Health benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

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Health benefits of Pumpkin SeedsPumpkin seeds are the only seed which is alkaline-forming; in this world of extremely acidic diets, which is an excellent thing.

Pumpkin seeds are delicious and frequently overlooked parts of a pumpkin which have numerous health advantages packed in their small shape. These benefits consist of their capability for helping strengthen your metabolism, heal the body efficiently, improve your heart health, lift your mood, assist you to sleep, safeguard your bones, avoid cancer, remove kidney stones, reduce inflammation, improve your immune system, prevent parasites, detox the body, as well as for people who wish to put on weight, pumpkin seeds can perform that as well!

Pumpkin seeds are definitely the flat, oval-shaped seeds of the pumpkin or squash, both types of seeds have got almost similar benefits. Pumpkin seeds usually are light green on the inside, however their hull is white. Most pumpkin seeds come with their shell or endosperm still attached, specially when they’re consumed after being roasted, the most typical method of consuming them. They are able to, however, be shelled, and also the inner germ could be consumed for the healthy snack along with less work and chewing involved.

Pumpkins are typically related to Central American, Mexican, as well as Native American cuisine, however the genus Cucurbita has got other species of squash which have long been grown as well as grown across Europe and Russia, so pumpkin seeds can be found in those areas of the world as a popular snack food. They’re typically a seasonal snack, throughout the autumn whenever most squash as well as pumpkin varieties are fully grown. However, the popularity of pumpkin seeds has got spurred companies to serve them dried just like sunflower seeds throughout every season.

Health benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkins of different types are grown all over the world, and together with the flesh of the fruit, various parts of the plant may also be utilized in cooking. The cucurbitaceae plant family to which pumpkins belong includes squashes, gourds, and melons. Even though pumpkins are usually reddish orange or even yellow orange in color, other varieties in green, red, grayish blue, and white can also be found. Pumpkin seeds are flat, tear-drop shaped having a light green kernel encompassed by a thick yellowish white hull. Seeds of the green and yellow kakai variety of pumpkin don’t have a hull. Toasted kakai seeds are common as snacks. Pumpkin seed oil, obtained from Styrian pumpkins, is appreciated because of its nutty taste and it’s also utilized to boost the flavor of salad dressings in Eastern Europe. Aside from the sweet taste, flavor, as well as vitamins within the pulp of the pumpkin, it’s also the pumpkin seed nutritional value which makes the fruit popular in all cultures. In traditional cuisines, pumpkin seeds are utilized in salads, soups, as well as desserts. Pumpkin seed were utilized by professionals of native medication to deal with intestinal parasites and also to improve renal function. Pumpkin seed oil is utilized to deal with individuals with prostate problems in indigenous medicine.

Pumpkin seeds are a good, easily transportable snack which don’t have to be kept in the fridge, so you can keep them at work or carry them around with you. Additionally they offer several incredible health advantages too from boosting your immune system to keeping you calm. Here are  fantastic health benefits of pumpkin seeds:

1. Good for Your Heart

Numerous research has discovered that pumpkin seeds or even pumpkin seed oil can help to eliminate bad LDL cholesterol levels while increasing HDL cholesterol levels. Considering that heart disease remains to be the #1 killer in the US, this is extremely good news. Addititionally there is proof that pumpkin seeds may possibly avoid cholesterol from hardening within the arteries.

The heart-health advantages of pumpkin seeds are related to their high amounts of phytosterols, an all natural chemical which could block cholesterol absorption within the small intestines. Pumpkin seeds have got a greater concentration of phytosterols compared to any other nut or seed. Pumpkin seeds may also be helpfulto heart health simply by controlling nitric oxide levels (that is accountable for dilating blood cells, and therefore controlling blood pressure).

2. Zinc for Immune Support

Pumpkin seeds really are a rich source of zinc (one ounce contains more than 2 mg of this beneficial mineral), that is essential for immunity, cell growth and division, sleep, mood, your senses of taste and smell, eye and skin health, insulin regulation, as well as male sexual function.

