Health Benefits of Indian Silver Fir

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Indian Silver Fir Quick Facts
Name: Indian Silver Fir
Scientific Name: Abies Webbiana
Origin Indian Silver Fir, Himalayan Silver, The West-Himalayan High-Level Fir, The East-Himalayan Fir
Colors Dark purple
Shapes Cone, erect, cylindrical, 10-20 cm long
Taste Sweet, bitter, and pungent
Scientifically known as Abies Webbiana, belongs to family Pinaceae which is acknowledged as the pine family of conifers. The herb is native to northern temperate regions. Indian Silver Fir is a tall and evergreen tree having strong branches that spread horizontally. It could reach to the height of 60 metres. The plant has rough and brown bark. Young shoots are covered with small, short or brown hairs. Leaves are thin, single, linear, flat and arranged spirally around small branches. It is usually 1-3 inches long and 2 mm broad. The leaves upper part is shining and dark green. An upper surface has a midrib which traject down the middle with two faint lines found on either side of midrib beneath. Seeds are winged type. Flowers are monoecious with both sexes. The fruits are round or rectangular shape measuring 2 to 4 inches and the cones turns dark purple when ripened.

Traditional uses

  • Leaves are used to treat mild headaches and relieve mental stress.
  • It is used for treating cough, asthma, chronic bronchitis, common cold, sneezing, allergic rhinitis and upper respiratory infections.
  • Use powdered leaves internally for anemia, cough, colic pain and digestive disorders.
  • For cough, hoarseness of voice, intrinsic haermorrhage, powdered leaves are used with juice of Adhato da vasica or honey.
  • In West Bengal, leaves juice is used as a tonic after parturition.
  • Apply the resin mixed with roses oil for neuralgia.

How to take Talispatra Powder

Low appetite

  • Take 2-3 grams of leaf powder to promote appetite.

Cough, hoarseness of voice, fever, congestion

  • Mix 2-3 grams of leaf powder with equal amount of Rock candy or Mishri.

Fever, Headache

  • Take the dose of 2-3 grams of leaf powder.
  • Apply the leaves topically.

Side effects

  • Intake less than 2 grams per day.
  • When used in excess, it results side effects such as heartburn, mouth ulcer, stomach irritation, worsen ulcers and vertigo.
  • It has hot potency so avoid during breastfeeding and pregnancy.






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