Survivor’s guide for improving quality of life with a disability

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Altering lifestyle due to a disability is indeed challenging and has adverse effects on a person’s emotional and mental health. A physically disabled person needs external help, even to perform routine tasks. For many people, not being able to perform simple chores is a hit on their self-esteem. The truth is we all take our health for granted, and when we are sick in bed, we mourn the loss of the precious gift that we had. We do not consider health as a great gift and do not realize that walking to the nearby superstore to get a carton of milk without any support is a blessing.  

When a person has a physical disability, he grieves the loss and realization that he cannot now go back to his healthier carefree life, makes him hopeless. He begins to consider himself as a loser and thinks that now he cannot achieve anything in life. Although it is natural to feel pessimistic, it only makes life more difficult. He can try to find some positivity and bring some changes in his lifestyle to make mobility easier for him. Being a physically disabled person is a loss, but it does not mean that you have lost control of your life. There are still many productive things a disabled person can do to feel more independent and have a sense of liberation.

One must always remember, no matter where life takes you, what challenges you come across in life, there will always be something you can truly cherish. Below we are listing a few tips that will serve as a survivor guide for enhancing the quality of life with disability:

1. Change Your Mindset About It.

Your mindset plays a huge role in setting the direction of your life. A clear mindset, along with happy thoughts, is much needed while you are putting up with some illness. Make sure you have the optimist approach and see the glass half full, even in difficult times.

Life is all about different ups and downs; acceptance of the reality makes it a bit easier to deal with them. Snubbing, it will exhaust you, and you find it harder to move on with your life. It is not easy for one to take disability with a positive attitude, and it will be a roller coaster ride for you, but it is essential for a person’s mental health.

2. Get Yourself Mobility Scooters

A mobility scooter is an excellent gift as it gives a disabled person liberty to move around their neighborhood, without depending on anyone. However, Scooters ‘N Chairs Transport Chairs are the other kinds of moveable vehicles that physically disabled people can use to ease their motion. These vehicles are innovative and include all the features to make the user experience friendly and easy-going. Who would have thought you would not need to use physical effort to move from one place to another? The crazy inventions have made life much easier for everyone, particularly for the ones dealing with physical infirmity.

3. Look For New Hobbies

The terrific way to keep your mind off from the problem is to keep yourself busy, as it helps in distracting oneself from the main hitch. A wise approach is to stay active while indulging in things you like. Look for the things that make you ecstatic, and it could be as simple as book reading, cooking delicious meals, painting, or going out with friends etc. Disability makes a simple chore more challenging, but when there is a will, there is a way. Make sure you keep yourself engaged as it brings a massive difference in one’s emotional health.

4. Exercise

A general misconception is that exercise is essential only for obese and sick people. Exercising and stretching is a must for everyone as it does not only keep you in shape but also helps in releasing toxins from your body. Exercising helps in effectively dealing with depression, stress, and enhances your sleep.  Naturally, a person with a disability cannot perform intense workouts, so it is better to consult a physiotherapist or a doctor.

5. Eat Well

We cannot stress enough on eating well as it has innumerable benefits and is essential for a person’s wellbeing.  Usually, we often disregard the importance of healthy eating and do not realize how merely taking milk helps in strengthening muscles and bones. A physically disabled person consumes more energy and thus need extra nutrients. Replace junk food with fruits and vegetables and cut down your sugar intake. Eating well has wondrous effects on a person’s wellbeing and is crucial for a person with a disability. 


Life has a way of throwing unpredictable things, and the truth is no one prepares us for physical disability. Living with restricted mobility or any other kind of disability is a massive challenge for themselves and their closed ones also. Nonetheless, it should not be a catastrophe for you. Take charge of your life in your hands and make it better because no one else but only you can do that. There are not any hard and fast list of rules to follow, but we hope that the tips mentioned above will aid in improving the quality of life of people living with a disability. 




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