3. Prostate Health

Pumpkin seeds have got long been highly valued just as one essential natural food for men’s health. This really is in part due to their high zinc content, that is essential for prostate health (where it is located in the highest concentrations in your body), and in addition simply because pumpkin seed extracts as well as oils may play a role for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH, or enlarged prostate). Studies suggest that both pumpkin seeds, as well as pumpkin seed oil used in combination with saw palmetto might be especially valuable in assisting prostate health.

4. Stress Relief

The seeds may also be a great resource of another amino acid, glutamate. This really is necessary to the synthesis of ?-amino butyric acid, that is an anti-stress neurochemical which decreases anxiety and irritability. You need to love being able to get a few zen out of your snacks!

5. Diabetes

Some investigation work on laboratory animals have demostrated that pumpkins seed extracts can enhance the regulation of the insulin.  We all know that it is abundant with anti-oxidants which can help manage oxidative stress.  This will ultimately result in better metabolism saving kidney from damage because of the diabetes. The high amount of digestible proteins can be found which regulates the blood sugar levels.

6. Benefits for Postmenopausal Women

Pumpkin seed oil is abundant with natural phytoestrogens as well as research recommend it could result in a significant boost in good “HDL” cholesterol together with reduces in blood pressure, hot flashes, headaches, joint problems along with other menopausal symptoms in postmenopausal ladies.

7. Tryptophan for Restful Sleep

Pumpkin seeds really are a rich source of tryptophan, an amino acid (protein building block) that the body changes into serotonin, which often is changed into melatonin, the “sleep hormone.” Consuming pumpkin seeds a couple of hours before bed, in addition to a carbohydrate just like a small piece of fruit, might be particularly therapeutic for offering the body the tryptophan required for your melatonin and serotonin production to assist encourage a restful night’s sleep.

 8. Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Pumpkin seed oil has been discovered to demonstrate anti-inflammatory effects. One animal research even discovered it worked along with the anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin for treating arthritis, yet with no negative effects.

9. Easing Arthritis

Pumpkin seed oil has additionally proven effective antioxidant properties that may relieve inflammation related to arthritic symptoms. In a research published within the journal Pharmacology Research, rats induced along with arthritis demonstrated considerable increased levels of inflammation which were reduced whenever administered pumpkin seed oil; results which compared positively to when the rats received the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin. Furthermore, the indomethacin-supplemented rats experienced increased levels of liver lipid peroxidation, an indication of liver injury, while the pumpkin seed oil group experienced no side effects.

10. Fights free radicals

Pumpkin seeds are a wonderful source of vitamin E. This vitamin makes certain healthy skin as well as eyes and powerful immunity. Vitamin E is surely an antioxidant having a powerful action, it safeguards the cells from damage brought on by free-radicals. Therefore, aids in preventing cancer, heart disease, cataracts as well as decelerates signs and symptoms of aging.

11. Anxiety Relief

Research published in the Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology stated that tryptophan, an amino acid rich in pumpkin seeds, may help reduce anxiety. Since tryptophan is transformed into serotonin, a neurotransmitter which boosts mood and encourages well-being within the brain, researchers investigated whether consuming a tryptophan rich food could boost serotonin levels and lower anxiety symptoms. They found that subjects with anxiety disorder who eaten tryptophan rich gourd seeds along with carbohydrates just before an anxiety test experienced greater advancements in subjective and objective measures on the Endler Multidimensional Anxiety Scale in comparison with people who consumed just carbohydrates.

12. Helps your digestive system work better

Particular chemicals contained in pumpkin seeds exert a  diuretic effect (increase urination) in your body; therefore reducing bladder discomfort.  They additionally include an amino acid cucurbitin that works as an anti-bacterial agent removing intestinal worms through the digestive system.

13. Anti- Arthritic 

Research indicates that pumpkin seed oil is really as powerful as the drug indomethacin at relieving chronic rheumatoid arthritis. It’s likely that this effect is because of the essential fatty acid profile, rich antioxidant content, and also the synergistic effects of other minor components. Pumpkin seeds have shown to have got high amounts of vitamin E, which includes all types of the tocopherol family i.e. alpha, beta, delta, and gamma tocopherol, combined with the tocotrienols.

