Lamantan Facts

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Lamantan Quick Facts
Name: Lamantan
Scientific Name: Mangifera similis
Origin It is endemic to Indonesia.
Colors Yellowish-green
Shapes Globose drupe, smooth, 10 cm diameter
Flesh colors Pale yellow, fibrous
Taste Acid-sweet
Lamantan scientifically known as Mangifera similis, an evergreen tree growing to the height of 18 meters though specimen’s upto 32 meters have been recorded. The bole is 7 meters and upto 80 cm in diameter which can be free of branches. Sometimes the tree is harvested from wild for the edible fruit which is consumed locally. Species is scattered in Borneo- Sabah (Sandakan, Tawau), Sarawak and Kalimantan (Kutei, Samarinda, Balikpapan). It is also found in Sumatra (Palembang, Bangka and Bengkalis).

Culinary uses

  • Ripe or green fruit is used for preparing ulam with sambal belacan and pickles.
  • Ripe fruit has pleasant flavor and consumed raw.
  • Astringent fruits are pickled.






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