How to choose the right fish and seafood delivery service

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Today, you can get almost everything delivered to your doorstep. Be it electronic gadgets, household items, clothing, to name a few. While all this sounds normal, how would you react to knowing about the fresh online delivery of fish & seafood?

With the growing interest of customers in online delivery, more retailers are opening online stores to offer quick home delivery round the clock. In case you want high-quality fresh fish and frozen seafood delivered on-demand, you can now do so.

But, unlike your regular online shopping and delivery service, you need to be extra careful in this case. While choosing an online fish & seafood delivery service, consider the following tips. You can also try Seafresh to get your seafood delivered at your doorstep.

Look at the costs

When you are buying anything online, the cost factor is an important thing. Though a few more additions will increase the order’s cost, like packaging and delivery charges, still you should not accept sky-high bills.

Thus, out of the many online fresh fish & seafood delivery services, pick one that offers you the most reasonable rate. Further discounts or coupons are an added advantage.

Another thing to note here is that pricing has nothing to do with the quality of the food.

The degree of freshness

In the case of fish & seafood, what matters the most is their freshness. Now, such food items should be immediately frozen to preserve their freshness and stop bacterial growth.

While most online retailers follow the same, others might use other inorganic ways to keep the fish & seafood fresh. These ways not only affect the food item but also pose a great threat to you.

Hence, always go for a delivery service that promises a high level of freshness in the most organic way.

Notice their delivery method

This is another crucial thing to note when ordering fish and seafood online. No matter how far the distance is between the shop and your doorstep, the delivery process is always crucial and this is where having a GPS app for businesses becomes of utmost importance for sellers. 

According to experts, fresh fish and seafood must be delivered with dry ice and quickly, say within a few hours of placing the order & its packaging.

This not only ensures a high level of freshness but also ensures a longer lifespan of the food. For example, if stored properly, any seafood can last for more than two days.

Again, although it may seem a bit counterintuitive to order fish online, but, this industry has been bomming since its inception. This is the best method to get affordable fish if you are a seafood lover who lives far away from fishing zones. But do check how the product is being shipped and kept cold during the journey. Also, be at home when the product arrives so that you can refrigerate it as soon as possible.


How transparent is the fish & seafood delivery service? This question should quickly come to your mind if you are ordering your food online.

By transparency, we mean how much information they are providing regarding their products. This information includes when their seafood was caught, where their seafood has come from, and how far the seafood has traveled.

Any delivery service which provides you with good answers to the above questions is what you should go ahead and order.

Transparency is also important when it comes to labelling the fish as fresh or frozen. Fresh refers to a fish that is not frozen. But frozen fish can also be of superior quality. For this check for labels such as fresh frozen which means sea food was frozen while it was fresh. While previously frozen means it was frozen and thawed for retail sale. Understand the difference between these labels and then make a decision.

Are they following sustainable fishing practices?

With the global fish stock on a decline for a long time, it has become more important for everyone to adopt sustainable fishing practices, especially delivery services. In this respect, sustainable fishing practices is just being mindful while catching and releasing the fishes so as to cause minimal damage to the marine animals and their environment.

Some common sustainable practices include reducing the percentage of bycatch fishes, using proper technology or gear, properly using the fish, practicing carbon-conscious fishing, using every part of the caught fish, lead-free tackle are a few noteworthy ones.

If the delivery service provides you with such information on their platform, they are a good option to consider.

Other than this, one should also check for the MSC Fisheries Standard label which is a requirement meant for  sustainable fishing. The report should be the latest one as the assessors carry out surveillance reports  to check the progress. They also reassess fisheries after every 5 years.

The quality of cuts of the fish

You must know that there are many cuts of the fish and they are responsible for its cooking process, taste, and so on. Some of the popular fish cuts include fillet, butterfly fillet, loin, steak, tail, supreme, among others.

Out of all these cuts, the supreme or pave tastes the best and is worth every penny. Hence, look for the types and quality of cuts the delivery service is providing.

Also, you need to be aware about allergies that you have when it comes to fish. For example, people suffer from common allergies from oysters, clams, shrimp and lobsters. Hence it is better to check while choosing the right fish.


Getting your favorite seafood delivered at your doorstep is the best gift technology has given to the customers. Not only is online ordering a safer way to get the order delivered, but it saves you a lot of time as well as money.

Due to this, more and more people are going online to buy their fish & seafood. If you are planning the same, you should carefully consider your chosen delivery service. For this, be mindful of the above six tips from the experts.




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