14. Helps in weight loss

Pumpkin seeds are a fantastic source of proteins, which lets you manage your hunger as well as help in weight loss. Additionally, it include iron which will help to maintain high energy levels within the body and therefore helps prevent you from craving sugary as well as high-calorie foods.

15. Anti Parasitic 

Cucurbitin is definitely an amino acid which has demonstrated anti-parasitic activity in vitro. Scientific testing on people carried out in China have demostrated pumpkin seeds to be ideal for individuals with acute schistosomiasis, a serious parasitic disease occurring mainly in Asia and Africa which is carried by snails. Preliminary human research carried out in China and Russia has demonstrated pumpkin seeds can help with resolving tapeworm infestations.

16. Protection for Men’s Bones

Along with maintaining prostate health, another reason for older men to make zinc-rich foods, like pumpkin seeds, a consistent part of their healthy way of eating is bone mineral density. Even though osteoporosis is frequently regarded as a disease for which postmenopausal women are at greatest risk, additionally it is a possible problem for older men. Nearly 30% of hip fractures happen in men, as well as 1 in 8 men over age 50 may have an osteoporotic fracture. A study of 396 men ranging in age from 45-92 that was published in the September 2004 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found a clear correlation between low dietary intake of zinc, low blood levels of the trace mineral, and osteoporosis in the hip and spine. (October 18, 2004)

17. Acrodermatitis enteropathica

Acrodermatitis enteropathica is a uncommon inherited disorder which leads to the inability to soak up sufficient amounts of zinc from the diet. Anybody who is seriously zinc deficient can develop the symptoms of the inherited type of this disorder. Pumpkin seeds, pecans, as well as Brazil nuts are generally loaded with zinc. However, individuals with acrodermatitis enteropathica must also take zinc supplements.

18. Cholesterol Lowering 

Pumpkin seed oil have been concurrently combined with cholesterol lowering drugs as well as would seem to potentiate the overall lipid lowering effects. The positive results on lowering LDL levels and growing HDL levels are likely because of the antioxidant and essential fatty acid content of pumpkin seed oil. Side effects of the cholesterol drug were also decreased whenever pumpkin seed oil was administered. Comparable positive results have been discovered in concomitant usage of pumpkin seed oil along with anti-hypertensive medication. The hypotensive action is a result of the EFAs and antioxidant capacity for PSO.

19. Kidney Function

Two research in Thailand have indicated that consuming pumpkin seeds like a snack might help avoid the most typical kind of kidney stone. Pumpkin seeds seem to both decrease amounts of substances which encourage stone formation within the urine while increasing amounts of compounds which inhibit stone formation. Some investigation has revealed that PSO could extremely decrease bladder pressure, increase bladder compliance, and lower urethral pressure. Dosage 1 to 3 teaspoons every day. Best taken along with food. Potential applications Rheumatoid arthritis, raised blood lipids and cholesterol, parasitic infestation, BPH, kidney/bladder disorders. Beneficial in sustaining skin health. The high tryptophan content of the seeds will make the oil beneficial in cases of insomnia. A nourishing culinary oil.

20. Antioxidant Activity

Cancer is among the most severe conditions that affects the human race, and we’re continuously researching ways to reduce our likelihood of developing this particular dreadful disease. Pumpkin seed extracts include a quantity of anti-cancer qualities as well as components, which includes phenolic compounds which have straight been related to scavenging free-radicals in test subjects which were given pumpkin seed extracts. Antioxidants are generally effective substances which eliminate the body of free radicals, the dangerous byproducts of cellular metabolism that may result in a host of diseases, which includes cancer! Furthermore, pumpkin seeds are great for reducing the symptoms of the increased prostate, mainly because of its activity like a diuretic. This prevents the prostate healthy, probably the most typical places for men to build up cancer.

