Mango seed facts and benefits

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Mango seed facts and benefits

Mango Seed Quick Facts
Name: Mango Seed
Scientific Name: Mangifera indica
Origin India
Colors Creamy white
Shapes Single flat oblong
Taste Slightly Bitter
Major nutrients Leucine (227.27%)
Isoleucine (193.18%)
Histidine (187.50%)
Valine (179.92%)
Threonine (115.91%)

Health benefits Dandruff, Cardiovascular disease, Female Reproductive Health, Improve Hair Health, Improves Digestion, Dental Health, Diabetes, Protect Against Acne, Throat Gargle,Scurvy Treatment, Diarrhea, Bee or Scorpion Bite, Obesity, Anemia, Dry lips, Hair Loss, Cholesterol, Moisturizer
Mango is no doubt the ‘king of fruits’. In Ayurveda, each part of a mango tree is said to be beneficial – seed, flowers, fruit and the bark. The yellow, ripe, pulpy and juicy flesh of the mangoes is loved by millions of people around the globe. There is no doubt about the fact that like other fruits, mangoes also provide the body with various nutrients and antioxidants. However, only few people are conscious of the fact that the seed within the mango fruit are also loaded with a lot of benefits. The seed is one of the biggest ones among the fruit seeds. Along with the seeds, the bark and the mango flowers are also known for a lot of advantages.

Mango seed is a single flat oblong seed that are fibrous or hairy on the surface, the inside seed coat 1- 2 mm thick is a thin lining covering a single embryo, 4 – 7 cm long, 3 – 4 cm wide, and 1 cm thick. Mango seed consists of a tenacious coat enclosing the kernel. Mango seeds were collected manually from mango fruits, washed to get rid of any adhering fruit flesh and then air-dried. The seeds were grinded by using grinder till became powder and are used for several purposes.

It consists of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which we do not know. So after reading this article, you will never throw mango seeds again. Mango was also considered as one of the healthiest food all around the world because it contains numerous health benefits to the body.

Nutritional Value

Apart from their wonderful taste, mango seed is a good source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Consuming 100 gram of mango seed offers 13 g of Total Fat, 32.24 g of Carbohydrate, 0.19 mg of Vitamin B6, 6.36 g of Protein, 1.3 mg of Vitamin E, 2.02 g of Total dietary Fiber, 22.34 mg of Magnesium and 0.12 µg of Vitamin B-12. Moreover many Amino acids 8.4 g of Leucine, 3.23 g of Isoleucine, 2.31 g of Histidine, 3.8 g of Valine, 2.04 g of Threonine and 3.13 g of Lysine are also found in 100 gram of mango seed.

Health benefits of Mango Seeds

Mango seeds, which are often discarded after consumption of the fleshy part, are actually loaded with huge beneficial nutrients. Once these seeds are totally dry, they are powdered for use in a variety of ways. Here are some of the best benefits and uses of mango seeds!

1. Dandruff

Dandruff is one of the most common hair problems that people suffer from. It is found mostly in growing children and those in their teens. Sometimes it is also found in older people. It is caused due to the drying of the scalp and the skin on the scalp getting peeled off. Mango seeds help you to get rid of dandruff. For this you have to take mango seed butter and apply to your hair. It provides luster and strength to your hair. Mix mango seed butter with mustard oil and leave it in the sun for a few days. If you apply this mixture on your scalp, you can check alopecia, early graying, hair loss and dandruff.

2. Cardiovascular disease

Mango seed powder when taken in balanced amount in the diet helps in reducing hypertension as well as keeps cardiovascular problems away. All kinds of heart problems can be prevented and treated with mango seed powder if taken regularly.

3. Female Reproductive Health

Mango seeds help in curing a number of women’s reproductive health problems. Take a teaspoon of mango seeds paste and apply it inside the vagina. It takes care of problems like vaginitis and leucorrhea. It helps in relaxing vaginal walls after multiple pregnancies.

