Period Pain – How to Handle Your Monthly Visit from Aunty Flow

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Dealing with periods has always been a hassle, but as time has gone on, we have thankfully developed more and more ways to deal with things more comfortably. It would definitely be nice to do away with menstruation altogether, but until then, here are some ways to handle your monthly issues:


Having your periods can be uncomfortable and frustrating to deal with, especially if you want to go out or do any kind of sports or exercise. Tampons and sanitary pads are the easy drugstore option, but both come with negative feedback.

Tampons should never be worn for prolonged periods of time and sanitary pads can be uncomfortable to wear, depending on how heavy or light your flow is. There is also the fear of visible leaks. Both tampons and sani-pads are also bad for the environment too, whilst more eco-friendly options are available; you should consider long-life products as a better investment.

Period Underwear

If you don’t like internal period products like tampons or menstrual cups, you could also try washable sanitary pads or period panties.

Made by a variety of companies, the fabrics are designed to be comfortable and hygienic and provide good absorbency with a leak-proof barrier. There are eco-friendly period pads available in the market these days. To decide which brand offers the best period underwear and whether they would be the right choice for you, read reviews.

The fabrics used in period panties and washable sanitary towels can be less harsh on the skin and feel just as comfortable as wearing regular pants, which is much better for sensitive skin. Most of them are easy to use, as they can be simply rinsed in cold water and then thrown in the wash with your regular laundry.

Period pants might not provide you with as much absorbency as you need for a heavy flow day, so washable sanitary pads are a good choice for heavier days, as they can be changed more regularly.

Menstrual Cups

A more environmentally friendly alternative to tampons is a menstrual cup. If you like the convenience of wearing a tampon versus a sani-pad, menstrual cups are a great choice. They can be worn safely for up to 12 hours, and whilst they take some time to get used to inserting them and using them, they are comfortable and easy.

They cost more than a box of tampons, but when you add up the cost of monthly tampons, the price is considerably less. You only need to purchase one, and they last for several years.

You should compare the different brands and reviews to figure out which size or shape is most suited to your body, as well as to learn more about how they are used and how to clean them.

Pain Relief

Everyone’s body is different. We all experience different levels of aches, pain, and discomfort during our menstrual cycle. Using painkillers is an effective way to deal with the headaches and cramps, but there are other methods to try too.

Heat pads can help relax muscles, which can be effective for menstrual cramps, so try heated patches or a hot water bottle. A nice bath to soak in with Epsom salts can also be really soothing on an aching body. Herbal remedies like chamomile tea can also offer pleasant, calming relief. If you are experiencing overwhelming pain every month, you should consult a gynecologist, as there may be an underlying cause.

Period Tracker

Monitoring your monthly cycle is a great way to keep one step ahead. Keeping track of your symptoms and monitoring things such as cramps and how heavy our flow is each day will help you to notice signs that somethings not quite right. It also helps you be prepared for your periods.

If you know when to expect your periods are starting, you can make sure you have what you need, and it doesn’t come as a surprise – nothing is worse thana period arriving unexpectedly!

There are plenty of free apps available that help you keep track of your cycle, so you should get one on your phone and make an effort to actually use it.

Periods aren’t fun, but you should always feel in control of your body. Finding the best ways to deal with your period each month is a good way to keep the power in your hands, so take some time to do a bit of research and find out which products you might love.




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