Six Types of Catastrophic Injuries a Car Accident Can Cause

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Car accidents are common occurrences across the globe. While some accidents are minor and result in only superficial wounds, others cause serious injury or death. There are several types of traumatic injuries a driver may face. When calculating the damages in a car accident case, the type of injury greatly impacts the settlement amount. Below is an overview of six types of catastrophic injuries a car accident may inflict.

1. Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are among the most debilitating and costly injuries a victim may face. This type of injury occurs when the spinal cord is compressed or severed, causing partial or full loss of use of limbs. The most serious damage often comes in quadriplegia, where a patient is completely paralyzed on all four limbs. Despite being a permanent injury, spinal cord injuries can be treated to some extent with proper management and rehabilitation.

2. Internal Bleeding

A car accident can cause internal bleeding when an impact breaks the blood vessels inside the body. This can be particularly dangerous if a patient is not properly treated in time. The blood buildup can cause severe health problems, including brain damage, organ failure, and even death.

3. Broken Bones

A car accident victim may suffer from broken bones, especially in areas with little protection, such as hands, arms, and legs. This type of injury often requires long periods of recovery and physical therapy, which can be expensive for the victim and their family. In some cases, broken bones never heal properly and may give rise to other problems, such as arthritis.

4. Traumatic Brain Injury

The brain can sustain serious damage when the head is knocked against a hard surface, or the body is thrown around in an impact. As the most vital part of the body, a traumatic brain injury can affect motor skills and behavior for a long time. In some cases, serious head injuries cause memory loss or even permanent mental disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

5. Dislocated Joints

A dislocation occurs when a joint is forcefully moved from its natural position, often resulting in serious damage to its ligaments and tendons. This type of injury may require surgical repairs that are usually expensive and painful to undergo. In some cases, a joint may not heal properly and cause chronic pain and arthritis.

6. Severe Burns

When a car catches fire, a victim may have to spend time in intensive care, followed by extensive physical therapy, before they can return home. In some cases, burns cause permanent scarring and disfigurement. Burns can affect the skin, the facial muscles, and the respiratory system. Victims can seek damages if a fire is deemed to have been caused by the driver’s negligence.

What You Can Do

As established, catastrophic injuries are very serious injuries that will result in huge financial losses. Healthcare is not cheap in the US. Not everyone can afford to get the medical treatment they need. It is not fair for someone to experience financial loss as a result of spending on healthcare for the injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. Fortunately, the victims have options to recover the losses they incurred in an accident.

In the US, when an accident occurs, usually, the insurance company of the at-fault party will offer a settlement to the victim. This settlement should cover financial losses, such as medical bills, property damages, and non-financial losses. The problem is that the insurance company will not make a fair settlement offer. They will usually offer a settlement that will not be enough to cover the damages. The intention of the insurance company is to save money, not compensate you. The victims might be unaware of the ulterior motives of the insurance company and accept their offer. Once they accept the initial offer, there is no going back.

Personal injury law is the way to go if the victims want to get justice. The victims should seek the help of a lawyer before making any decisions. A lawyer will advise you on whether to take the deal or not. Offering a low settlement is not the only strategy an insurance company will use to cheat the victim. They will use many other strategies that many will not know about. Luckily, a lawyer is well aware of these strategies. A lawyer is the only person who can help you in these situations.

The lawyer can help you get a fair settlement. When calculating losses in a car accident, you need to consider many factors. Factors like the severity of the injury can impact your settlement greatly. You need to consider how much the injuries will affect you too.

In addition to all these damages, the victims can go for punitive damages too. But only a lawyer can decide when you can go for punitive damages. This is why you will need a lawyer by your side. There are a lot of complex things you need to resolve to win a case. Only a lawyer can do this.

Final Thoughts

Auto accidents are common occurrences, and the number of people who face injuries as a result of them is increasing. No matter how minor an injury may seem, it is important to seek immediate medical attention and report the accident. Car accidents often cause catastrophic injuries. Catastrophic injuries will have a long-term impact on a person’s life. When seeking compensation, the victims should consider this long-term impact. Catastrophic injuries are quite devastating. The victims should bring the negligent party to justice. Bringing the negligent party to justice not only compensates the losses but also gives closure to the victims.

It is important to get closure on this matter. In addition, there is a chance that the negligent party will not act recklessly in the future. By filing a lawsuit, you can make your city a safe place to live. It is also important to contact an attorney who will be able to guide you through the legal process.




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