4. Improve Hair Health

Mango seed butter is one of the best options for treating all the problems related with your hair. Mango seed butter when applied evenly on the scalp and the hair, it can treat your dandruff, hair-loss, greying and alopecia problem. Apart from that it also adds strength and luster to the hair.

5. Improves Digestion

Dry mango seeds are effective in fighting acidity. It improves digestion. Since it is rich in phenols and phenolic compounds which are actually known for being a good antioxidant, they help in improving digestion.

6. Dental Health

A tooth powder prepared using mango seed is good for your teeth. You need a little bit of the powder, take it in your palm, moisten it and dip your brush before brushing. It keeps teeth healthy, prevents cavity and ensures enamel health.

7. Diabetes

Mango seeds are outstanding for lowering the levels of blood sugar and in the treatment of diabetes. So they are quite beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. These seeds help to change the enzymes in the intestine and liver, so that they absorb less glucose. Due to reduction of glucose absorption, blood sugar is also lowered. Mango seeds also help in reducing fat, weight of the body and the circumference of the waist.

8. Protect Against Acne

Scrub concocted from mango seeds helps in removing acne. Mango seeds, after being dried, are crushed to a fine powdered form. This powder is then mixed with fresh tomato juice. This paste is then applied on face and then left on for a few minutes and rubbed gently and washed off with water. This scrub unclogs the pores, exfoliates your skin and also cures blackheads, acne, blemishes and breakouts. It also prevents the redness of your skin. This is a mild scrub, hence can be used daily.

9. Throat Gargle

Mango seed powder is very effective in treating throat inflammation and cough. It is used as a home remedy for diphtheria. Simply add a few drops of mango seeds powder in lukewarm water and use it to gargle.

10. Scurvy Treatment

Mango seeds powder or Amchur is quite helpful in treating scurvy. It is richly loaded with vitamin C. To prepare the solution, mix two part of jaggery lime with one part of amchur and consume.

11. Diarrhea

Mango seed powder is quite beneficial for treating diarrhea. Powdered mango seeds taken about 2-3 times in a day help in curing diarrhea and dysentery. The powder can be prepared by drying the seed in the sun. About 1-2 grams is the right dose for each day and should be taken with honey for best outcomes.

12. Bee or Scorpion Bite

Apply mango seed powder paste with fresh raw mango juice (one which oozes when plucking the fruit) on the skin affected by bee or scorpion bite. It offers instant pain relief.

13. Obesity

By improving blood circulation and treating the levels of bad cholesterol, mango seed powder helps in reduction of weight and treatment of obesity which is caused by high levels of cholesterol in the body. It increases the metabolic rate as well.

14. Anemia

Anemia is one of the issues where the level of hemoglobin in the blood is reduced so that the supply of oxygen in the blood lessened. Many women are suffered from Anemia. Common symptom for patients with anemia is pale under the eyelids, fatigue and often felt dizzy. Mango seed is one of the best options for overcoming anemia. Mango fruit seeds have long been used to treat anemia.

15. Dry lips

Mango seed butter is a 100% natural lip balm to hydrate and soften dry lips. Apply it on dehydrated lips as a balm before going to sleep. This will revitalize skin cells, moisturize and help you get rid of any dead skin cells. This also helps in quick healing.

16. Hair Loss

Mix some mustard oil in mango seeds before you prepare the paste. Let this dry in the sun. This mixture helps in treating alopecia, dandruff, hair-loss and premature greying.

17. Cholesterol

Circulation of the blood improves with the consumption of mango seed powder. This reduces the levels of bad cholesterol also known as LDL in the body. It also helps in regulating the blood sugar levels in the body. It is one of the best and the most important benefits of mango seeds.

18. Moisturizer

If you are suffering from dry skin, use mango seed butter and you will be amazed how effective it is. It is really a boon for those suffering from dry skin problems. It works well on dry skin, especially the delicate areas like the skin around the eyes, the cheek and so on. The ingredients contained in them are mild and gentle, and act as a barrier, preventing drying of the skin.

