Horned Melon in different languages

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The eye catching Horned like Melon – Kiwano has different name in different territories and communities. After studying all Vernacular names, it is unquestionable that the name of this fruit is derived based on unique horn-like spines in outer surface.



Name Horned Melon, Kiwano
Common/English Names: African Cucumber, African Horned Cucumber, African Horned Melon, Bitter Wild Cucumber, Hedged Gourd , Horned Cucumber, Horned Melon, Horny Cucumber, Jelly Melon, Kiwano, Spiny Cucumber

Vernacular Names

Afrikaans Rooikomkommer, Rooi Agurkie, Wilde Komkommer
Benin AgBowounon , Gbowunon (Fon ), Agbowunon (Goun)
Botswana Magabala, Mokapana (Tswana), Mogau
Danish Afrika Agrurk
Democratic Republicof Conga Nku, Mutete, Mugaika , Mukaka, Uhufafa (Bantu), Kunguliranalima (Shi)
Dutch Zuiltjesdragende Komkommer
East Africa Tongon
Eastonian Ogamelon
Finnish Kivakurkku, Kiwano
French Concombre Corne, Concombre Africain , Concombre Cornu , Kiwano ,Melon A Corne, Melon Porte-Corne, Metulon, Metulo
German Horn Gurke, Hommelone, Hornmelone, Kiwabo , Kiwano, Geleenmelone, Kiwake, Morgensterngurke
Israel Melano
Italian Kiwano
Japanese Kiwano
Malawi Bitter Wild Cucumber, cucumber
Mozambique Mutete, Mugaika, Mushonga, Mugaka (Shona, Southern Mozambique)
Niger Nku,MuteteMugaika,Mukaka,Uhufafa(Bantu),Golo’n Zaki(Hausa),Oemanam Anag Eshan(Tamacheck), Gorgno Tiambou (Zarma)
Portuguese Kiwano, Kumbundu, Maxije, Pepino Africano Umbundu
Slovenia Afriska Kumara,Kivano
Somalia Patir
South Africa Bitter Wild Cucumber(English), Rooi – Agurkie, Rooikomkommer (Afrikaans), Mukake (Venda), Uhufafa (Zulu), Mokapana, Magabala(Tswana)
Spanish Kiwano
Swedish Kiwano ,Afrikansk Gurka
Zambia Mugagachiga
Zimbabwe Mushonga, Mugaka, Mutete , Mugaika , Mugaka (Shona, Southern), Ihalabujana Mu , Gumudza’mbga ( Northern), Gaka, Gakachika




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