Is Mexico Good for Surrogacy and Where to Get Quality Services?

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In our time, the problem of infertility has come to the fore for humanity. An unhealthy lifestyle, environmental degradation, and eating unhealthy foods negatively affect a woman’s health, in particular, her reproductive function. That is why every year more and more people turn to assisted reproductive technologies, including surrogacy.

Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproductive technologies according to which a woman, by mutual agreement with a couple who decided to use this service (gay men, a married couple, etc.), undergoes the procedure of implantation of an embryo created by IVF and gives birth to a genetically non-native child. A number of countries completely prohibit surrogacy at the level of the law, while others, on the contrary, completely allow it. As for Mexico, surrogacy is fully permitted there. World Center of Baby is the best agency providing surrogacy Mexico services. Read more on the topic below.

Surrogacy Laws in Mexico: All You Need to Know

According to the World Center of Baby, Mexico’s Assisted Reproductive Technologies Act clearly states that a woman who decides to become a surrogate mother is obliged to give the child after childbirth within a certain agreed period. In the same way, customers who turn to a surrogate mother are obliged to accept a child within the agreed period. This is stipulated by the agreement that they conclude with each other.

It should be noted that the selection of a surrogate mother includes certain requirements. It must be a woman between the ages of 20 and 35. She must be absolutely healthy. Before the process of gestational surrogacy, she undergoes a special medical examination. Everything else is stipulated in the contract. Sometimes both parties want it to be anonymous. Sometimes this is all transparent. As for the surrogate mother, she is required to provide information about her state of health and how the pregnancy is proceeding.

Talking about the cost of surrogacy in Mexico, it seems appropriate to indicate that everything is determined individually. The surrogacy in Mexico service itself costs approximately $ 73,000 – $ 107,000. Since the woman is on support for the entire pregnancy and the month after giving birth, she receives about $ 500 per month as an additional payment.

Surrogacy Agreement: What Does It Regulate?

Surrogacy, as a process of artificial insemination, childbearing, and childbirth by a woman (surrogate mother) in order to further transfer a baby to the biological parents, is usually based on contractual grounds. That is, an agreement is made between the genetic parents and the surrogate mom regarding the provision of childbearing and childbirth services to customers. There is a tendency among scholars to recognize the contract of childbearing and childbirth as having a family law nature.

The price of services is set by the agreement of the parties. In the surrogacy agreement, the price consists of two parts:

  1. Reimbursement of actual costs associated with the implementation of the agreement (the cost of food, medical examinations, medicines, preparation for childbirth, lost earnings, etc.);
  2. The actual remuneration for the performance of the contract, which is established by agreement between the parties and does not include all the usual costs incurred by the surrogate mother during pregnancy and childbirth.

The term of the contract is set by pointing to specific events. The beginning of the contract is usually the moment of implantation of the genetic material of customers to the surrogate mother, and the moment of termination – the transfer of a child to customers and the payment of remuneration. The Civil Code does not provide for special grounds and consequences of changing or terminating the contract for the provision of services, so the general grounds for changing or terminating the contract are usually applied.

Failure to perform the contract by one of the parties entails not only its termination but also compensation by the guilty party for damages caused to the other party. The norms of the Civil Code on the contract for the provision of services provide the responsibility of a surrogate mother for breach of contract, imposing on her the obligation to compensate the customer for damages caused by non-performance or improper performance of the contract for services in full. Compensation for these damages usually depends on the fault of the contractor. Under such conditions, the surrogate mother will have to reimburse the customers for the losses incurred by them in connection with the provision of her needs during pregnancy and childbirth.

It should also be mentioned that in case of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations by the surrogate mother not through her fault (for example, the woman followed all the instructions of doctors, led a healthy lifestyle, but still the pregnancy was terminated due to some objective circumstances), the customers have no right to demand from her compensation for damages caused to them by non-performance or improper performance of the contract.

Thus, all of the above indicates that the regulated aspects of surrogacy in Mexico include the following: the procedure for determining maternity, paternity of a child born by a surrogate mother; establishment of rules for registration of documents at the birth of a child from a surrogate mother; conditions and procedure for applying the medical procedure.

Best Surrogacy Agency in Mexico

If you want to get perfect surrogacy services at an affordable price, visit the most reliable surrogacy agency in Mexico: World Center of Baby. The advantages of cooperating with an agency include the following:

  • A unique integrated approach – from the selection of a donor, thorough diagnostics of the health of a surrogate mother to nursing newborn children;
  • High level of organization of all legal and medical processes;
  • Profitable surrogacy programs.

Many clients choose the Mexico World Center of Baby because the agency cooperates with a reliable clinic, has a large client base, and always provides up-to-date information on customer requests. Thus, for example, you can get some answers to your questions by calling the manager of the company or by visiting a special forum. Find out more about the services and use them already today!




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