5 Reasons Not To Miss Your Regular Eye Tests

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Some health matters are so clearly urgent that there’s no way we’re going to miss our appointments. But eye tests are among the things we tend to put off – and even miss altogether. That’s especially true if you are among the fortunate few who have enjoyed 20/20 vision up till now. Why prioritize that eye exam? We look at 5 reasons why you should definitely do just that.

1. Eyes Change Over Time

Even when we are quite young, vision changes can occur between one eye test and the next. Those who wear glasses will be familiar with this fact, but those who don’t may be surprised when they suddenly fail a drivers’ license eye-test, for example.

There’s more to the problem than just the added hassle of getting prescription glasses before you can legally drive. Your eyes have been taking unnecessary strain and you haven’t enjoyed the benefits of clear vision.

For those of us approaching 40, regular eye tests are a must. In time, our eyes become less able to switch between short and long-distance vision. Other problems also crop up – so that eye appointment becomes ever-more-important in the course of time.

2. You could be Missing Out on the Joys of Clear Vision

I’ll never forget my first pair of glasses. All of a sudden, the world looked amazing! It was summer, and it wasn’t just the lines that looked crisper – even the flowers seemed more brightly-colored. I was only 12 years old, and I cried for the sheer joy of it.

Nowadays, I’m more likely to just nod and say I’m happy with my new specs. Because I visit my optometrist frequently, the differences are small, but I will never forget that first pair of specs and the joy they gave me.

3. Have an Up-to-Date Prescription for Glasses

If you depend on glasses, it’s well worth having an up-to-date prescription filed away. Glasses can be lost or broken, or you might decide to try a variation like ordering tinted glasses.

Thanks to online shopping, it’s perfectly feasible to order new glasses without the need to take time out for a visit to your optometrist. But you do need a prescription, and the more recent it is, the more likely you are to get glasses that will remain right for your eyes during the next year or two.

4. Prevent Permanent Damage to Your Eyes

Eye doctors don’t just look at your eyes to see if you need glasses. They also examine you for eye conditions that can cause permanent vision loss if they are left untreated. Glaucoma is among the most insidious of these. If you wait until you experience worrying symptoms, the damage is likely to be permanent and the condition difficult to treat.

High eye pressure isn’t something you’ll pick up on your own, but your optometrist will check for it during your regular eye examinations. It’s just one more reason not to delay or skip that regular checkup.

5. You (and Your Kids) Will Perform Better at Work and School When You can See Properly

This one seems really obvious, but it isn’t as obvious when you’re suffering from vision problems that you’re perfectly accustomed to. When I was a kid, I was often accused of being unobservant, not paying attention, or just being plain naughty, and it all came down to the fact that I couldn’t see properly.

Teachers and employers often use visual aids to get a point across. If you can’t see them, you’re going to miss the point. If you’ve ever been faced with people beginning sentences with “ But didn’t you see…” it’s quite possible that you didn’t.

After over 30 years of wearing prescription glasses, I still find that I feel as vague and fuzzy as my vision until my specs are on. As the world comes into focus, so do my thoughts. Try it.

Do you perform well when you have a headache? Let’s assume that’s a “no.” If you often have headaches, especially towards the end of the day, your eyes could be the cause. Have it checked out as soon as possible, and if new glasses don’t do the trick, talk to your medical doctor.

See Better; Feel Better; Look Great

Skipping eye appointments is not a great idea. They present an opportunity, and it’s not one you want to miss. See the world in all its glory. Bid your eye-strain headaches farewell forever. Get gorgeous new frames that make you look as good as you feel. And remember to save that prescription. You never know when you’ll need it!




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