3 Health related benefits of wine

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The wine has been a special drink in many occasions since time immemorial and largely due to its sweet and delicious taste. But, underneath this sweetness lies a treasure of nutritional value that many seem not to have a good understanding of. Wines come in different tastes and flavors, but the common factor is that they are made from naturally occurring products namely grapes and yeast without additives such as acids, enzymes, water, sugars or any other nutrients. This natural foundation of wines comes with several health benefits. So, what are these health benefits of wine?

Health related benefits of wine

  1. Lowers the Risk of Heart-Related Diseases

Made from natural products through the process of fermentation, the wine has been proved to help fight and even reduce the chances of one suffering from heart-related conditions. According to research done by a group of scientist in Germany, grape skin contains a compound known as resveratrol that has the capability of fighting heart conditions. The compound has been shown to stop the development of immature fat cells. It also can activate a compound known as protein sirtuin which protects the heart against inflammation. In addition, the wine has numerous antioxidants which have the ability to reduce the “bad” cholesterol. This protects the blood vessels from damage and prevents clot formation thus aiding proper blood flow.

  1. Reduce Chances of Cancer

The wine has a big advantage over other alcoholic drinks majorly because of its naturalness. It has numerous natural components within its structures such as the Phenolic compounds.  These compounds are considered to have the cancer-fighting abilities and studies have shown that patients’ death or relapse risk is greatly reduced by up to 25%. This is further aided by the protein compound known as resveratrol which has the ability to starve off the cancer cells. So, if you are dealing with cancer and trying to manage it, then try drinking wine once in a while.

  1. Good Anti-Aging Ability

If you are looking to have a smooth, glowing and young skin then you should try to incorporate wine into your diet. Harvard researchers have found that resveratrol compound in the skin of red grapes has the ability to produce proteins that can counteract the aging effects. A glass once in a while will go a long way in supplementing your dietary needs giving your body the boost to fight the toxic aging compounds. In addition to the resveratrol compound, wines especially those made from grapes have other Polyphenols which are also very powerful antioxidants. Generally, the antioxidants help fight against skin irritations and skin chemical imbalances by soaking up the skin radicals.

Health benefits derived from wine are numerous and more research is being done to validate and even come up with new findings. Other health benefits include; regulating blood sugar, help ease digestion and fight against obesity among others. Practice moderate wine drinking and you will benefit greatly. One or two glasses of wine a day will set you off to a good start. Also, ensure that you have a healthy balanced diet at all times and maintain a generally healthy lifestyle.




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