Most Innovative Solutions Emerging From Fight Against COVID

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COVID-19 pandemic didn’t just affect the health of millions of people, but it has also impacted different industries as well as health systems. Many scientists, doctors, along with ordinary people are constantly working on various solutions that are going to help the world fight against this virus.

This just goes to show that people are capable of creating amazing things at any point, especially when something as horrible as this occurs. This gives us hope that all of us will come out as winners after this. We will list these revolutionary things that were designed to combat the outbreak.

Top Solutions Against Coronavirus

Emergency Ventilators

This dangerous virus mostly attacks the lungs making it hard for people to deliver oxygen to the blood. Because of this, it’s very difficult to breathe normally. One of the things that can help improve this situation is ventilators. They provide the lungs with oxygen.

Unfortunately, many hospitals didn’t have enough of these ventilators at the beginning of the pandemic. That’s why many innovative people have joined forces to develop ventilators at a lower cost. In just a few days, Dr. Rhys Thomas designed an amazing ventilator that helps people breathe.

Shoe Sanitizer

This innovation was created for hospitals and other places where virus control is necessary. It’s actually a UVC shoe sole disinfection device that was developed by utilizing ultraviolet light technology to offset COVID-19 or any other infectious diseases on the soles of shoes by more than 99.5 percent. At least that’s why many studies confirmed. 

Many people think that this virus can only be spread by person-to-person contact, however, that’s not entirely true. Sadly, it can also be spread through foot and floor traffic, which is why this innovation is beneficial.

Over-the-counter Coronavirus Tests

CRISPR, a brand-new class of molecular tools, has been utilized in various ways, for instance, to enlarge vaccine yields, as well as a prophylactic strategy. Further, CRISPR-based platforms were also utilized to make diagnostic tests, to help detect disease.

Why are they using it? It’s because the RT-PCR classic technique has a lot of limitations and doesn’t offer the mass testing which is currently extremely necessary. For the time being, Dr. Jennifer Doudna, is working with GSK because they want to create “extremely accurate and robust tests in a rapid format.” at the beginning of next year.

This promising test could give results in approximately twenty minutes from a nasal swab, by utilizing guide RNA as well as a programmed sequence specific to SARS-CoV-2, the current strain of COVID-19.

Phone Booths

Now, this isn’t literally a phone booth but more like a testing space that looks like a phone booth. This innovation was developed in South Korea and is currently used in their hospitals. Viz, it enables doctors and other medical staff to freely examine patients from behind a plastic screen. 

Every patient must step into the box and communicate with the medical staff via an intercom and if it’s necessary is tested to determine whether this person has an infection or not. This entire process doesn’t take too long, around six to seven minutes. 

After everything is over, the booth gets cleaned and ventilated and prepared for the next patient. This invention is very beneficial for hospitals because it helped them get eighty samples per day. Before they had approximately eight to nine. 

What Else Was Launched? 

Social Distancing App

Everybody knows how important it is to have a certain social distance now during this outbreak. Unfortunately, not everyone obeys this rule and many people find it quite unnecessary. Now, two engineers, Adam Bykowski and Chris Stretton decided to take matters into their own hands and developed an application.

It is intended precisely for social distancing and it was blasted off by their SafeSpace system. Through watches and badges, you can see how closely and for how long people are in close contact. How does this work? It works by supervising the time of flight of radio signals between units.

An Innovation From Finland

When this pandemic began many people worried that they would not be able to go shopping because they were scared of contracting the virus. That’s why most of them turned to online shopping.

That’s understandable because COVID-19 does live on surfaces and we all touch them when we go to the store. One supermarket from Finland developed a superb solution. It’s long, curved handles that allow you to open chiller cabinets utilizing clothed arms instead of hands.

Protective Capsules

It is widely known that babies have a very sensitive immunity, therefore, a corporation from Mexico, XE Medical Engineering developed an isolation capsule to prevent pathogens from escaping.

Namely, this would decrease the chance of it spreading it to health workers. This company was inspired by neonatal chambers that protect babies from various viruses and bacteria. Furthermore, this chamber represents a flexible and sealed capsule that comes with a filter system to keep it inflated.

Enhanced Masks & Robot

These days we cannot imagine a life without masks. They have become our main “accessory”. Unfortunately, for people who are deaf, they only made things worse because their lips were covered and they weren’t able to lip-read.

Fortunately, a deaf tailor from Indonesia understands these struggles, so she developed masks with a clear plastic window over the mouth. This enables others to lip-read normally without experiencing any problems.

Another superb innovation comes in the shape of a robot. It is called Pepper and it represents a humanoid robot that you can come across at a Tokyo hotel. This hotel is everything but typical. It is intended for patients who are having mild coronavirus symptoms. Namely, this robot’s duty is to greet these people and make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Surviving During the Crisis

No one says it’s easy, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop living. It’s important to always find new smart ways and to implement them. It is true that this situation has brought many difficulties and challenges and that many people are finding it hard to deal with it, but until the situation gets better, all of us simply have to adapt as much as we can. All these listed innovations will help people tackle this pandemic and live as normal as possible.




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