Health benefits of Lemon Water

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Lemon Water Quick Facts
Name: Lemon Water
Calories 54 Kcal./cup
Major nutrients Vitamin C (104.89%)
Carbohydrate (12.95%)
Vitamin B9 (12.25%)
Vitamin B6 (8.62%)
Vitamin B5 (6.40%)
Health benefits Assist detoxification, Offers Vitamin C, Skin rejuvenation, Cut down weight, Promotes mood
Due to the versatility of lemon, it is regarded to be the most popular citrus fruit. It is recognized for its refreshing flavor and scent that makes it suitable for flavoring various recipes as well as perfumes. It is extensively used in all types of drinks such as juices, teas and cocktails. Beside its flavor, lemon also possesses medicinal properties. Lemon offers an excellent source of Vitamin C which provides antiviral, antibacterial and immune boosting abilities. One could obtain these health benefits by juicing it. Lemon juice possess detoxifying and digestive agent which assist in cleansing liver resulting in better digestive health.

Lemon juice effectively helps in lowering weight as it promotes metabolic rate. When one drinks lemon juice with warm water every morning on empty stomach that provides excellent results.


The history of lemon water and lemon is dated back to several centuries. Generally, lemons are used till 10th century for decoration purposes. In between 10th and 11th century, lemon-water-in-jarCrusaders initiated lemon plant brought back to Europe where eventually made trans-Atlantic crossing to America in latter half of 1400s. Rich in Vitamin C, lemons are able to prevent scurvy on long voyages. Currently, Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey and United States are the top lemon producers.

Health Benefits of Lemon Water

Lemon water offers numerous health benefits that are detailed below:

  1. Assist detoxification

The atomic structure of lemon juice is similar to the digestive juice found in stomach which tricks liver in producing bile that assist moving of food though body and gastrointestinal tract. It also provides relief from indigestion or sooth an upset stomach. Lemon juice has acids that promote body in processing good stuff found in foods slowly. The drawn out absorption assist the level of insulin that remains steady and also get enough nutrients from the food that is consumed. The better absorption of nutrients leads to less bloating. It benefits the function of enzymes in the body that stimulates liver and also flushes out toxins.

  1. Offers Vitamin C

The body does not have ability to make Vitamin C on its own that is essential to get from the drinks or food that is ingested. Vitamin C stimulates the production of white blood cells which is essential for the proper functions of immune system. Being an antioxidant, it protects cells from oxidative damage. The adequate presence of Vitamin C prevents the chances of colds and flu. The regular intake of lemon water assures the body to get enough Vitamin C.

  1. Skin rejuvenation

Vitamin C acts as antioxidants by counteracting damage caused by free radicals that makes the skin to look fresh. Enough amount of Vitamin C  from lemon provides body to produce more collagen that helps to smoothen lines in the face. The recent study shows that daily intake of Vitamin C results in less wrinkles and younger looking skin.

  1. Cut down weight

Lemon water assist to lose weight as it contains pectin which is a type of fiber that could be found in fruits commonly. Pectin also makes one full longer by providing the feeling of satiated. People become moderately dehydrated when one becomes more prone to fatigue, headaches and also bad mood. Sipping lemon water keeps the body hydrated.

  1. Promotes mood

Lemon water promotes the level of energy without caffeine. The body gets energy from molecules and atoms in foods. Lemons have negative charged ions that when enter the digestive tract results increase in the level of energy. Moreover, the scent of lemon lowers the level of stress and promote mood.

  1. Kidney stones prevention

Lemon water helps to prevent the chances of kidney stones. When the kidney stones pass out from the body, it causes discomfort and also blocks the flow of urine by causing intense pain. Lemon water helps to rehydrate body and also dilutes the urine. This helps to lower the chances of forming kidney stones. If the discomfort and pain is severe then consult the medical professional or doctor.

  1. Liver health

Intake of lemon water activates digestive enzymes that are found in liver. It also assists to regulate oxygenation of blood.

  1. Improve digestive health

Lemon water enhances the production of hydrochloric acid as well as the secretion of bile that is essential for digestion. It also lowers the chances of gout and acidity. Those who are prone to digestive problems such as bloating, abdominal cramps, excess gas and burning sensations, one should consume it regularly. It could also prevent diarrhea.

  1. Balance pH level

An intake of one glass of lemon water assists to alkalize the body and also balances pH level in the body. Acidic body state is associated with various diseases as well as conditions. It is essential to manage alkaline state which could be obtained by consuming alkaline foods. Lemon water could balance alkaline side of things.

  1. Purifies blood

Lemons are considered to be a blood purifier which is useful to cure health problems such as cholera and malaria. It also eliminates toxins that are accumulated in the body. Being an active blood purifier, it is also effective in treating pimples, skin rashes, acne, wrinkles and blemishes. It is a great cleansing agent that assists to release radiation after chemotherapy from the human body. Since ancient times, it is used to improve blood purification.

  1. Manage blood pressure

Lemon has potassium that is essential to treat various problems associated to heart. Minerals such as potassium vitalize brain as well as nerve functions by assisting to control the blood pressure and also heart rate.  Lemon relaxes both body and mind. It also possesses pectin and is rich in fiber that lowers the level of cholesterol in the body. It contains dietary fiber and phyto-chemical antioxidants that controls coronary heart problems.

How to Make Lemon Water?


  • Half of lemon
  • 1/3 glass of boiled water
  • 1/4 glass of cold water


  1. Squeeze the lemon for juice.
  2. Throw the seeds.
  3. Mix cold and boiled water.
  4. Mix water with lemon juice.


  • Lemons contain acids that might damage the enamel of the tooth and makes the teeth more prone to cavities.
  • Use straw to drink lemon water to avoid contact with teeth.
  • Acids found in lemons worsen stomach ulcers.
  • Too much intake of lemon water causes acid reflux that causes heartburn due to high acidic content.
  • Excessive consumption of lemon water causes diuretic effect and also causes dehydration.
  • Lemon is not always effective in removing skin imperfection or erase pimples and acne marks. In some cases, due to its acidic nature, it could worsen problem in people having sensitive skin.






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