Research Paper on Healthy Lifestyle To Extend Your Lifespan

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How come that we live in an advanced and tech-savvy society where the lifespan has decreased, even though we have the necessary measures and knowledge that could extend our lifespan and improve our quality of life? Is it because we do not take care of ourselves properly or because the state of our environment is much worse than they tell us?

Well, any research paper on this topic would identify the same thing. Whether you pay for research papers or you write them on your own, the results would be very same as we are all aware of how life quality has decreased in some fields. In this paper, we will discuss the top tips for a healthy lifestyle, their impact on our lives and how these can extend our lifespan that is significantly shorter than in some previous times.

Does a healthy lifestyle influence longevity?

Among many types of research that have been performed in many countries, the researchers find out that a healthy lifestyle can extend the lifespan but that it cannot guarantee wellbeing for your physical and mental health. According to the study, which the infographic will be shown below, men that do not suffer from diabetes, cancer or cardiovascular diseases and who adopted the healthy benefits (no smoking, minimal alcohol consumption, a proper physical activity and a balanced diet, can expect to live up to 79 years. The women, who follow the same, could live up to 80+ years. In case they do not adopt a healthy lifestyle, longevity drops down significantly, while the presence of the mentioned diseases drops down life expectancy even more.

What we can conclude is that a healthy lifestyle plays a crucial role in having a good life, even in the cases when people suffer from fatal conditions like cancer. Smoking and alcohol, even in moderate consumption, can decrease the life expectancy up to 12 years both in women and men. It means that these two are among the biggest factors. Therefore, the impact of smoking and alcohol consumption, which became pretty much of a normal thing today, is much bigger than we originally thought, as the people who have been diagnosed with cancer and quitted bad habits managed to live for more than 20 years more. This points out that the lifestyle contributes to life expectancy even more than some major diseases and therefore, the maintaining of a healthy lifestyle should be the main priority!

The infographic above shows the current state of men and women above 50 years old in the US as the citizens of the US are known for the decreased life span, which was high back in the days. The poor lifestyle and bad habits, in combination with certain diseases, can remove the whole generation of society and this is proof that something has to be done. Should we add air pollution, everything looks more difficult. According to the research of the University Of Texas at Austin, air pollution decreases the life expectancy for more than one year. It is shocking data that around 90,000 Americans die from air pollution annually – so imagine what would happen if we continue to destruct our environment.

The constants for the healthy lifestyle 

In order to achieve a healthy life, every person has to follow some of the tips that ensure a good and healthy living. These tips that we will list below are crucial for our wellbeing and once we adopt them, we can be sure that we will live to the some “default” age. Or at least we will be in a good way to stay healthy. However, no one can guarantee you that you will live for 80 years if you do not smoke, as you know that there are some people who live 90 years and smoke tobacco every day. But, the key is to stay on the right track as sticking to healthy habits can do more good than bad.

Proper nutrition 

One of the best healthy habits is having a balanced nutrition. This includes eating enough vegetables and fruit, as well as avoiding unhealthy snacks like chips or chocolate. No doubt, today, it is hard to achieve this. But what is not a hard task today?

Physical-activity level

Another tip that everyone will tell you whether you pay for a research paper or you talk to an average person is to stay active. The physical activity is crucial for this so try to have at least 15-20 minutes of walk every day. This an optimal physical activity you should have daily.

Maintaining body weight 

Whenever you think of food, keep in mind that you should not eat too much to become obese. Food is crucial, but it can become deadly if you overuse it. Develop proper nutrition to keep your weight at a constant level. The things can quickly slip out of control if you start eating too much.

Smoking & drugs

I want to pay someone to write my research paper while I will smoke cigarettes or do drugs outside! The worst thing that can happen besides smoking is to start doing drugs and drugs definitely decrease the life expectancy. Therefore, stay away from them! These are not worth the time, nor can you do anything good for you!

Alcohol consumption 

Will you do my paper for me as I’ve got drunk last night is the most common sentence among young people since alcohol became pretty much the normal thing in life. It can be good for some diseases, problems or conditions in a small amount, but excessive or daily drinking not only ruins the health but also develops an addiction that also decreases the lifetime.




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