can consume this vegetable based curries without any doubt to lower their weight. It will help your stomach to feel fuller as well as regulates the urge to eat.

4. Blood purifier

Another health advantage of consuming pointed gourd includes the purification of blood. In accordance with Ayurveda painted gourd works effectively to manage Kapha. It cleans our blood, tissues and also therefore providing skin care too.

 5. Reduces flu

In accordance with Ayurveda parwal has the ability to enhance your immunity. It really is utilized just like a medicine to deal with flu, throat problems and high temperatures.

 6. Fight with aging factors

As we grow older fine lines and wrinkles are most typical visible signs on the face. Parwal with its rich source of antioxidants, vitamin A and C helps you to combat with the free radical molecules that are promoting the aging signs.

7. Controls blood sugar and cholesterol

When you’re consuming parwal dish do not dispose off the seeds from it, they assist to manage blood sugar levels, which often reduce the cholesterol within the body.

Medicinal qualities of pointed gourd are as following:

  1. Grind the leaves of coriander as well as pointed gourd leaving it to get soaked into water as well as separate it into three part taking it 3 times a day with little bit of honey.
  2. Make juice of seeds of pointed gourd mixing it with a few powder of Hing and take it that is considered to be excellent assist in losing fatness.Likewise consuming juice of pointed gourd also energized you.
  3. Throughout headache make paste out of juice of pointed gourd and use it in head which might offer rest from headache.
  4. Using the paste of pointed gourd leaves within the injuries or wounds would help them to heal quicker than normal.
  5. Additionally it is considered that taking pointed gourd right after cooking it might release you from skin problem.

How to select

Young immature pointed gourds are the most effective for cooking: the skin is bright green colored, the flesh inside is white, and also the seeds are small and tender. Don’t use mature pointed gourds since they are usually less flavourful. The fully ripe fruit turns orange and mushy, is too sweet to consume.

How to store

To store pointed gourd, wash and dry them gently and put them in bags. They ought to last a week, whenever kept in refrigerator at 50° F.

Culinary Uses

  • It is utilized as ingredients of soup, stew, curry, sweet, or eaten fried and as dorma with roe or meat stufings.
  • Parwal could be is cooked in number of methods like a boiled for soups and stews, curried or fried.
  • Parwal soup is usually prepared for sick people in Nepal
  • In the cuisines of South Asia and also the West Indies, it is usually prepared along with potatoes and served with yogurt on the side or utilized in subzis.
  • In Indonesia, pointed gourd is prepared in a variety of dishes, like stir fry, cooked in coconut milk, or steamed.





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