Hickory nut oil facts and benefits

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Hickory nut oil facts and benefits Quick Facts
Name: Hickory nut oil facts and benefits
Taste Bitter water hickory, swamp hickory
Health benefits Put on weight, Enhance energy, Assist growth and development, Metabolic functions, Bone health
Hickory nut is the nut which is obtained from the hickory tree. It is usually found in the hardwood forest. The nut is produced differently for about 3 years in repeated cycles. The first cycle produce highest amounts of nuts which are followed by the poorest in the second and third. The oil is extracted from the hickory nuts. This oil possess a pleasant taste.

Health Benefits of Hickory nut oil

Besides its pleasant taste, this oil possess various health benefits which are discussed below:

  1. Put on weight

Hickory nut oil assists in adding body weight to those who are trying to gain weight. It is high in calories which could be stored in the body.

  1. Enhance energy

Hickory oil has high concentration of carbohydrate which provides enormous energy when broken down.

  1. Assist growth and development

Protein is essential for the body’s development and growth. Hickory nut oil has adequate amount of protein which assist the body in the growth and development.

  1. Metabolic functions

Hickory oil has Vitamin B that assist in the functions of body metabolic activities. It prevents muscles, heart and nervous system.

  1. Bone health

This oil has magnesium which is essential for the bones growth as well as development. It promotes the balance of minerals in the body with the regulation of calcium level.

  1. Supports digestion

Hickory oil has natural fiber that supports digestion. It also has minerals that assist in digestion.


People allergic to tree nuts should avoid it.

 Hickory nut oil facts

Name Hickory nut oil facts and benefits
Common/English Name Bitter water hickory, swamp hickory
Taste Pleasant
Health Benefits
  • Put on weight
  • Enhance energy
  • Assist growth and development
  • Metabolic functions
  • Bone health
  • Supports digestion
Precautions  People allergic to tree nuts should avoid it.







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