How to Stay Healthy for College Students during the Quarantine

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During a viral outbreak, many students ended up at home. But here you must follow the rules that will help you maintain health.

Establish a Routine for Studying

You are now in distance learning. However, this does not mean that we can postpone the tasks until the last night before the delivery of the project. Sitting at a computer at night can seriously harm your health: your eyesight will worsen, your sleep patterns will be affected, which will affect your mental activity. Try to maintain your daily routine and study in the morning and afternoon.

While at home, do not forget about physical activity. Perform exercises to strengthen your body. Start with a light morning workout to wake up. Knead your neck, shoulders, arms. You don’t need to build muscle, exhaust yourself, or exercise the wonders of gymnastics.

If you have to sit for a long time at a computer while doing your student work (or you are watching TV shows for days), be sure to take breaks in work every 45 minutes.

Practice eye exercises and a break between sitting at the computer. Find eye exercises and try to do it according to the instructions every day. At the moment, you have an increased eye strain, which can significantly impair your vision.

Do wet room cleaning more often. Take time to air the room you are often in. Often we do not notice how badly the stale air in the room affects us. Also, strong odors can ruin and even lead to headaches, so fresh air is the best assistant for students!

If you study at the computer, then extraneous sounds and noise can interfere. Someone prefers sitting in headphones listening to music. If you like to listen to music on headphones, then wipe them regularly with antibacterial agents. Also, take breaks in listening to music and do not set the sound to maximum volume so as not to harm your health.

Make a work plan for the tasks you need to complete. What do you need to accomplish? When will you do it? Be sure to include breaks between work on projects. If you feel overwhelmed, get professional help with your assignments. All you need is just writing to a student writing service “do my essay”.

Watch your posture. Your back will support you all your life, and long sitting hunched over will harm you. Search the Internet for back exercises and try to do between sitting at the computer.

Quarantine Diet Regime for Students

A proper diet is just as important as physical activity and exercise. You are currently consuming far fewer calories than usual. Try not to overeat: limit sweets, flour, sodas. Prefer cereals in the morning, vegetables and protein foods for lunch and dinner. Eating sweets at night is a bad idea just like night vigils in the refrigerator. In order not to overeat at night, it is necessary to have dinner and go to bed on time.

Take Care of Physical and Mental Health

Take care of your health: collect a first-aid kit from essential medicines, antiseptics, gloves, and masks. Even if you are not a medical professional, a situation may arise, you need to have a first-aid kit for first aid. Make time for the right nutrition menu, where there are many vitamins. It’s time to switch from harmful products to healthy ones. Also, it will not be amiss to purchase vitamin complexes to strengthen immunity. Good immunity will not hurt anyone.

Try not to use your phone at night to view Instagram feeds or Facebook. This is not only harmful to your already tired eyes, but it also prevents you from relaxing before bedtime. Social media at night leads to sleep disturbance. As a result, it’s hard for you to get up in the morning, do your homework, you sit down for work by lunchtime, when your brain activity decreases. It’s hard for you to do the work, you want to get distracted by social feeds. As a result, much remains to be done, you feel overwhelmed, and again return to social networks.

Do not panic, do not spend a day on social networks – this can harm your mental health. It’s hard not to succumb to mass panic these days, but it’s better to follow the recommendations of the healthcare system and stay calm. Remember – you can spend this time to good use, learn something new, call relatives you haven’t talked with for a long time and find out about their health. Take care of yourself and your family!




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