House of Hearing is the Leading Ear Treatment Provider in Canada

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Hearing is an essential human sense that no one should take for granted. If your hearing has become impaired over the years, then you’ll need the latest innovative hearing technology to assist you. That is why you should choose House of Hearing as a reliable source for hearing treatments in Canada.

House of Hearing is the premier provider of ear treatment solutions. The company offers advanced technological solutions to improve people’s hearing abilities and quality of life. They offer everything from ear wax removal services to hearing aids in Canada. The best part is free consultations with an ear doctor are available for new customers.

Over 14,000 patients have been assisted at their clinics already. These patients have walked away with improved hearing and fewer hearing difficulties. So you can rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands with the hearing specialists and doctors of House of Hearing.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Do you find yourself saying “What?” all the time when talking to people? You’ll know when you have hearing impairment because you’ll have more difficulty understanding people when they speak. It can become annoying for them as well as for you too.

The common signs of hearing loss include:

  • You hear a constant ringing sound in your ears.
  • Everyone else seems to speak at a lower volume than usual.
  • You misunderstand people regularly.
  • You cannot hear anyone well on the telephone.

Senior citizens have the highest risk of hearing loss, but that doesn’t mean younger people cannot experience it too. For example, prolonged earphone use could cause premature hearing problems because of the constant loud sounds emitted directly onto their eardrums.

The critical thing to remember is to avoid loud sounds. Noisy places like shooting ranges, music concerts, movie theaters, firework displays, and sports stadiums can all produce loud sounds that impact hearing.

Most people don’t think about these things because they are part of their everyday culture. But the causes of hearing loss for most people result from their regular daily rituals and activities.

Therefore, people of all ages should take the proper precautions to protect their hearing in any situation.

The Top 5 Reasons to Choose House of Hearing

Don’t wait until you have hearing problems to schedule a hearing test with an ear doctor. Even if you don’t notice the symptoms of hearing loss now, an ear doctor might discover a gradual decline in your ear health from a simple test. All you have to do to get started is choose the best hearing treatment company.

House of Hearing is the top choice amongst many Canadians because of their experience and dedication to customer service. But these are only some of the reasons why you should choose House of Hearing. Let’s explore some more.

Below are the top 5 reasons to choose House of Hearing products and services.

1) Ear Wax Removal

House of Hearing is not only a hearing aid clinic, but it is also an ear wax removal clinic too. Sometimes, an ear wax removal service is all you might need to hear better. House of Hearing uses safe and effective ear wax removal methods to prevent damage to the ears.

Ear wax removal is one of the most affordable hearing treatment solutions. A simple ear wax removal procedure costs approximately $45 per ear. Patients requiring a more sophisticated ear wax removal will cost $75 per ear. The entire ear wax removal lasts between 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the amount of ear wax buildup in the ears.

2) Accommodates All Lifestyles and Budgets

 Did you know that millions of adults in Canada have hearing issues that impact their daily lives? Hearing impairment can affect someone from any social or economic class.

Fortunately, House of Hearing offers competitive prices for people of all lifestyles and budgets. You don’t have to be a wealthy person anymore to afford good-quality hearing aids in Toronto or anywhere else. There are several economical hearing aid products available for people on any budget.

House of Hearing is an independently owned clinic with all the necessary licenses, certifications, and credentials. They have the authority to prescribe affordable hearing aids from any manufacturer in the country.

Furthermore, the clinic offers financing options to patients who cannot afford the standard costs upfront. The low monthly premium amounts ensure that anyone with a small amount of income can afford hearing aids.

3) Hearing Aid Supplies

Standard hearing aids don’t often come with very many accessories. However, House of Hearing offers Oticon hearing aid supplies to people with Oticon and Bernafon branded hearing aids. These are accessories that anyone with a hearing aid could use to improve their experience with it.

The most popular hearing aid supplies include wax filters, TV adapters, microphone protectors, hearing aid domes, and speaker wires and receivers. Although these supplies are not required to use a hearing aid, they can help ensure that you get the best auditory response possible.

4) Experienced Hearing Specialists

House of Hearing employs audiologists, ear doctors, and hearing instrument specialists. An audiologist is a special ear doctor who knows how to identify and treat various hearing conditions in patients. They can evaluate the vestibular and auditory functions of the ears to resolve balance, hearing, and tinnitus problems within them.


It is essential to visit an audiologist for a hearing test because they have more sophisticated hearing test technology than your average family doctor. Book your appointment at House of Hearing if you want to get a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis of your hearing with a state-of-the-art hearing test.


Hearing care is an ongoing process. Even after you have received your hearing test and hearing aid, you will continue to receive checkups on your hearing to ensure everything is going fine. There is never any pressure put on patients to keep coming back, though. You can feel free to purchase the products or services that you need at any time you want.


5) Multiple Locations


House of Hearing has multiple hearing treatment clinics all over Canada. Their clinics are in Maple, Toronto, North York West, Concord, Scarborough, North York, and Richmond Hill. With so many location options available, you can choose the clinic closest to your particular address.


Some locations offer more hearing treatment services than others. For example, you can get custom earplugs, hearing tests, and hearing aids in Toronto. But if you need tinnitus counseling or earwax removal, you will either have to visit another location or wait a few months for this particular branch to provide these services.


You can feel free to visit any House of Hearing clinic that you want. When you make your appointment on the phone, they will recommend the closest clinic that provides the hearing treatment services needed.

Protect Your Hearing


When you wear hearing aids in Ottawa or anywhere else in Canada, you must be aware of noise-inducing hearing loss. Since hearing aids are designed to amplify the sounds around you, they could be counterproductive if the sounds are loud already. If your hearing aid amplifies loud sounds, it could further impact your hearing.


Canada has several excellent hearing treatment clinics, such as Listen Up Canada. However, we recommend you arrange for a hearing test with an ear doctor at House of Hearing at least once per year. They can detect hearing problems before they become worse. Then you can take the necessary steps to improve your hearing and refrain from activities that would further damage it. 


Contact House of Hearing at (416) 516-3332 or [email protected] for more information.




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