Keto Coffee – why it works.

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Keto Coffee is a new phenomenon that has created a cult like following.

Traditionally, coffee has always been attributed as an aid in losing weight. It has various vitamins and nutrients that help suppress appetite and increases the metabolic rate. All trigger words for those who are looking to shed some pounds. The slight caveat that isn’t always mentioned, is that any sugar or additives that are included negate all the positive, weight loss properties of Coffee.

This is why Keto Coffee has become such a household name.

Keto Coffee followed the highly popular Keto diet trend, which is a diet based mainly on high quality fats and protein. Very little (almost none) amounts of sugars and carbs allotted a day.

The premise of the diet is that if you are only consuming high levels of fats, your body will go into a state of ketosis where it will only use fats as its main energy source. Ketones are chemicals produced by your liver when your body runs out of glucose to use for energy. This is why the diet is really strict on the sugar and carb intake. Glucose and sugar are used first by your body when it needs an energy boost. And since you are not consuming any sugars or carbs, the diet also promises you will have more focus and energy throughout the day.

Keto Coffee combines the Coffee and healthy fats for a maximum weight loss punch.

Keto Coffee is very simple to make, as there are only two ingredients. All you need is a fresh pot of coffee and a high grade MCT oil. Another option is to buy a ready to drink coffee blend, “It Works” brand has been very popular letelely. Although before consuming it’s always a great idea to read It Works Keto Coffee reviews.

MCT oil is a supplement made from a type of fat called medium-chain triglyceride. These fats are smaller than the ones we typically consume so the body is able to digest them much more quickly. This means all the effects of coffee and the oils are relatively immediate after consumption.

Grass Fed butter includes some of the above mentioned MCT oils but also adds a delicious, filling flavor to your morning coffee.  Keto Coffee usually acts as a breakfast/ meal replacement for those who are on the Keto Diet.

Due to the increased research into the health benefits of Coffee, various other Coffee beans have appeared on the radar for their various health benefits.  One of the most popular one is the Green Coffee bean. Green Coffee beans are coffee beans that have not gone through the roasting process yet. Raw coffee beans contain a chemical called chlorogenic acid which aids in metabolizing fats. The roasting process reduces the levels of the chlorogenic acid

in the beans, which is why these raw or “Green” Coffee beans are so highly regarded.

Regardless of the Coffee bean you prefer, high quality butter and MCT are essential to the overall impact and benefits of keto Coffee. Collagen peptides are found in quality animal products such as butter. These short, easily absorbable amino acids provide energy and repairing benefits to the body, making keto Coffee one of the most nutrition packed breakfast options available.

As with all diets, results may vary. Keep in mind that the Keto Diet is one of the more stricker diet options. And it is so for a reason. Your sugar is seriously limited. The only sugar you are allowed to consume is from berries (they have a low glycemic index). And even the berries are limited, a few at most. Carbs are also strictly limited. Any slight overconsumption of either sugar or carbs will throw your body out of ketosis. Meaning, your body will revert to utilizing the available sugars and carbs in your body for energy instead of the plentiful amounts of fats.

While the Keto Diet has a lot of positive reviews and testimonials, always consult a doctor prior to making any drastic dietary changes. Bear in mind the difficulty of the Keto Diet. For the diet to offer its full benefits, it must be followed to the letter so to speak. Consuming high levels of fats for a prolonged period is not recommended. Typically the Keto Diet is a short term diet (up to 6 months) not a lifestyle change. The Keto Diet is usually also combined with intermittent fasting for maximum weight loss results.

Home Coffee Brewing Methods

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Dedicated coffee lovers are willing to spend large sums of money to acquire the best home brewing equipment, including fine espresso machines, grinders, and brewers. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we can recommend one of the oldest and simplest brewing methods, using hot water poured over ground coffee. This method will easily produce an excellent cup of coffee in the home kitchen. For all intents and purposes, there are two procedures used to brew coffee—the immersion method and the drip method. With the immersion method, ground coffee is totally covered with water (usually hot) and allowed to steep, while with the drip method, ground coffee is placed in a filter and hot water is poured over it, allowing the water to slowly drip down into a pot. Other interesting methods include the Japanese cold drip and, of course, the old-fashioned and now rarely used percolator.


One of the simplest and best-known home brewing methods is done through the use of an hourglass-shaped Chemex coffee carafe. A beautifully designed, laboratory like vessel, the Chemex was invented in the 1930s by a German scientist who was clearly interested in creating a kitchen classic that echoed the modernist creed of beauty combined with straightforward functionality. It is inexpensive and very easy to use. The original Chemex has a wooden collar around the mid-section, but there is now a version that features a simple glass handle. It comes in a variety of sizes ranging from three to ten cups.

Cafe Solo

This total immersion coffee brewer is made by a Danish company, Eva Denmark, that has won many awards for its design sensibility. With this particular coffeemaker, not only does the design sing, but the coffee brewed is spectacular. Introduced in 2003, Cafe Solo has not yet received wide home use, but we can recommend it without reservation.

The brewing pack (which, by the way, comes in an equally well-designed box) is composed of a forty-ounce glass carafe, a neoprene cover, a filter, a no-drip lid, and a stirring spoon. The zipped-up, jacket-like cover ensures that the brewed coffee remains hot for up to thirty minutes (even though we recommend it being held no more than fifteen minutes); the filter keeps the grounds from leeching into the poured coffee; the layered lid opens automatically and allows a drip-free pour; and the spoon is used both to mix the grounds into the water and aerate them, allowing any air trapped in the ground coffee to rise to the top.

French press also known as a “plunger pot” or “coffee press”

First developed in the late 1800s, the French press is a very simple method of steeping coffee grounds in water for a few minutes and then pushing a fine mesh plunger down into the water, separating the grounds from the now brewed coffee. Because the coffee does not pass through a paper or other filter, the resultant brew is generally a bit larger in body and lends itself well to full-bodied, earthy coffees. Tea is often brewed in a French press, also.

The device has undergone many modifications since its invention. Contemporary French presses are usually composed of a cylindrical pot made of clear glass (although often now plastic) that is fitted with a lid and metal plunger. The plunger fits snuggly into the cylinder. The lid is centered around a rod on which the fine mesh (either metal or nylon) plunger is also centered.

When using a French press, it is imperative that you begin with boiling water. Coffee brewed with a French press has more body and is more strongly flavored than coffee prepared through the drip method; therefore it should be poured as soon as it is brewed to prevent over extraction and bitterness.

Pour over

For this method you need little equipment. At its simplest, all that is required is a ceramic cone lined with a paper filter placed over a heated coffee cup. It can, of course, be used to make coffee in a carafe. The Hario V60 is a single-cup coffee dripper with a large open base that allows for even flow.




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