Other Traditional uses and benefits of Mango seed

  • Butter is used in curing diarrhea, dysentery and stomach pain.
  • Mango seed when taken during periods helps to controls excessive bleeding and white discharge.
  • Mango butter taken with a spoon of honey is used as a home remedy for piles.
  • The butter is also used in aromatherapy for hair care and skincare.
  • It is also used in cosmetic trade for making hair conditioners, face creams, soap and lotions.
  • Using the powder of dried Mango seeds as tooth paste, strengthens the gums and helps in curing dental problems foul smell pyorrhea.
  • Seed is astringent to the bowels and used in chronic diarrhea, cooling, aphrodisiac; a good collyrium.
  • Unripe fruit is said to be useful in opthalmia and eruptions and the seeds in asthma.
  • Kernel is described as an anthelmintic and containing a large quantity of gallic acid, highly useful in bleeding piles and menorrhagia.
  • Take some dried mango seed kernel powder with water to treat menorrhagia.
  • Mix finely ground mango seeds with buttermilk and take it two times a day to get relief from piles and other such disorders.
  • Moderate consumption of mango seed can help reduce the risk of heart-related problems and hypertension.

How to Eat

  • Dried mango powder helps to enhance tastes and flavors of many delicious foods, particularly snacks.
  • It is included in Indian curry recipes, cutlets, kebabs, chaat recipes, masala drinks, deep fried chops and several other dishes.

Mango Seeds Facts

The “king of the fruits” Mango is loved extensively throughout the world. In Ayurveda, each part of a mango tree is said to be beneficial – seed, flowers, fruit and the bark. Mango seed is a single flat oblong seed that can be fibrous or hairy on the surface, the inside seed coat 1- 2 mm thick is a thin lining covering a single embryo, 4 – 7 cm long, 3 – 4 cm wide, and 1 cm thick. Mango seed consists of a tenacious coat enclosing the kernel. They are collected manually from mango fruits, washed to get rid of any adhering fruit flesh and then air-dried. The seeds were grinded by using grinder till became powder and preserved for analyses.

Name Mango Seeds
Scientific Name Mangifera indica
Native India
Fruit Shape & Size Single flat oblong
Fruit Color Creamy white
Taste Slightly bitter
Major Nutrition Leucine                8.4 g (227.27%)
Isoleucine 3.23 g (193.18%)
Histidine 2.31 g (187.50%)
Valine   3.8 g (179.92%)
Threonine 2.04 g (115.91%)
Lysine   3.13 g (93.60%)
Total Fat 13 g (37.14%)
Carbohydrate 32.24 g (24.80%)
Vitamin B6 0.19 mg (14.62%)
Protein 6.36 g (12.72%)
Vitamin E 1.3 mg (8.67%)
Health benefits
  • Dandruff
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Female Reproductive Health
  • Improve Hair Health
  • Improves Digestion
  • Dental Health
  • Diabetes
  • Protect Against Acne
  • Throat Gargle
  • Scurvy Treatment
  • Diarrhea
  • Bee or Scorpion Bite
  • Obesity
  • Anemia
  • Dry lips
  • Hair Loss
  • Cholesterol
Traditional Medicinal Uses
  • Dry some mango seeds in the shade, powder them, and store in a jar. Consume about 1.5 – 2 grams of this powder with honey thrice a day to cure Diarrhea.
  • Powder of dried mango seeds can be used as tooth powder.
  • Grind some mango seeds and then mix with tomatoes and use regularly as scrub to cure blackheads, breakouts, acne and blemishes.
  • Take seed of an unripe mango and grind it. Now, have 250-500 mg of this powder with curd or water to get instant relief from intestinal worms.
  • Just feed them the powder of dried mango seed kernel with water to cure the habit of eating soil in kids.
  • Mango seeds can significantly lower blood sugar levels in diabetics.
  • Mango seed extract is said to help obese people drop their excess pounds, reduce bad cholesterol levels and improve blood circulation.
How to Eat
  • Flour made from the kernels of ripe mango seeds when dried is made into chapaties in the North Western Provinces.
  • The kernels are also sometimes roasted or boiled and eaten.
  • Excessive intake may cause throat irritation, indigestion, dysentery and abdominal colic.






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