21. Inflammation and Arthritis

Certain research indicates that pumpkin seeds have got anti-inflammatory qualities within the body, that is among the common purposes of this delicious snack. Inflammation is often the result of numerous insufficiencies, which includes that of protein, numerous vitamins, and minerals. Inflammatory problems just like arthritis could be debilitating, therefore including healthy amounts of proteins in your body to keep the tissues healthy and repaired, in addition to a fair amount anti-inflammatory compounds may prevent that from happening. Pumpkin seeds have already been straight connected with a reduction in inflammation and also the related pains of arthritis.

22. Breast Cancer Risk Reduction

Phytoestrogens in pumpkin seeds might help decrease breast cancer risk in females, in accordance with a survey published within the May 2012 issue of the journal “Nutrition and Cancer.” Researchers surveyed diets of over 9,000 ladies and discovered that people who consumed more phytoestrogen-rich foods, including soybeans, sunflower seeds as well as pumpkin seeds, demonstrated considerably reduced rates of breast cancer.

23. Kidney Stones

Pumpkin seeds have been associated with decrease in harmful toxins within the body, because of its diuretic properties, along with the antioxidant activity. In addition, they encourage circulation while increasing the speed as well as processing of the livers and kidneys. Uric acid as well as other toxins are thus removed from the body, which suggests they can’t build up into dangerous kidney stones or any other forms, just like gout and also arthritis, as said before. Pumpkin seeds encourage the health of the kidneys helping to detoxify the body from head to feet.

24. Body Metabolism

Our body functions at its greatest levels when each of our systems are operating effectively as well as sensibly. Having a steady as well as sufficient amount of protein in your daily diet is important, simply because proteins comprise amino acids, which you can use in thousands of enzymatic and metabolic processes every single day. Without those essential amino acids and proteins, the body would quit being functional, and we’d become weak, fatigued, unhealthy, slow-witted, and usually exhausted. Pumpkin seeds really are a huge source of protein. 30% of pumpkin seed volume is made from protein. There are actually 12 grams of protein in a single cup of pumpkin seeds, that is roughly 25% of the daily requirement of protein.

25. Anxiety and Insomnia

If you’re feeling wired or even stressed right after a long day, you are able to turn to pumpkin seeds to relax you and help you receive a good night’s sleep. Pumpkin seeds are rich sources of both magnesium as well as tryptophan, each of which are strongly related to sedation as well as calming qualities that induce sleep. Pumpkin seeds may help your head hit the pillow in the peaceful, lasting way because of those two vital components.

26. Bone Health

Pumpkin seeds are incredibly well-liked because of their effects on osteoporosis. They’ve higher amounts of zinc, calcium, copper, and various other minerals which are associated with increased bone density. Research indicates that consistent consumption of pumpkin seeds can help to eliminate bone weakness and also the the signs of osteoporosis.

27. Neurological and Muscle Function 

The average American is lacking in daily magnesium intake. Pumpkin seeds consist of magnesium. In reality, ½ cup offers 92% of the suggested daily value. Sufficient amounts of magnesium within the blood are essential for healthy function of muscles and nerves. Research has indicated that whenever taking magnesium supplements to cure muscle cramps, women reported a decrease in pain and incontinence related to overactive bladder. It is considered that the magnesium relaxes the muscles within the bladder wall, therefore lowering the contractions resulting in the urinary emergency as well as incontinence.

28. Depression 

Pumpkin seeds consist of healthy fats which decrease inflammation within the brain, in addition they include tryptophan, an amino acid associated with fighting depression simply by making serotonin, melatonin, along with other mood boosting neurotransmitters and hormones. The B vitamins in pumpkin seeds also aid conserve a healthy outlook as well as reducing anxiousness.

29. Support for BPH

Pumpkin seeds have already been suggested by natural as well as alternative health practitioners to aid prostate health and BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia). The German Council E (Germany’s equal to the FDA) approved it for this use in 1985. And a 2009 Korean study isolated pumpkin seed oil to examine their effect on BPH. They noted that the pumpkin seeds produced an important enhancement in urinary flow as well as individuals reported an increased standard of living.

