Reviewing NJ Diet – Does it Really Work?

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If you are considering giving the NJ Diet a go, we can understand the temptation. The official website states you can lose 20-45 pounds in 40 days. The founders of the NJ Diet back their confidence in the weight loss program with a refund if you are not satisfied with the results. After a thorough assessment, nutritionists will recommend various supplements to add to your diet, which can help you burn significantly more calories per day. Does it work?

Before we go on, it’s worth noting that you must follow a rigid and structured supplement and diet program to achieve results with this plan. Any diet should be undertaken with medical advice and supervision. There are so many NJ Diet reviews out there, so we have tried to put together a balanced piece that explains everything you should consider when exploring the program.

 How Does the NJ Diet Work?

The first step of the diet program is to send samples of hair, saliva, and blood for detailed analysis. From this, the team at NJ Diet will create a unique and fully personalized plan to help achieve weight loss. The idea is that the analysis considers your biomedical makeup and recommends products that will work for you and your body. Unlike many of the one size fits all diets out there, this one claims to be personalized for each client.

The program scans for over 2000 biomarkers and checks for any imbalances. When an imbalance is detected, it’s seen as an indication that the body needs help to heal that imbalance, and this is how the supplements are allocated to customers on the NJ Diet.

The supplements provided will send your body into a state of complete fat burning and work hard to balance your hormones and rid the body of toxins stored as fat. The supplements are designed to help your body improve its metabolism, leading to an increase in how many calories you can burn in a day.

As well as the supplements, you will be given a customized diet plan that will help your body to function in a healthy way, as well as the hormone balancing of the supplements. So after you’ve been analyzed and given your personalized plan, it’s time to hit the plan hard for the next 40 days. Medical professionals from NJ Diets will monitor your progress every step of the way.

Every 10-15 days, you will have a check-in with a doctor, either in person or virtually, depending on where you are. They want to make sure your body is actually burning fat, not just water. They will also want to check that the diet is working for you and help you adjust the plan to achieve your goals.

The last part of the NJ Diet manages your ongoing weight loss at the end of and after the 40-day plan is complete. The management phase will include an ongoing daily calorie goal calculated for your body. You’ll get a range of tools to understand how to eat to maintain your weight loss, and they will also do more DNA tests to advise you how to keep the weight off that you have lost. They also run tests to tell you which foods your body responds well to and which ones it doesn’t.

One of the notable things about the NJ Diet is that all supplements are 100% natural and hormone-free.

What’s the bottom line?

So it all sounds pretty comprehensive and scientific, but we all want to know if it works when it comes down to it? If you follow the plan exactly and take on board all the advice given, and don’t stray from the plan, then yes, it will work, and you will lose weight.

This plan is unique in it’s tailored to your body’s needs, not solely based on a calorie deficit as many others are. The personal support from NJ Diets medical professionals is also a big plus. As people often feel more focused and accountable if they have regular check-ins for their weight loss. As one of the reviews on the NJ Plan said, “It works! All you have to do is want to change your life”.

There is a risk that if you return to your normal eating patterns, you will regain any weight lost while on the NJ Diet. However, that is true of every diet and eating plan available. The NJ Diet offers an innovative means of healthy weight loss that is highly customized and closely monitored.




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