How To Choose A Defibrillator

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In making a life decision, what is best for you should always be the number one priority. Just like in choosing a defibrillator, you should always have to choose the best option available in the market; but in order to get there, your needs must be taken into account first.

What is an Automated Electronic Defibrillator

 Automated Electronic Defibrillator is a portable medical device most commonly used when it comes to treating sudden cardiac attacks. It is a lightweight medical tool that sends an electric shock through the chest to the heart. Anyone can buy an automated electronic defibrillator for as long as the medical condition requires defibrillation.

Automated Electronic Defibrillator is a very important device. Every home and workplace has to have this tool so, in times of emergency, you can have something to utilize to save another’s life. But before buying an automated electronic defibrillator, you should know that not all automated electronic defibrillator is the same. Every automated electronic defibrillator has different specifications and each one answers to varying emergency circumstances. Many medical equipment suppliers, such as Emech Medical Australia, not only sell high-quality defibrillator but also offer comprehensive training in the proper use of the defibrillator on site free of charge.

Why is Automated Electronic Defibrillator Important

  • Studies show that around 30,000 Australians experience from Sudden Cardiac Arrest every year and without the proper first-aid medical assistance like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and a lifesaving tool like defibrillation, only 26% of this lives.
    This lightweight medical tool can revive a patient suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest. However, take note that using this device will only stop a cardiac arrest but not resolve your underlying medical condition.
    In case this happens to you or anyone you know, keep in mind that the AED should be used immediately when cardiac arrest takes place to reduce the extent and severity of permanent damage inflicted to the patient’s vital organs.
  • Performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and using automated electronic defibrillator was found to reduce death rates and increase the survival rates by 70% if these procedures were employed in a timely manner. Do not forget, however, that CPR will only allow blood to continue flowing to your heart and brain for some time. It’s still a must to seek medical attention after the patient is revived.
  • Defibrillation has been known as the only effective medical procedure when it comes to terminating sudden cardiac arrest and pulseless ventricular tachycardia.
  • Automated Electronic Defibrillators has been by far more influential on the survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest patients than CPR.

Choosing The Right Defibrillator For Your Workplace

Every employee is considered as an asset to their company. This is one of the reasons why every company should invest in taking care of its employees by providing them with a safe and hazard-free working environment. In cases of medical emergency situations, it is expected to every employer to make sure that each of his/her employees gets the timely and proper medical assistance when needed. That’s why it is very important that every workplace has to have automated electronic defibrillator in their facilities so that when a crisis like sudden cardiac attack occurs, the company could attend to their employee satisfactorily.

In selecting the right automated electronic defibrillator for your workplace, you can use the following considerations in making the right judgment that fits with your business:

Nature of Work

Before buying an automated electronic defibrillator for your workplace, you have to carefully assess the kind of business you’re into and evaluate the type of employees you have. If your employees have little knowledge in attending to medical emergency situations, it is critical to buy an automated electronic defibrillator that has features easy for non-medical experts to understand. Again, your main goal is to save a man’s life and it should not require a rocket scientist to know how to use the automated electronic defibrillator.

It would be wise to assess properly the automated electronic defibrillator needed depending on the size of your organization and the budget you are willing to allocate. After this assessment, you will now know the number of automated electronic defibrillators and spare parts you will have to buy that is still within your means.

Automated Electronic Defibrillator Specifications

Automated Electronic Defibrillator does not come in one form. The market is intelligent enough to devise specific automated electronic defibrillator for everyone’s need. If you are buying an automated electronic defibrillator for your workplace, you should consider getting an automated electronic defibrillator that is very handy to use. In critical situations, your employees should only have to worry about saving another’s life and they can only do this if they are equipped with a tool that is not very hard to manage.

Educating Employees About AED Use

Adding an AED device to your workplace should be an advantage and not a burden, and you can do this by educating your employees to use AEDs properly. After all, your AED shouldn’t simply be just a display. 

In the event of a cardiac arrest in the workplace, the first step is to contact emergency medical services while another employee attends to the patient. If your employees aren’t trained properly with CPR and AED use, the patient will have little to no chances of survival. 

To develop useful medical knowledge within your company, you can enroll your employees in first aid courses, preferably through onsite training. Such courses will train them about CPR, AED, and the principles of Basic Life Support (BLS).


After weighing all these aspects, you can now intelligently decide the type of defibrillator you need. Just remember that the main objective is to choose a defibrillator that is very easy to use but features the assistance you are looking for at the same time. Only after having all this information in hand will you be able to come up with an educated decision.




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