Pumpkin Seeds Benefits for Hair

These seeds are full of omega-3 fatty acids and for that reason will gift you along with thick, soft and shiny hair. Read on to find out more on how pumpkin seeds actually have a say within your hair’s health:

1. Makes Hair Healthy

Since it is clear from the previously discussed facts, we are able to now say that richness is its middle name as pumpkin seeds improve your health abundantly, whether it’s body, hair or even skin. It really is abundant with Vitamin A, K, B (biotin), zinc and sulphur that are basically essential for your scalp’s health and hair’s strength. They’re an effective mixture of nutrients that the hair can get naturally only from these seeds.

2. Makes Hair Shiny

Being full of Vitamin E, it will likewise supply you with a shiny hair, not to mention what the existence of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids will do to the hair.

 History of Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkins as well as pumpkin seeds were treasured by Native Americans both like a food as well as for their therapeutic qualities. However they were mainly utilized as a parasite remedy, that is evident from the documents of the Native American history. Such was their popularity that they became highly documented within the late 1800s or early 1900s, with the United States declaring them as a possible official medication for the treatment of parasites. Kidney problems, urinary and gastric illness were a few health conditions handled by herbal doctors utilizing pumpkin seeds. These were brought to other parts of the world by European explorers who brought back pumpkin seeds from their journeys to the New World. Today, they’re featured in a number of recipes on most cuisines, their trademark being the Indian and Mexican delicacies. The United States, Mexico, India and China are definitely the major commercial cultivators of pumpkin seeds currently.

Nutrition Facts of Pumpkin Seeds

Amount: 1 cup

Total Weight: 64 g

Nutrients Amount
Basic Components  
Ash 3.1 g
Proteins 15 g
Water 4.4 g
Calories From Carbohydrate 89
Calories From Fat 183
Calories From Protein 54
Total Calories 326
Dietary Fiber 4.2 g
Sugar 826 mg
Total Carbohydrates 22 g
Fats & Fatty Acids  
Monounsaturated Fat 7 g
Omega-3 Fatty Acids 60 mg
Omega-6 Fatty Acids 9.1 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 9.2 g
Saturated Fat 3.9 g
Total Fat 22 g
Choline 40.3 mg
Folate 21 mcg
Niacin 1.5 mg
Pantothenic Acid 200 mcg
Riboflavin 65 mcg
Thiamin 33 mcg
Vitamin A 22 IU
Vitamin B6 44 mcg
Vitamin C 672 mcg
Vitamin E 358 mcg
Vitamin K 2.9 mcg
Calcium 34 mg
Copper 629 mcg
Iron 3.6 mg
Magnesium 260 mg
Manganese 1.6 mg
Phosphorus 405 mg
Potassium 546 mg
Selenium 6 mcg
Sodium 453 mg
Zinc 5.7 mg



How to Buy Pumpkin Seeds

  • Pumpkin seeds can be purchased in various forms on the market, just like whole seeds (un-hulled), hulled seeds and roasted seeds.
  • While buying whole pumpkin seeds, choose the ones that are small as well as uniformly sized. Besides, they must be cream-white or light yellow colored.
  • Pick up a seed and feel it within your hand. It ought to feel heavy and provide an excellent metallic sound whenever tapped lightly.
  • Do not purchase thin, small sized, shriveled pumpkin seeds since they are a sign of low quality.
  • Make certain that the pumpkins seeds don’t have any cracks, mold, spots, or foul smell.

Pumpkin Seeds Storage Tips

  • Store un-hulled pumpkin seeds within an air-tight container in the cool, dry place, ideally within the refrigerator, where they are able to last for couple of months.
  • Since hulled pumpkin seeds have a tendency to lose their freshness after about a couple of months whenever subjected to warm, humid conditions, they must be refrigerated in air-seal containers to increase their life.
  • Dry or roasted pumpkin seeds could be stored for no more than 10 to 14 days, whenever placed into the refrigerator.

