Is Power Walking as Good as Jogging?

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Someone aptly said that one run can change your day and many can change your life. Is it the same with walking? There are a lot of studies and research that confirm that power walking can be as good as jogging. And it is far more convenient for most people too. Who do not want to tire themselves with miles and miles of running.

Power Walking

Power walking is different from a regular stroll that you take regularly. It requires you to maintain a definite pose, while walking, and keep a definite speed. You need to keep your body erect, tuck in your belly, and take long and steady steps at a brisk pace. The movement of your arms should also complement the movement of your other body parts. And because you will be walking at a brisk space, it is better to wear a good pair of walking shoes.

  • Pros

Power walking is easy on your body. Unlike running, or even jogging, power walking does not cause a lot of stress on your joints which means everyone can do it. You might get bored or tired of running but power walking can continue for a relatively longer period. It engages both upper and lower body, and therefore, gives a better tone to your body shape.

  • Cons

It is hard to think of a drawback associated with walking. Other exercises like running or cycling might be a little stressful but walking is something that anybody can do. the only downside is that power walking will take more time to produce results compared to vigorous exercises like HIIT or running. 


Jogging is slow-paced running in which you take smaller steps. You can say that jogging is something that comes between running and walking. So, you can get the best of both worlds.

  • Pros

As earlier mentioned, jogging presents a middle ground between walking and running. It’s a good way to do cardio without exposing yourself to too much strain and joint issues resulting from spriting. Secondly, your stamina will also improve when you jog at a steady pace on a regular basis.

  • Cons

Jogging requires a certain level of physical fitness and it is not easy for seniors or people with joint problems or obesity issues.  


Let’s do a comparison between these two and see which one is a better option for you. This is because everybody has different goals and objectives. Some are looking to lose weight, some are looking for a good physique, while others are just looking to add some physical activity to their routine, to enjoy better health.

  • Weight Loss: Jogging needs more energy and entails more sweating, and therefore results in quicker weight loss compared to walking.
  • Calorie Burn: Since jogging produces more sweat compared to power walking, the former burns more calories than later.
  • Muscle Development: Whether it is power walking or jogging, the main aim is to burn some fat and reduce weight. However, these activities do involve muscle development up to a certain extent as well. Since jogging involves a rapid movement of body muscles, the process of muscle development is faster in it as compared to power walking.
  • Overall health: Walking is probably better for overall health. Simply because it is easier to continue as you age.


It doesn’t matter whether you jog or power walk, the point is to push yourself a little bit. If you are not doing anything then walking is the next step and if you are walking and it is not working out your body, you can consider starting to run. All forms of exercises will build stamina and you can always move on to the next step.




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