How To Create The Ultimate Cheese Board For Your Events

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Hosting an event or party should always serve some food on the table. Otherwise, it’ll be no fun at all. While there are plenty of foods, dishes, or meals you can prepare, it’ll be nice to provide snacks that are easy to eat. You can serve them with bite-size burgers or pizza. Alternatively, if you’d like to make it fancy, you could prepare a cheese board for your guests.

A cheese board would be a great way to make your event look and feel fancier. While they’re best paired with a bottle of wine, preparing the best cheese board should help to elevate your event. To help you create the best one, below are some tips for making the ultimate cheese board for your events:

Personalize Your Cheese Board

A great way to emphasize your event’s branding is by personalizing your cheese board. Using a Personalised Cheeseboard lets your guests immediately see your branding or whatever design you add to your board. It could be your monogram, event logo, or a quote that emphasizes your love for cheese.

In most cases, a personalized cheeseboard uses wood as its main surface. This should work well as this can help to achieve a simpler, rustic, classic, or even formal look. The natural elements of wood can help you achieve whichever mood you’re going for.

Consider Uncommon Boards

Just because it uses the word ‘board’ doesn’t automatically mean you can only use wood for your cheese board. You can use a different material for your board to make things a bit fancier. You can use resin, slate, glass, or porcelain. Depending on your preference, you can use different shapes, such as round, square, rectangle, or something asymmetrical, to add a creative touch to it. You’d be surprised how the board’s material can significantly impact your cheese board. 

Add Plenty Of Cheese

Of course, a cheese board wouldn’t be complete without adding plenty of cheese to the plate. For starters, you should include at least five types of cheese to go with your plate. You don’t have to follow a specific rule as you can mix and match at any kind you want.

You can choose between firm, soft, and semi-firm for your cheese. But since this will be for an event, it’s safe to go with a crowd favorite, as not everyone might be comfortable experimenting with unlikely cheese flavors. You can begin by adding gouda, brie, Romano, or cheddar. There’s no limit to how many types of cheese you include. After all, this is a cheese board for a reason.

Know The Right Portion Sizes

While flooding the board with plenty of cheese is nice, you should know how to portion your plate. This can help make everything feel balanced. It’ll be a waste to prepare plenty of cheese only to see it being ignored, as they’re only great for a quick taste. 

You should only prepare 1-1.5 oz of each cheese per person for your cheese portions. This should be enough for cheese tasting. However, if you’re hosting a casual event that isn’t focused on just tasting, you can double or triple your partitions instead. 

Add Accompaniments

While a cheese board’s main focus would be cheese, you shouldn’t keep it plain. You can add accompaniments to create the perfect balance of cheese and something either bland, salty, or flavorful. There are plenty of accompaniments you can include, such as:

  • Meat: One of the most popular accompaniments you can include in your cheese board is meat. This helps to add a meaty flavor to your plate. You can begin by adding pepperoni, salami, chorizo, or prosciutto. You can slice or fold them neatly to enhance your board’s appearance. This can also help to add a pop of color to your plate.
  • Bread And Crackers: Adding bread and crackers would be a no-fail solution to give your board a flavor-neutralizer. You can choose lightly-salted crackers and sliced bread to go with your cheese. You can include sourdough, baguette, or olive bread. Just ensure they’re sliced well.
  • Fruits: You can also include some fruits to add flavor and color to your cheese board. This can consist of apples, grapes, peaches, pears, figs, or dates. You can spread them evenly across the board to distribute the colors well.
  • Nuts: Adding nuts is an easy and quick way to add more details to your cheese board. You can add almonds, walnuts, or cashews for starters. A minimum of three types of nuts should suffice to complete your board.

By adding these accompaniments, you can add more flavor and beauty to your cheese board.

Serve At Room Temperature

Your cheese should be quick and easy to eat. While storing them inside your fridge will help keep them fresh, cold and hard cheese might not be the most enjoyable thing to eat. The best condition for your cheese should be reaching room temperature. For your hard cheese, remove them from the fridge at least an hour before the event. For your softer cheese, you can take them out for at least 30 minutes to achieve room temperature.

Add Decorative Touches

A cheese board shouldn’t just consist of cheese and accompaniments. While the food’s color will help to add life to your board, you can still include some utensils to make it look better. You can pour some of your nuts inside a glass bowl and attach a toothpick to every cheese or meat for easier taste. You can also include cheese markers so your guests can know what type of cheese they’re eating.

Prepare Individual Utensils

If you’re hosting a formal event, you should prepare individual utensils for your guests. This can help to make your cheese board hygienic as they’re not sharing anything with each other. You can prepare a small plate and fork that allows them to grab anything they like from the board. While this isn’t necessary for casual gatherings, it’ll help to give a nice touch to it when you prepare individual utensils for everyone.

Serve Complimentary Beverages

The best beverage you can pair with a cheese board would be wine. To complete the cheese board experience, you should prepare a bottle of wine to go with it. You can also try to keep it plain and simple by going with a bottle of sparkling wine. This should be an excellent option for those just starting with wine and cheese tasting.


Creating the ultimate cheese board means placing various kinds of cheese and accompaniments on your board. With the number of options, you’ll find something that best fits your guest and event’s taste. It might require you to do some intensive grocery shopping, but it’ll surely help you achieve the ultimate cheese board.




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