Best Way to Consume Pumpkin Seeds

In order to preserve the healthy fats contained in the seeds, pumpkin seeds needs to be consumed raw. If you decide to buy seeds from the bulk bin, make certain they smell fresh – not musty, spoiled or even stale, that could show rancidity or even the existence of fungal mycotoxins. Organic pumpkin seeds are preferred, since they won’t be contaminated along with pesticides or any other harmful chemicals.

However, most nuts and seeds have got anti-nutrients just like phytic acid which will make all of the previously discussed essential nutrients less bioavailable whenever you consume them. So if you intend on consuming seeds or even nuts regularly, it might be smart to soak or even sprout them. To ensure they are more tasty, you may then dehydrate them within your oven, or even better and much more cheaply in the dehydrator. There are numerous dehydrators available on the market, yet Excalibur is usually considered the best.If you like to consume pumpkin seeds roasted, do so yourself so that you can control the roasting temperature and time. Raw pumpkin seeds could be roasted on the low heat setting in your oven (no more than 170 degrees F or 75 degrees Celsius), spread along with Himalayan or other natural salt, for around 15-20 minutes.

Side Effects of Pumpkin Seeds

If you’re keen on pumpkin seeds, you most likely don’t have to be believing that extracting them from their pulpy web is worth the effort. Including whole pumpkin seeds in your daily diet — chewy white shell and all — is a simple method to improve your consumption of unsaturated fat, dietary fiber, zinc, iron, magnesium and vitamin E. Even though pumpkin seeds are unquestionably nutritious, they could be a source of undesirable negative effects.

1. Indigestion

The first thing you’ll notice whenever you pop a few pumpkin seeds into your mouth is the way chewy their shells are. Whole pumpkin seeds are loaded with insoluble fiber, the kind which encourages digestive efficiency as well as bowel frequency. In spite of these important benefits, whole seeds can be hard, stringy and hard to chew completely, which might result in indigestion. Badly chewed pumpkin seeds can bother your esophagus when you swallow, aggravate the valvelike muscle which allows food to pass in your stomach and result in an otherwise uncomfortable feeling of fullness. If you’re vulnerable to acid reflux, consuming pumpkin seeds too rapidly might actually trigger heartburn.

2. Gas, Diarrhea or Constipation

Consuming a lot of pumpkin seeds, even when carefully chewed, may also result in intestinal gas as well as diarrhea. Pumpkin seeds usually are high in fiber — you’ll get approximately 5 grams from the 1-ounce serving of the whole variety, in accordance with the U.S. Department of Agriculture — meaning that a few of their carbohydrates aren’t fully digestible. Whenever these undigested carbohydrates attain your large intestines, they’re broken down by bacteria. Gas is really a byproduct of the process, specifically individuals who aren’t accustomed to fiber-rich foods. Consuming more fiber than you’re used to may also result in loose, watery stools. In case you normally have diarrhea after consuming pumpkin seeds, however, you might have a food intolerance or even sensitivity. Constipation is another possible, albeit not as likely, side-effect of eating pumpkin seeds — the fiber you receive from eating considerable amounts of pumpkin seeds may also prevent you up temporarily.

3. Preventing Side Effects

All dietary fiber requires water to perform effectively — soluble fiber soaks up it, whilst insoluble fiber binds to it. Water is exactly what helps insoluble fiber, also referred to as bulk, undertake your intestinal tract. Consuming the seeds moderately — 1 ounce is the standard amount for an individual serving — and with lots of fluids can easily avoid this concern. Pumpkin seeds have also been recognized to trigger migraine headaches in a few individuals. If you’re not vulnerable to migraines, however, you most likely won’t develop one from consuming pumpkin seeds.

4. Avoiding Toxins From Spoilage

Even though the unsaturated fatty acids in pumpkin seeds encourage cardiovascular health, additionally they make the seeds vulnerable to spoil quickly. Consuming rancid pumpkin seeds makes you to face free radicals, harmful toxins that may improve your chance of cancer, heart disease along with other long-term illnesses. Fresh pumpkin seeds will keep for approximately about 6 months in the air-tight container within the refrigerator. Seeds which smell musty, oily or grassy likely have gone rancid.





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