How Fast Can You Expect To Lose Weight from Diet Pills

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Losing weight is one of those timeless things that never seems to get out of style. Year after year, it remains to be one of the most popular new years resolutions. Weight loss has been associated with better physical health as it helps keep away issues such as high blood pressure, cardiac arrest and stroke. It also helps manage conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnea, improves mental health and decreases the risk of certain cancers.

Aside from its health benefits, losing weight helps boost confidence since it significantly influences the way people feel about themselves. Having high self-esteem helps one be able to pursue their goals and go after their dreams. Because of its popularity, people are constantly looking for the best ways to lose weight. This ranges from natural methods such as diets and exercise regimens to medication that may help control appetite or boost metabolism. Other alternatives such as bariatric surgeries and diet pills can also be used to achieve the same.

Due to high demand, the market is flooded with fake and potentially fatal pills. Miami New Times offers some useful information on some of the best FDA approved diet pills available. As with all weight loss methods, diet pills require some time before the weight loss results can be achieved. Here are some factors that determine how fast one can expect to lose weight from diet pills.

The pill composition

The composition of the diet pills determines how fast one loses weight. The pills are made up of different chemical compositions which act on different parts of the body to help regulate weight. The most common action is appetite suppression which helps reduce the number of calories that are consumed when eating. A reduction of 1000 calories per day over one week results in a loss of approximately 1kg per week. Combining a lower caloric intake with a higher level of physical activity will result in higher caloric expenditure and faster weight loss.

Certain diet pills help manage weight by reducing the body’s ability to absorb fat. How soon weight loss is experienced will depend on factors such as diet. A low-fat diet will help the pill achieve its desired outcome.

Your lifestyle

Lifestyle Changes alongside the use of pills will also determine how fast desired results will be achieved. For instance, switching to healthier diets reduces the need to constantly eat as they are dense in fibre, water, vitamins and minerals, therefore a high satiety value. They also have lower caloric content. Increased level of physical activity and incorporating exercise into one’s routine also speeds up weight loss due to a faster metabolism and increased use of energy. Drinking more water is also healthier and has fewer calories than carbonated soft drinks. These lifestyle changes complement the diet pills and expedite the weight loss process.

Bodily reaction to the pill

How fast one can expect weight loss from diet pills will also depend on their body’s reaction to the pills. Some of them may have some side effects that may speed up or slow down the weight loss. These reactions also determine whether one can stick to the regimen or discontinue the use of these pills. Pills that mimic chemicals in the body or those naturally derived may have fewer undesirable side effects and will therefore be easier to adhere to in the long term. Those with more severe consequences such as diarrhoea, vomiting, insomnia or even suicidal thoughts may have to be discontinued. In some rare cases, diet pills may just not be effective on some people compared to others.

Health conditions

 Having underlying and pre-existing medical conditions may affect how effective the diet pills are. For instance, individuals with gastrointestinal issues may find it harder to use the diet pills without further complications. The diet pills may also be less effective in those individuals using other drugs or medication as the interactions might limit their efficiency.

Adherence to the prescription

The diet pills can work as expected or faster when taken in the recommended dosage and duration. Following doctors orders on how frequently and how much of the medications should be consumed will result in better weight loss outcomes. Other aspects may include gender, as some may work better on men or women. Others may be more effective under specific dietary intakes, such as on ketogenic diets or low-fat diets. Some supplements may be intended for bodybuilders or weightlifters and will therefore be more effective for weight loss among these targeted individuals.




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