8 Most Effective Nootropic Supplements for Creativity And Imagination To Unlock Your True Brain

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What are nootropics? Nootropics are medications or supplements that are used to produce a positive effect on mental performance. While initially drugs were created to treat diseases or mental states, today research has sought to go further and improve the potential of the human mind. Some of the effects that nootropics can produce are:

  • Improvement in memory
  • Increased learning capacity
  • Greater concentration and mental energy
  • Better attention and greater creativity
  • Better decision making
  • Increased concentration
  • More clarity of thoughts
  • Good mood and motivation.

Also, there are a number of beneficial clinical uses that are being investigated. Among these are the effects on Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, senile dementia and age-related cognitive decline. One of the main effects of nootropics is to improve communication between neurons in the brain.

Here is the list of 8 most effective Nootropics:

The large number of medications and nootropic supplements on the market can cause confusion at the time of purchase. It is possible that you choose one that does not enhance the effects you are looking for. To guide you in your search, today I mention the 8 most effective nootropic supplements:

1. Nutragy

Nutragy is a scientifically developed formula that helps optimize your brain’s performance to provide focus and clarity you can feel – while enhancing long-term brain health benefits you can feel good about. Enhanced memory, a stable mood, optimal cognitive function, improved coordination and restful sleep are all attributed to a healthy brain.

Nutragy is the supper efficient scientifically developed supplements that helps optimize brain’s performance. It is beneficial for Entrepreneur, Professional, Athlete, Student and Health Conscious people which contains secret ingredient in countless success stories.

Nutragy’s groundbreaking Nootropic formula will help you as follow:

  • Sharper focus, concentration, alertness and attention
  • Improves physical/athletic performance
  • Improve mood: increase serotonin naturally as a result shows antidepressant effect
  • Atherosclerosis prevention
  • Enhance cognitive function
  • Improve memory: Alzheimer prevention
  • Helps during caffeine, alcohol, drugs withdrawal treatment
  • Reduce stress and as a result prevent cancer
  • Enhance effects of pre workout supplements: Can be combined with caffeine
  • Boosts energy
  • Protects brain from oxygen deprivation
  • Protect your nervous system from overtraining (for athletes)

Also Nutragy is very cost effective formula which is cheaper than a cup of coffee with zero side effects and will give you an immediate boost in neural functioning and performance

Ingredients of Nutragy:

  • Phenylalanine dl-phenylalanine (Mood enhancers)
  • Niracetam phenylpiracetam (Racetams)
  • Vitamin c, vitamin B1, B3, B5, B6, B-12 (Essential vitamins support)
  • Noopept (Cognitive enhancer)
  • L-theanine (Anxiety and stress relief)
  • Alpha gpc dmae (Choline)
  • Gingko biloba huperzine a (Natural nootropics )

2. Noopept:

Noopet is one of the most widely used nootropics in the market. One of its main effects is to produce an improvement in memory significantly.

Other advantages are:

  • Influences learning capacity
  • Improves reflexes and sensory perception
  • Increase general mood
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Increases logical thinking and general cognitive performance.

3. Mind Lab Pro:

Mind Lab Pro is a supplement that consists of several nootropics and tries to influence all the cognitive areas of the brain. It has one of the most complex formulas and it does not contain caffeine, it does not contain GMOs, nor soy, and it is allergen-free, and it is friendly to vegetarians.

4. Pramiracetam:

Pramiracetam is a powerful nootropic, much more than its predecessors like piracetam. It is characterized by having a long half-life and its bioavailability is 100% since it is soluble in fat.

5. Modalert:

Modalert is one of the strongest nootropics on the market, so you should consume it with caution. It was originally developed for clinical use in the treatment of narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. You can buy modalert online here to obtain positive result.

6. Adrafinil:

Adrafinil is a nootropic that works in a similar way to modafinil, increasing energy at the mental level. It complies almost entirely with the same benefits. It is mainly used as an agent of waking states and to obtain other positive results at a cognitive level.

7. Sulbutiamine:

This supplement is a synthetic version of thiamine (vitamin B1) that was originally developed in Japan. Like the function that many vitamin B complexes fulfill, sulbutiamine helps increase the brain’s energy, leading to a greater capacity for attention and concentration. In addition, it contributes to induce a feeling of general well-being.

8. Fenilpiracetam:

The only difference is that Fenilpiracetam has a phenyl molecule attached to the original piracetam molecule; therefore, they do not represent the same effects at the mental level. Fenilpiracetam helps improve tolerance to cold and stress.

9. Aniracetam:

Aniracetam is an anxiolytic medication, which means it helps reduce stress and anxiety levels, in conjunction with increasing your mood and treating depression. If you are suffering from any of the problems mentioned above, you should consider this option.





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